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Per-Ola Wiklander, Senior Lecturer in Public Law and Programme Director at Karlstad Business School, is pleased with the development of the law programme. And the students find jobs right away. - I have been involved from the start as a teacher and I took on the role of programme director 2.5 years ago. It has been quite a bit of development work, as a degree in law is very comprehensive. Our students have been both ambitious and capable, however.
The border between Sweden and Norway presents a number of legal challenges. Students enrolled in the law programme have come a long way in mapping potential issues. What are the police authorised to do on each side of the border between Sweden and Norway? What are the differences between the legislations of the two countries?
Carbon nanotubes are of great interest in both scientific research and commercial applications thanks to the unique properties of the material. A new thesis at Karlstad University looks at how the atomic structure influences the different properties of the material. - At the moment, there are too few measuring standards and no proper classification system for carbon nanotubes, says Mattias Flygare, recently qualified doctor of physics who just published his thesis.
CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, are expanding their range of flexible courses for professionals. Registration is now open for courses in digitalisation, customer journey and idea management, two of which are offered for the first time. The courses will start at the end of January and registration is open until 18 January. Registration is now open for the first courses of the spring term aimed at working professionals.
The research on organic solar cells at Karlstad University takes another step forward, thanks to a research grant from the Swedish Research Council. - We are going to study the molecular interactions between the electron donating and the electron accepting molecules, says Ellen Moons, Professor of Physics and leader for the research project.
In his doctoral thesis, Proactivity in Service Failure and Service Recovery, Jasenko Arsenovic has focused on the process of managing customer complaints. Taking care of your customers is at the core of the retail business. A greeting or just a friendly smile can make people open their wallets a little bit more. The first 30 seconds in a store is crucial for the customer’s impression of the place. But it is possible to rectify a bad first impression.
Edgardo Luna is from El Salvador and has also lived in Mexico. Thanks to the double degree programme in Mathematics with Karlstad University and Università degli Studi dell’Aquila he has now also experienced living in Italy and Sweden. - During the programme, I became fluent in Italian and learnt the basics of Swedish. At the moment, I am working as an academic writer for a university back in El Salvador.
Female Leader Engineer is a development programme for female engineering students with the potential to acquire leading positions in the business world. Dilan Kilic, student at Karlstad University, was one of the ten finalists. Female Leader Engineer is an award based on a vision of a gender equal power balance in the world of business.
Over the last decade, perovskites have received much attention in solar cell research all over the world. Perovskite solar cells combine the benefits of the high performance of conventional silicon solar cells and the low cost of polymer-based solar cells.
Fredrik Wikström is a newly appointed professor of Energy and Environmental Technology. He conducts research on how packaging can contribute to a sustainable development where less food is wasted. In recent years, this research has been praised and received attention in the media. Fredrik Wikström holds a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Physics at Uppsala University and received his PhD in Systems Ecology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
By focusing on prevention and methods for intervention, researchers Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk and Markus Felleson at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, hope to contribute with new knowledge. The two researchers have received funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers through NIKK, Nordic Information on Gender, in order to analyse how Nordic ideals related to management and organisation affect the work environment for people working in the service sector and i
Diana Kalfas and Pål Lassen, both students at the Human Resource Management and Work Life study programme at Karlstad Business School, have won an award for their bachelor thesis Employees' experiences of Work-Life Balance and forced telework as a result of a pandemic. What was the aim of your bachelor thesis? - An increased understanding regarding employee’s experiences of work-life balance and forced remote work - in short, an increased understanding of how remote work
Times Higher Education is one of the world’s most highly regarded university rankings. Karlstad University once again receives a ranking of 801-1000, which is within the same range as previous years. This year, approximately 1 600 universities in 99 countries are ranked. It is the largest and most varied university ranking ever made. In order to be ranked, the universities must live up to certain criteria.
SweDigArch has been awarded funding from the Swedish Research Council to create a national infrastructure for digital archaeology. The new infrastructure is a collaborative venture between six Swedish universities, the National Heritage Board and National Historical Museums. SweDigArch is a unique initiative that will link data from research, archaeological excavations and digitized museum collections.
Climate change communication spans several disciplines, which in many cases have an insufficient understanding of the each other’s research traditions. Sol Agin has compiled the literature review Mapping the Field of Climate Change Communication 1993–2018. - The purpose of our systematic literature review is to shed light on the field of environment and climate change communication, says Sol Agin, doctoral student in Media and Communication Studies.
We receive district heating and electricity from cogeneration plants (also known as combined heat and power plants). In the future they might also produce bio-oil, which can be used as biofuel or replace fossil oil in the chemicals industry.
The Public Health Agency’s general guidelines concerning our shared responsibility in preventing the spread of infection is removed on 29 September. This means longer opening hours on campus and that all rooms on the premises can be used as before.
Recently, Tomas Gustavsson was awarded “Best full paper” for his article “Team performance in large-scale agile software development” at the ISD conference. Tomas Gustavsson received his Degree of Doctorate in 2020 and he has used some the data collected for his thesis in the paper ”Team performance in large-scale agile software development”, where he examines the benefits of psychological safety within a team. - This aspect didn’t really fit into my thesis as a whole, sa