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Changing the servicescape

News » 2016-12-13
In a new doctoral thesis from CTF, Pernille K Andersson is investigating how the servicescape is changed by the influence of music, self-disclosure, and eye gaze on service encounter experience and approach avoidance behavior. - Our feelings and behavior are continuously affected by our surroundings. Stores have servicescapes which have a big influence on customer’s experiences and purchase decisions, says Pernille K Andersson.
Markus Fellesson, Associate Professor at CTF, Karlstad University, and Nicklas Salomonson, Associate Professor at University of Borås have received great attention and praise for their research on difficult customers. During the last year, the researchers have been analyzing survey responses from commercial employees.
In October CTF organized a workshop in Karlstad with focus on remote services in the manufacturing industry. IT-based services within manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly common which open up for new ways to interact, but introducing new technology is also a challenge and many questions arise. This was the starting point for the workshop where a number of companies from the manufacturing industry participated.

30 years celebration at CTF

News » 2016-10-20
Thirty years ago CTF, Service Research Center, was established at Karlstad University. How it happened, success factors and the latest from today’s research were included in the program when CTF held its anniversary celebration on October 6th at Karlstad University. Martin Löfgren, Deputy Head at Karlstad Business School at Karlstad University, opened the event and welcomed everyone.
We are proud to annouce Javier Reynoso, Professor of Service Management at EGADE Business School, Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM), Mexico, as one of the speakers at CTF 30th Anniversary. What will you talk about on October 6th? - I am going to talk about service research at the Base of the Pyramid – this means the need and relevance of service research in the huge segment of society who lives with less than 9 USD per day.

One moment Katrin Lättman...

News » 2016-09-20
...Ph D Student i psychology. On September 8th you presented your licentiate thesis at a seminar at Karlstad University. What is the thesis about? - It´s about perceived accessibility and every day travel in public transport.
Henrietta Huzell, director at CTF and lecturer of working life science at Karlstad University, will be the new vice dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Karlstad University. - It is a fun assignment with big responsibility which I am looking forward to. Four fantastic years at CTF has given me the courage and desire to take on more responsibility. I am also glad that CTF’s former director, Patrik Larsson, is the dean.
Starting January 1st 2017 Per Kristensson will be the director of CTF. He succeeds Henrietta Huzell who will start her new assignment as vice dean at Karlstad University. - It is very exciting. It is really motivating to work with so many talented researchers here at CTF and in our extensive international network. Our research benefits the community, businesses and people, says Per Kristensson. Per Kristensson is a professor of consumer psychology and innovation at CTF.
Professor of Business Administration at CTF, Service Research Center, Karlstad University. April 27-29 was the second meeting of the international research network, INSR, International Network of Service Researchers, here in Karlstad. How did it go? - It went fantastic!

Samot Partner Conference 2016

News » 2016-04-28
On April 13-14 Samot, The Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group at Karlstad University, arranged their annual partner conference. The program included availability, special transport and energy efficiency in public transport. - Since the beginning ten years ago we have gathered our researchers and partners for an annual conference, where we work on common issues and themes related to public transport.

New book: Service Innovation

News » 2016-04-26
CTF Professors Anders Gustafsson, Per Kristensson and Lars Witell, are together with Professor Gary Schirr at Radford University, the authors behind the new book "Service Innovation”. CTF Professors Anders Gustafsson, Per Kristensson and Lars Witell have teamed up with Professor Gary Schirr at Radford University, in the new book "Service Innovation". "We are delighted that our book on service innovation finally is available in English.
The paper “Firm-brand community value co-creation as alignment of practices” by Per Skålen, CTF, Stefano Pace, Kedge Business School, and Bernard Cova, Kedge Business School, published in European Journal of Marketing (2015) Vol 49 3 E has been selected by the journal’s editorial team as a Highly Commended Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence. The paper is available for free download until end of May 2016 at    
On March 11th Sara Davoudi, Ph. D student in Business Administration presented, her licentiate thesis Innovative Value Creation in Public Transport at an open seminar at Karlstad University. With hopes to develop new innovations and increase the number of travelers the structures in Swedish local and regional public transport have changed in recent years.
The researchers Lars E Olsson, Peter Magnusson and Alexandre Sukhov have been awarded the “Nokia Award for the Paper with the Best Technological Implications”. The award “Nokia Award for the Paper with the Best Technological Implications” was presented at the conference “Charting the Future of Innovation”, organized by ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management in March in Boston, USA. The researchers received the award for the conference pap
Margareta Friman, Professor of Psychology at CTF, Service Research Center, Karlstad University will be Assistant Editor on the subject of environmental psychology in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”. Margareta Friman has been offered and has accepted a position as assistant editor on the topic environmental psychology in the scientific journal “Frontiers in Psychology”. The journal publishes research across the psychological field that are divided
We are happy to welcome Charlotte Bäccman, Ph D in Psycholgy to CTF. Charlotte is a new researcher in the research profile “Service innovation for sustainable business” which is about understanding and mapping the ingredients of service innovation, how service innovation comes in and changes industries fundamentally.
We welcome Ph D Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk to CTF. Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk is a Ph D in Business Administration specialized in Marketing. Anna defended her thesis in 2011 at Stockholm University School of Business. In her research, she is interested in studying how service and other marketing discourses affect and shape organizations’ and consumers’ practices and identities.
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