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… you have defended your doctoral thesis: “Self-tracking, datafication and the biopolitical prosumption of life”. What is your thesis about? - The thesis focuses on and examines the popular consumption phenomenon of self-tracking, which allows and enables consumers to track, quantify and datafy diverse facets of their lives.
Professor Martin Schreier was appointed Ander Visiting Professor at CTF in December 2017. In the beginning of May he visited CTF to meet with the researchers, and to give a seminar on customer empowerment and crowdsourcing. “I have heard a lot about CTF, and of course I am familiar with the excellent research produced by the group. The first week at CTF made me excited about the coming years.
The new book “Quality of Life and Daily Travel” describes the relationships between life satisfaction, well-being and daily travel. The authors discuss travel and quality of life to the built environment, travel mode choice, travel satisfaction and emotions, and presents case studies highlighting different aspects in daily travel and well-being.

What is service logic?

News » 2018-04-25
What is service logic? What does it mean to manage and analyze organizations based on a perspective of service logic? Find out the answers in the new book “Service logic” by Professor Per Skålén at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. In this book, key concepts related to service logic are explained, such as value co-creation and resource integration.
Margareta Friman, Professor of Psychology at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, will be a new Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Karlstad University. “I feel enthusiasm and joy for my new mission. It is a privilege to be involved in and to influence Karlstad University’s future development,” says Margareta Friman. In her new assignment, Margareta Friman will lead, coordinate and develop education, research and collaboration within Karlstad University.
On April 16th the EU-funded competition TRA VISIONS 2018 awarded prizes to its young researcher winners of the 2018 Transport Research Arena (TRA 2018). Young researchers from all over Europe submitted innovative concepts in order to enhance smart, sustainable and integrated transport and mobility of people and goods.
Isn’t it obvious that women spend more money than men in the presence of a physically fit male employee? Isn’t it obvious that viewing an opposite-sex individual with an attractive face makes people more motivated to choose healthy rather than unhealthy foods? And, isn’t it obvious that restricting product touch in a store decreases rather than increases consumer spending? After all, these are all beliefs held by consumers and even marketing professors.

Call for papers - NoRD2018

News » 2018-03-15
The NoRD2018 organizers invite submissions to the 10th Nordic Workshop on Relationship Dynamics. NoRD workshops are open to all researchers in the areas of Marketing and Management (or related areas); the ‘Nordic’ title simply refers to the locations and people organizing the workshops. NoRD focuses on dynamics in buyer-seller relationships (both b-to-c and b-to-b relationships).
In January 2018 Karlstad university launched their first two international on-line based top education courses, developed within a project financed by the KK Foundation. Now, the university has been granted further means to develop more such courses.
Often when radical technological development happens, I gaze at it from a distance and try to understand it's impact on my life. This time I got to be a part of the revolution. I’m talking about the eye-tracking revolution, a journey that has been amazing to be a part of during the past 10 years. A journey that has just started. Ten years ago I approached Tobii Technology with a radical suggestion, to lend me an eye-tracker.
Last week CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, together with Experio Lab, hosted a consortium meeting in Karlstad within the European research training network SDIN. In addition to supervision of the doctoral candidates associated with SDIN, and a board meeting, a public conference was arranged with the intention to disseminate some of the research conducted within the project.
Researchers at CTF have been awarded 4.6 million SEK from the KK Foundation for research on servitization in manufacturing companies. In the project, the researchers will develop a reference model to create a better understanding of how servitization is done in practice. Globalization and increased competition have led to that many manufacturing companies have increased their service offers, not least in terms of advanced services.
Linda Nasr, Assistant Professor in Marketing at Texas State University, visited CTF last week. – I had the honor and pleasure to visit CTF during last week. The purpose of my trip was to work with Professor Bo Edvardsson and Ph D Student Kotaiba Aal on an ongoing research project.
Bo Edvardsson, Professor of Business Administration and Assistant Vice-Chanchellor, has been awarded funds from Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Foundation and Tore Browaldhs Foundation for the project “Service Innovation from a service ecosystem point of view: Scaling up and technology enablers”. In the spring of 2018 he will spend time as a guest researcher at Cornell University, USA, EGADE Business School, Mexico and Roma Tre University, Italy, to conduct interviews, an
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