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The Swedish spring celebration Valborg is often associated with student culture and alcohol, but this year the celebration will be accompanied by a sober alternative with a focus on health and wellbeing - Kausläppet 2024. – We’re hoping that a lot of students, teachers and other members of staff want to join this sober activity, says student Henrik Karlsson Skog. He and Emil Turborn are doing their practical placement as part of the event team behind Kausläppet, which is
In the project PERUPP, AI will be fed with offers from actors in the tourism industry to enhance the Värmland experience. – We want to take advantage of AI technology, says Siri Jagstedt, project leader of one of the work packages. The modern person wants to have more personal and tailored experiences rather than one-size-fits-all.
Two new Honorary Doctors have been appointed at Karlstad University in 2024. They specialize in the fields of hydropower environmental issues and psychology. The award ceremony will take place during the Academic Celebration on October 18. The Faculty of Health, Science, and Engineering has appointed Johan Tielman as Honorary Doctor in 2024.

From rare bird to professor

News » 2024-04-03
In House 11, Erik Wästlund is just finishing a Zoom meeting on research funding. He is new as professor of psychology, but a familiar face in the university corridors. – I started studying psychology here in 1996, he says. – Back in those days it was mostly because I wanted to do something more besides my job working in a bar. But pretty soon my studies became more important than my work. Psychology was not a given choice.
People who own or have access to a holiday home are called “the invisible population” because they can be difficult to reach in the event of a crisis. Geomedia researchers at Karlstad University emphasise the importance of increasing the knowledge regarding how crisis communication from authorities needs to reach temporary populations. Holiday homes are a significant part of Swedish tourism.
My post in January 2023 was about the launch of ChatGPT which attracted a lot of attention when it premiered a few months earlier. I was asking for a dialogue about how artificial intelligence that generates content and data can be applied in our organisation.
Stephen De Lisle, a biology researcher at Karlstad University, is one of the four recipients of the Swedish Foundations Starting Grant (SFSG), an initiative coordinated by seven research financiers to support outstanding researchers at Swedish academic institutions.
On Wednesday, March 27, Karlstad University flies its flag at half-mast in honor of former colleague Kjell Härenstam, former professor of religious studies with a focus on didactics. In 2014, he received, together with colleague Marc Katz, Karlstad University's medal of honor for his commitment to the university's development of collaborations in Varanasi and Dharamsala, India.

New AI tool for students

News » 2024-03-15
Students at Karlstad University now have access to the AI tool Microsoft Copilot. With Copilot, you can utilize a chat function to assist with various tasks, including generating text and images, analyzing data, summarizing documents, writing code, and much more. However, be aware of certain limitations in today’s AI models. Therefore, have a critical approach towards generated information.
On Friday 8 March, the Minister for Education, Mats Persson, visited Karlstad University. – It was very interesting in general. I’m very pleased, he says. – It was particularly interesting to listen to Birgitta Persdotter and her research on social services.
Our alumna Julia Bengtson from Borlänge has an extensive music education, having studied at Musikkonservatoriet Falun, exchange studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and not least a degree in Music Production at Ingesund School of Music. Currently, she is studying music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Was it always clear to you that you wanted to be a musician and producer? "Absolutely not.
6G-PATH (6G-pilots and Trials Through Europe) is a new Horizon Europe project where Computer Science and Nursing Science at Karlstad University are participating. The project is going to develop solutions that can be applied in health education. 6G is expected to introduce new technologies that will enable innovative applications.
Work methods and tools with focus on games are being developed for stakeholders on both sides of the Swedish/Norwegian border to improve society’s security and preparedness in relation to climate crises. We meet Emelie Hindersson, Coordinator of the Centre for Societal Risk Research, and Peter Bellström, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Karlstad Business School, in the RiskLab® at Karlstad University.
The research paper “Geographical discrepancies in higher education in Sweden” picks up from an almost thirty year old doctoral thesis that focused on the importance of geographical distance in relation to higher education. - What we’ve seen is that despite various reforms to facilitate higher education, there have been no direct effects, says Thomas Blom, Professor of Human Geography at Karlstad University. Thomas Blom and Mats Nilsson, Docent in Human Geography at Karlst
In the last ten years, relatively large groups have entered the labour market. At the same time, most societal sectors have expressed a clear skills shortage. The next ten years are expected to be even tougher and competition for skilled employees will intensify. This development will also likely be reflected in a growing demand for higher education, where we can expect increasing competition to attract students.