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Rihab Balti is in her third year as a computer science PhD student at the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, Vallenciennes, France, and the National School of Computer Science, Tunisia. She is visiting the subject of Educational work at Karlstad University, after finding us through the EUNICE university alliance. Rihab Balti is researching distance studies and wants to gain a greater understanding of what behaviors and needs students have when it comes to studying
CRE8® is a model for innovation-challenge events, developed by the Grants and Innovation Office at Karlstad University. A public or private organization provides a real-world operational challenge to which teams of students try to find solutions. Since it was first introduced in 2017, the CRE8® model has become a very successful concept. With funding from Erasmus+, Karlstad University is now training facilitators to run CRE8® events around Europe.
As part of the DRIVE project, real life measurements of 5G networks are now taking place in Rome, Italy, where two large mobile operators are up to proof in terms of coverage, connectivity, latency and throughput performance. In Dec. 2020 - Jan.
The revenue generated by orbital and suborbital space travel is expected to soar to 214 billion dollars by 2030. The increased access to space travel has created a space market. Space tourism, a niche part of the flight industry, has radically transformed the private sector.
On Wednesday 15 February it is time for the job fair Hotspot. Throughout the day, a number of parking spaces north of the University Library will be reserved for the exhibitors of the fair. Special parking permits will be used on the day to ensure that only exhibitors park their cars there.
On Monday, representatives from Rifo — an association for researchers and members of parliament — visited Karlstad University. – We have seen both the wider picture as well as the cutting edge expertise, and we have learned more about the challenges in acquiring research funding, says Gunilla Svantorp. She is a member of parliament from Värmland, representing Socialdemokraterna.
Papermaking often requires additives to achieve desired properties, such as the strength of the paper. New research shows that this can be solved in an, as of yet, untested way. - Normally, you add Cationic starch to the pulp in order to increase the strength of the paper, says Mozhgan Hashemzehi, PhD student in Chemical Engineering.

5G testing in progress

News » 2023-01-23
In the DRIVE project, a common test environment with industry partner Varnish Software has now been installed. The tests will measure the impact of different network connections on latency and bandwidth during video streaming. Since mid-December, latency and bandwidth testing has been ongoing in Karlstad University's 5G testbed. A server is connected to several network connections at the same time to compare their performance.

Hello Simone Fischer-Hübner

News » 2023-01-20
Hello Simone Fischer-Hübner, Professor in Computer Science! There's a lot going on right now in your field, cybersecurity. The Knowledge Foundation recently granted funding to a Swedish Industrial Graduate School on Cybersecurity (SIGS-CyberSec) where you will hold the wheel. Congratulations!
Ecological sustainability, sleep robots and ageing are some of the topics included in the spring semester’s lunch seminars Meet a Researcher, which start on Wednesday 25 January. The seminars with researchers working at Karlstad University are held on Wednesdays once a month from January to May at the library learning lab. They always start at 12 and last for about 45 minutes.
According to the study “Sharing economy platforms as mainstream: balancing pro-social and economic tensions”, there are tensions between the digital and the old ways of sharing things. - Sharing economy platforms are erasing the borders between personal/social norms and market norms in commercial exchanges, says Hugo Guyader, senior lecturer in Business Administration at Linköping University and former visiting researcher at Karlstad University, who has conducted this stu

Impressions from COP27

News » 2023-01-09
The climate change conference COP27 took place 6-18 of November 2022 in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt.
Perovskite solar cells degrade when exposed to sunlight, which results in decreasing performance over time. A new research project will examine how such solar cells could recover and self-repair at night. – Electronic components, such as solar cells and LEDs, are made from semiconductor materials, says Ellen Moons, professor of Physics. Such materials form the basis of all electronics, computers, cell phones and screens.
The process of recruiting a new vice-chancellor at Karlstad University is progressing. The recruitment group has unanimous decided to go ahead with professor Jerker Moodysson, the candidate assessed to have the highest merits in regards to the requirement profile. He is Professor and his work focuses on the geography of innovation and the dynamics of regional economies.