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How does the flow of news and information differ among citizens in different residential areas? In the article “The Media Day, Revisited: Rhythm, Place and Hyperlocal Information Environments”, Henrik Örnebring and Erika Hellekant-Rowe study six areas in Karlstad municipality. If you thought that newspapers and news via radio and television – also called traditional media – were dead, you need to think again. They are very much alive.
The conflicts fall into three categories – easy, difficult and impossible. A collaboration between working life science and sociology has led to a book for students. Jonas Axelsson, Senior Lecturer in working life science at Karlstad Business School, and Markus Arvidson, Senior Lecturer in sociology at Karlstad University, have a long-term interest in matters of loyalty. They have known each other for more than ten years and had many discussions on the topic.
Times Higher Education are releasing their 2022 ranking of the best young universities. Karlstad University placed in the 251–300 range. Times Higher Education ranks the world’s top universities that are 50 years old or younger. For the third consecutive year, Karlstad University has made the list. “I’m thrilled that Karlstad University has placed on the ranking once again.
What drives, limits and enables growth in people in the music industry outside the big cities? What is the role of social media? What is the importance of having a network when the physical arenas close down? And how can you create value in an ecosystem of different players? These are some of the questions included in the research project MECO. MECO has looked at what is needed in order to stimulate, educate and develop the industry in a sustainable and inclusive way.
From today, 9 February, the majority of the Covid-19 restrictions concerning the university’s activities will be lifted. This means that we can begin a gradual return to normal on-campus teaching.
The digitalisation of society has led to a constant pursuit of better performance. Through a new research project, Computer Science at Karlstad University wants to help speed up the process. Waiting for changes in the major operating systems Linux and Windows is time-consuming.
Solar cell research at Karlstad University has been granted further funding from the Swedish National Space Agency, SNSA. Later this year, the research group in chemistry and materials physics will carry out experiments under microgravity conditions on parabolic flights in Bordeaux, France.
A way of life characterised by hard work and a conviction that the food we eat needs to be produced in a way that is good for humans, animals and the planet for a long time to come. Running small-scale, sustainable farming has its challenges – and opportunities. In the first workshop organised by the project Biokuma, participants got to exchange experiences and ideas. What was your first food memory?
The realities we see in TV shows are becoming more and more similar to our own reality. John Lynch is trying to describe the elements that weave TV shows and everyday life together. Actors used to move from TV to the big screen. Today, it’s the other way around. The streaming services are attractive for actors, with big budgets and the possibility of performing a role over several seasons.
Per-Ola Wiklander, Senior Lecturer in Public Law and Programme Director at Karlstad Business School, is pleased with the development of the law programme. And the students find jobs right away. - I have been involved from the start as a teacher and I took on the role of programme director 2.5 years ago. It has been quite a bit of development work, as a degree in law is very comprehensive. Our students have been both ambitious and capable, however.
The border between Sweden and Norway presents a number of legal challenges. Students enrolled in the law programme have come a long way in mapping potential issues. What are the police authorised to do on each side of the border between Sweden and Norway? What are the differences between the legislations of the two countries?
Carbon nanotubes are of great interest in both scientific research and commercial applications thanks to the unique properties of the material. A new thesis at Karlstad University looks at how the atomic structure influences the different properties of the material. - At the moment, there are too few measuring standards and no proper classification system for carbon nanotubes, says Mattias Flygare, recently qualified doctor of physics who just published his thesis.
CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, are expanding their range of flexible courses for professionals. Registration is now open for courses in digitalisation, customer journey and idea management, two of which are offered for the first time. The courses will start at the end of January and registration is open until 18 January. Registration is now open for the first courses of the spring term aimed at working professionals.
The research on organic solar cells at Karlstad University takes another step forward, thanks to a research grant from the Swedish Research Council. - We are going to study the molecular interactions between the electron donating and the electron accepting molecules, says Ellen Moons, Professor of Physics and leader for the research project.
In his doctoral thesis, Proactivity in Service Failure and Service Recovery, Jasenko Arsenovic has focused on the process of managing customer complaints. Taking care of your customers is at the core of the retail business. A greeting or just a friendly smile can make people open their wallets a little bit more. The first 30 seconds in a store is crucial for the customer’s impression of the place. But it is possible to rectify a bad first impression.