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Karlstad University is working actively to develop its wood research and the research group, together with its partners, has in the last year received considerable funding from various funders to develop timber construction. Karlstad University and researcher Johan Vessby has received a grant from the Swedish bioeconomy cluster Paper Province.
Preventive work in environments with large crowds can contribute to increased safety. In her dissertation, Thoa Thieu examines active-passive dynamics in pedestrians. You have defended your dissertation with "Models for linked active-passive population dynamics: Mathematical analysis and simulation". Tell us about your research. - The motivation of my research is based on studying models in the real life. There are several reasons for this.
January 20 - 21, the digital conference B2B Forum on SmartIndustri was held at Karlstad University.
Some are talking about it, some are making good progress, and some are at the forefront. Different forms of digitalisation are at the top of the agenda, especially now in connection with the pandemic.
Over the next two years, researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, will investigate how the Internet of Things, IoT, can be used in creating a better school environment and improving student health. The project will be carried out together with a number of actors and is based on a secondary school in Arvika Municipality, Sweden. The focus of the project is to find out how IoT can measure children’s and young people’s health at school.
The development of the food industry is of great importance for the planet and the survival of our civilization. Many people are unaware that our food consumption and our farming methods are some of the biggest threats to the environment worldwide.
Researcher Alexandre Sukhov is awarded the prestigious Wallander Scholarship of SEK 1.725 000 for his doctoral dissertation "The human side of idea screening" which deals with idea evaluation and development in the front end of innovation. "This is fantastic news and a great honor!
During the Christmas and New Year holiday record amounts of food is wasted. But, it is possible to reduce food waste with relatively simple means. Here, researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, share some tips for a more climate-smart Christmas. "This year Christmas will be a bit different, and we cannot celebrate as usual with our loved ones.
Karlstad University extends the decision on distance education. As a general rule, examination and teaching will take place remotely during the spring term 2021. Most of the teaching and examinations at Karlstad University will continue to take place remotely during the spring term 2021. Placements (VFU) are, however, exempt from this general rule.
Most parts of Sweden, including Värmland, have received stricter local general guidelines. Karlstad University is taking measures and adapting teaching and research to the current situation. - Karlstad University will not close – we adapt. All of our activities will be managed remotely, says Vice-Chancellor Johan Sterte. Karlstad University has decided to increase distance learning.
The pandemic has shaken many industries profoundly, among them the music industry. To handle the crisis more support is needed as well as a changed view to recognize popular music as a cultural form, accordning to an ongoing study at Karlstad University. A survey was conducted this summer to find out how different actors in the music and event industry are affected by the corona pandemic.
Värmland has received stricter general guidelines and Karlstad University is adapting teaching and research accordingly. In line with this, all activities will as far as possible take place remotely. A vice-chancellor’s decision was made on Monday following the new stricter general guidelines for Värmland County from the Public Health Agency. Karlstad University is taking its responsibility to help reduce the spread of infection.
Interventions increase the chances of succeeding in changing and maintaining a new behavior in the long run. This is shown in a recently published study from CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. "Interventions are about promoting a behavioral change with targeted programs or services," says Frida Skarin, Doctoral Student in Psychology and main author of the article.
The Public Health Agency of Sweden has, in consultation with medical officers for infectious disease control and the County Administrative Board of Värmland, decided on stricter general guidelines. The aim is to further reduce unnecessary contact between people and thereby the spread of infection.
How aware are you of the privacy decisions you make online? In the thesis “Homo Varius: Investigating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Determinants to Explain Online Privacy Decisions”, Agnieszka Kitkowska has looked into how we can become more aware of our decisions and the importance of interface. In computer science, heuristics are a way of making smart assumptions that in turn help to find solutions to a problem.
Two doctoral students from Karlstad University participated in the first meeting of the WASP-HS graduate school, when 35 doctoral students from a number of Swedish universities gathered to discuss and dive deeper in artificial intelligence and the humanities and social sciences. The meeting was a two-day virtual event with the purpose to introduce the topics and visions of WASP-HS and to get to know each other. The doctoral students hold positions at the Swedish universit