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  • 2021-06-10

    The project management book of 2020[ was written by Karlstad Business School’s own Tomas Gustavsson

    With a clear through line and a strong focus on details, Tomas Gustavsson describes the key elements of the agile approach.

    The statement from the jury emphasises your simple and clear manner of describing the agile approach. How do you achieve that?

  • 2021-06-08

    Multiscale models help solve huge problems

    Knowing how long stored carbon dioxide stays in the ground or how the groundwater flows below the ground surface are difficult questions to answer. Mathematical calculations often become so complicated that computers cannot handle them.

    This kind of research began in the 1970s when oil and gas were to be extracted in the North Atlantic. Omar Richardson, a new doctor of mathematics at Karlstad University, has in his dissertation "Multiscale models and simulations for diffusion and interaction in heterogeneous domains" researched how mathematical models can provide answers to complicated questions.

  • 2021-06-04

    Further advancement for Media and Communication Studies

    The subject Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University continues to advance on the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

    The ARWU, one of the top three most renowned university rankings in the world, now places Karlstad University in the 51-75 range – a nice leap from the 76-100 range of last year.

    Michael Karlsson, head of subject and professor in Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University, is pleased with the progress.

  • 2021-06-01

    Innovative companies stronger during the coronavirus pandemic according to the Swedish Innovation Index

    Today, the Swedish Innovation Index 2020 is released, and Ikea is - for the third year in a row –ranked as Sweden's most innovative company. Systembolaget has advanced the most in innovation capacity. The survey also shows an increased degree of innovation in Swedish organizations and that the more innovative organizations are better equipped to adapt to the effects of the pandemic.

    These are some conclusions from the Swedish Innovation Index 2020, where researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, for the third year in a row, have asked the customers to evaluate the degree of innovation in a number of companies, organizations and authorities. Ikea still has the highest innovation capacity and keeps the position as the most innovative company, followed by Spotify, MTRX, Systembolaget and Verisure in the top five. 

  • 2021-06-01

    Gradual return to on-campus teaching this autumn

    On 1 June, the distance learning recommendation for universities and university colleges is lifted. Teaching and examinations can now gradually start to be held on campus to a larger extent, albeit under restrictions to reduce crowding and the risk of infection. At Karlstad University, the existing vice-chancellor’s decision stays in effect and students will gradually be welcomed back to campus after the summer.

    Executives from Sweden’s higher education institutions met with Matilda Ernkrans, Minister for Higher Education and Research, last week. The Minister said that the decision to lift the distance learning recommendation is highly anticipated but emphasised the need for a responsible return to on-campus teaching.

  • 2021-05-28

    The importance of examining the changing role of the public interest in the data society

    When Facebook censored the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph The Napalm Girl, it caused a worldwide outcry. It also demonstrated the ability of digital media to redefine freedom of expression and information.

    Maud Bernisson, doctor of media and communication science at Karlstad University, has in her dissertation "The Public Interest in the Data Society Deconstructing the Imaginary Policy of the GDPR" analyzed definitions and uses of the public interest during the decision-making process of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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