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After 15 years at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Annika Rudman chose Karlstad University as her new base. – I chose Karlstad since I, just like the university, believe in and want to promote internationalisation and interdisciplinary research, says Annika Rudman, new professor of gender studies. The common denominator of Annika Rudman’s research is a keen interest in the role that gender plays in relation to law, society, politics, culture and human behaviour.
The pro-Palestinian protests that are taking place at universities and university colleges around the world have now also reached Karlstad. On the night of Thursday 16 May, a group of protesters set up tents in the park next to the main entrance of Karlstad University.
Researchers from Karlstad University, University of Gothenburg and Lund University have started a new research project with the aim of making hydropower more environmentally friendly. As climate change affects our watercourses, the researchers are looking for new ways to protect aquatic life and at the same time ensure reliable energy production. The project takes on the difficult balancing act between generating hydroelectric power and protecting the environment.
On Tuesday 14 May, the Minister for Public Administration, Erik Slottner, visited Karlstad University. – A fruitful visit with a warm welcome in all respects, he says. In addition to general information about the university’s strengths and challenges, he received more detailed information about how the university works with generative AI and what concrete efforts are being made to support responsible use of AI among employees and students. The minister also received a pre
On the morning of 15 May, a drill for emergency personnel will be held on campus in Karlstad. – The drill will be noticeable to people moving in the immediate area, says Jan Gambring, Chief Security Office at Karlstad University. The drill includes personnel from the police, Region Värmland, Karlstad Rescue Services and the County Administrative Board in Värmland.
The book “Integrative Approaches in Urban Sustainability” represents an international collaboration project including about forty academic institutions worldwide. The book examines the increasing rate of urbanisation and the consequences for social structures. - This publication aims to redefine the way we think and plan for urban environments of the future, says Asaad Almssad, Docent in Construction Engineering and one of the editors of the book.
"The event is aimed at researchers, teachers, students, and others interested in internationalization within higher education, and focuses on the possibility of pursuing a master's degree in visual culture and communication," says Staffan Löfving, associate professor of Social Anthropology and lecturer in Intercultural Studies. The satellite event is organized within the framework of the South Africa-Sweden University Forum (SASUF) research and innovation week, which runs
The next board meeting is coming up soon. As usual, we compile a report for the board with the latest updates. One thing hits me. Since the last meeting, we have had three ministers visiting our university or planning to visit us, we have welcomed an astronaut, 2,500 upper-secondary school pupils, met with the Ministry of Education and Research, organised one of Sweden’s largest job fairs and, of course, many other exciting activities as well.
Researchers from several European countries gathered for a two-day workshop at Karlstad University. The general theme was research on polymers and their application for organic solar cells and energy storage. – There are several purposes behind the workshop, says Jan van Stam, Professor of Physical Chemistry. We want to learn from other experts, expand our networks and make new contacts, as well as putting Karlstad University on the map in this field of research.
Psychology student Olivia Rosén has been awarded Lilla Psykologpriset. The prize of 10,000 SEK is annually awarded by the Swedish Psychological Association to a psychology student who, during their studies, has worked to improve people’s quality of life. Hello Olivia and congratulations! How does it feel?  “It feels incredibly good. I feel honoured and proud.
Farzaneh Karegar, lecturer in informatics, together with Simone Fischer-Hübner, professor in computer science, you have written the book The curious case of usable privacy: Challenges, Solutions, and Prospects. Farzaneh Karegar, tell us what the book is about - The book addresses the field of useful privacy and its challenges, solutions and new opportunities.
Jenny Wilson is an internationally known Swedish indie musician, artist, and not least, producer. Her music is electro-influenced and energetic, and her lyrics are confrontational, often critical of society. At the same time, she does not shy away from being very vulnerable and personal, which is a significant part of her expression.
On 21-23 May, study and career counsellors from Sweden’s universities and university colleges gather at Karlstad University for the conference Vägledarkonferens 2024. – We have 227 registered so far.
Anna-Britt Coe focuses her research on the relationship between activism and everyday life, and is a new professor in Sociology at Karlstad University since March 1st. “Common for sociological research here at the university is the focus on everyday life, which is unique in Sweden,” says Anna-Britt Coe. Anna-Britt Coe is a professor of Sociology and researches the relationship between activism and everyday life, demonstrating how these two are more integrated than we prev
As part of the university’s systematic quality assurance efforts, eight third-cycle subject areas (doctoral-level disciplines) have been reviewed by an external assessment group. All of them are rated as meeting a high standard in the report by the assessment group. The discipline of nursing received a positive assessment of their doctoral education.
Salman Raza Naqvi, senior lecturer in chemical engineering, has been awarded a medal by the Government of Pakistan for his research. – I feel very honored and it was a nice ceremony where I got to receive the award that was presented by the president at a ceremony where many prominent scientists were honored, says Salman Raza Naqvi. The justification for the Excellencies in Research and Education in Chemical Engineering award is Salman's very extensive publication record