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During the DEBUTING project, ten regions across Europe will collaborate on issues related to gender, diversity and inclusion in the design of policy tools. This is to support SMEs to increase their business capacity and sustainability by implementing an inclusive culture based on gender equality. DEBUTING is an Interreg Europe-funded project that started on 1 March 2023 and runs for four years until 28 February 2027.
With more than 200 released productions that have sold millions of copies, the co-founder of Silence Records and Silence studio, Anders Lind, is one of Sweden’s greatest music producers. He now receives an honorary doctorate from Karlstad University for his accomplishments. Anders Lind is one of the founders of the record company Silence Records and the Silence studio in Koppom, Värmland. He has his roots in the Swedish music movement and is a pillar of Swedish progg.
Internationalisation is one of Karlstad University’s six strategic goals. The university promotes internationalisation in various ways, with regard to both teachers and students. Erasmus + ICM provides the opportunity for students to travel to countries outside of Europe in order to conduct field studies and complete degree projects. Two students at Karlstad University’s nursing programme have visited Believers Church Medical Hospital, BCMCH, in Kerala, India.
It is with great concern that we received the government’s hasty decision to shorten the term of external members of Swedish university boards from three years to 17 months. The government refers to the need for more security policy expertise in the boards as a result of the current security situation in the world. Of course, we all need to heighten our awareness and ensure we have the right competence in place to meet these new threats.
The DRIVE sub-project 3 “Service optimization in federated edge platforms“ aims to design and develop artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions to optimize the performance of augmented reality and virtual reality services on user-edge-cloud continuum platforms.
The number of first choice applicants to the law programme at Karlstad University has increased by 13 percent, compared to spring last year. – This is the result of great work by our staff and the networking efforts of the Law Students’ Association.

Professor dismissed

News » 2023-04-18
A professor at the university has been dismissed due to personal reasons. The background is that the person violated their obligations according to the employment contract by, among other things, refusing to perform certain tasks and being absent from work without approval from their immediate supervisor. By redistributing work tasks, students have not been affected. It is very unusual that the Staff Disciplinary Committee has to make this type of decision.
Björn Sjöstrand, Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, has been awarded the Early Career Investigator Award for his research on energy-efficient tissue paper manufacturing. It is awarded by the scientific journal BioResources at North Carolina State University, USA. - The article, for which I received the award, is about a new method for measuring a specific part of the dewatering of tissue paper in a lab environment, says Björn Sjöstrand.
- Measures taken to reduce the impact on ecosystems are central, and with our long-term knowledge development to reduce food waste, the project can make a difference, says Helén Williams. Helén Williams is an associate professor in Environmental and Energy Systems at the Service Research Center (CTF) and has high expectations on the project, which will begin in the spring 2023 together with Nifa, an industry association for local food and beverage companies in Värmland. -

Burglary in the IT department

News » 2023-04-01
On Friday evening, March 31, the IT department was burgled. More than 30 computers and around 10 mobile phones are missing. (Updated 2 of April). The burglar alarm went off around half past seven in the evening. - The police were alerted and were quickly on the scene, says Jan Gambring, security manager. In the event of any delays in ordered computers, the IT department will contact the affected user.