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Both as individuals and citizens of society, we are affected by economics in many different ways and through decisions at various levels. This means that knowledge of economics is a prerequisite to be able to participate and live in a democracy in a qualified way.
This award recognises “The best article in the service literature published during a calendar year” across international journals. It’s the second time Ingo Karpen (CTF) wins this prestigious award. Ingo Karpen, given it’s the second time you receive this prestigious award, why has your research drawn such interest do you think?
...teachers of the Early Years Education Programme at Karlstad University…you are going to Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, in October on an ERASMUS exchange. You are also meeting with a commission of the Australian Government tasked with reviewing the country’s preschool education.
The situation surrounding the course Intercultural studies: race and whiteness in Sweden, which has attracted a lot of media attention, has led to a report being filed with the Disciplinary Board of Karlstad University. The report was entered in the registry on Thursday and will be processed promptly.
- Propaganda is what media and communication research has focused on in Russia – the discourse that I’m looking at was fairly unexplored before the start of the war, says Svetlana Chuikina. In her doctoral thesis, “(Re)constructing Russian anti-war movements.
Karlstad University is currently dealing with a situation that has received a lot of media attention. It is, of course, in the interest of the university to ensure a safe environment for our teachers and students, but any measure we take must comply with our regulations. In brief, the situation involves an online activist with an explicitly right-wing nationalist agenda who has been admitted to a course in intercultural studies with a focus on racism.
An online activist with nationalist, extreme right-wing views is currently enrolled in the course Intercultural studies: race and whiteness in Sweden. The person is very active on social media, where he posts derogatory comments about the course, the students in the course and the course director. The university and its management strongly disagree with his actions on social media.
I would like to start by saying thank you for the warm welcome I have received during my first weeks at Karlstad University. I have already met several of you and I look forward to more meetings in the day-to-day operations. I enjoy meetings, both planned and spontaneous. It might come as a surprise that someone from management would utter such a thing, given the number of meetings I have attended over the years and the likelihood of a very busy schedule ahead.
Reuse and other circular solutions are becoming increasingly common in the retail business to enable more sustainable consumption. To promote this transition requires more knowledge on how companies can create better conditions and customer experiences in relation to circular retail.
- We need more knowledge of how to encourage people to more easily change their behaviour to reduce energy consumption, says Per Kristensson, professor of psychology at the Service Research Center (CTF). A safe, reliable and sustainable future requires a transition to fossil-free energy systems.
On 1 February this year, Adrian Sangfelt moved from Uppsala to Karlstad to begin work as an associate senior lecturer in Swedish with a specialisation in didactics. – It’s a great job. I can’t really think of another job I’d rather have, he says. We meet in his office in House 12 where he is preparing for the autumn term. – During the spring, I was a supervisor for students on the Early Years Education programme.
The project Smart and Safe brings together the public sector, businesses, academia and civil society in a helix model to create safer public environments for children and young people with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). Research is conducted by the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University. Complex societal challenges require complex solutions, such as technical systems based on IoT.
On 1 August, Jerker Moodysson took office as the new vice-chancellor of Karlstad University. – It feels good to get started and I’m happy in my new role, he says. What have the first days been like? – There is, of course, a lot to take in at the start. New colleagues, new systems and routines. I have spent a lot of time talking to colleagues in the organisation, and I will continue to do so. My ambition is to get to know both colleagues and the organisation properly.
A newly published doctoral thesis at Karlstad University shows that organic solar cells is a promising technology, due to its flexibility and large amount of potential applications. – Research and development in this field has resulted in impressive power conversion of almost 20 percent, which is very good, says Ishita Jalan, who recently received her PhD in Physical Chemistry.  In order to increase efficiency even more, it is vital to understand the connection between th
Karlstad University has been granted funding by the EU Commission to join EUNICE, an education and research collaboration with nine other European universities. The idea behind EUNICE is to facilitate student and staff exchanges, as well as creating conditions for close collaboration on research and partnerships with the surrounding community. The project will run over a period of four years and has been granted €14.4 million or 170 SEK .
Mobile networks are constantly evolving to enable improved throughput and low latency for applications. However, it has been shown that current standard congestion control algorithms can cause long delays in mobile networks due to over-allocation of buffers. In his thesis, Habtegebreil Kassaye Haile has investigated the performance of two possible solutions to this problem. The Internet is constantly evolving.