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Work methods and tools with focus on games are being developed for stakeholders on both sides of the Swedish/Norwegian border to improve society’s security and preparedness in relation to climate crises. We meet Emelie Hindersson, Coordinator of the Centre for Societal Risk Research, and Peter Bellström, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Karlstad Business School, in the RiskLab® at Karlstad University.
The research paper “Geographical discrepancies in higher education in Sweden” picks up from an almost thirty year old doctoral thesis that focused on the importance of geographical distance in relation to higher education. - What we’ve seen is that despite various reforms to facilitate higher education, there have been no direct effects, says Thomas Blom, Professor of Human Geography at Karlstad University. Thomas Blom and Mats Nilsson, Docent in Human Geography at Karlst
In the last ten years, relatively large groups have entered the labour market. At the same time, most societal sectors have expressed a clear skills shortage. The next ten years are expected to be even tougher and competition for skilled employees will intensify. This development will also likely be reflected in a growing demand for higher education, where we can expect increasing competition to attract students.
One of the problems with paper recycling is that the fibers stiffen during the dewatering and drying processes, also known as hornification. The same thing happens to, for example, dishcloths, which stiffen over time.
What can you actually work with after completing the Sports and Health Coaching Programme at Karlstad University? At least once a year, current students of the programme receive answers during alumni days organized by the programme.


News » 2024-02-08
The need for increased cyber security is growing day by day. As a response, the Swedish government is investing a total of SEK 100 million over the next few years in Cybercampus Sweden, which has now opened with an inauguration at KTH. The purpose behind the investment is to strengthen both skills supply and research in cyber security.
In a more complex and troubled world, future pre-school teachers need to be better equipped to teach about norms related to the contemporary world, religion and world views. What does their own world view look like compared to that of society based on knowledge and research? Do they feel included in the way pre-school education programmes approach these matters?
The Supreme Commander’s and the government’s statements regarding the war situation have provoked many reactions. How could alarmist messaging affect the public, how can we manage our fears and anxieties, and could this kind of rhetoric actually be beneficial? Researchers at Karlstad University can provide some answers. The recent call for Swedish citizens to prepare for a potential war has caused anxiety and fear in many people.
After the recent hacker attacks in which the university's IT supplier Tietoevry, amongst others, was affected, it becomes clear how quickly organizations can become target of such actions. Meiko Jensen, lecturer in cybersecurity at computer science, helps us clarify the areas of hacking and cybersecurity. Hi Meiko Jensen.
Ali Mohammadi has been involved in research on sustainability assessment of bio-based systems since he began his PhD. During his doctoral project at the University of New England in Australia, he studied economic and environmental impacts of biochar and bioenergy production from agricultural biomass.
Artist 1990: Record an album, book interviews, go on tour. Artist 2023: Build a brand, get to know your target audience, release a song on digital platforms and make sure to keep the momentum going 24/7. It doesn’t matter if the artist, the production, or the songs have a classic, vintage feel. Behind most of the active artists today, there is a whole digital ecosystem.
On 1 January 2024, it had been 95 years since Mickey Mouse first showed up in the short film “Steamboat Willy”. Now, the early versions of the famous mouse are free to use by anyone. Or are they?