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Don’t we all filter the way we see our life and reality, through our previous life events and experiences? Isn’t it even so that our ‘life baggage’ is obstructing us from certain aspects which may hinder us from a fully embracement of life? The same could be happening for companies. We have had a long debate in service research about how firms can move towards applying a service perspective in their organizations and what benefits the service perspective could result in.
Researchers at CTF have been granted 3.9 million SEK for research on future customer experiences. In the project the researchers will develop new knowledge on how to make retail and the hospitality industry more attractive through digitalization. - The progress of digitalization leads to new ways to consume goods and services and physical stores are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with e-commerce.
We are now offering three positions as Postdoctoral researchers at CTF. Application deadline April 18, 2017. 1. Postdoctoral position in either Business Administration, Political science, Sociology or Psychology The postdoctoral position will be connected to ongoing research within CTF, devoted to how service research can increase the understanding of, and thereby strengthen, the industrial sector.
The appearance of your dinner date affects whether you want to spend money on healthy or unhealthy alternatives from the menu, but only if you are a woman. The more attractive women find their company, the more likely they are to buy healthy food. Men are rather more likely to buy expensive drinking and dining options.
We caught up with Professor Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, who is visiting CTF March 26-29. During this time he will present one of his current research projects at an open CTF seminar and work on a joint research project with Professor Bo Edvardsson and Ph.
CTFblogg / Bo Edvardsson In an article in Journal of Service Research (2015) with the title: “Service Research Priorities in a Rapidly Changing Context” Ostrom et al. outline key research priorities. The aim was to identify research topics that have the potential to advance the service field and provide significant benefits for customers, organizations, and society in general.
Ph. D students from Karlstad University took first place in the Cyber Challenge 2017. The competition was organized by Swedish Defense University’s Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies(CATS) and the Swedish Contingencies Agency (MSB). The team from Karlstad University consists of the four Ph.
The EU-funded project Service Design for Innovation, SDIN, aims to build a research platform in service design and innovation through a Europeean training network for early stage reseachers. The project started in January 2015 and is now at the half-way point. During the first two years the project has achieved the expected results, and the network is well integrated and communicates regularly.
Psychological factors are equally and sometimes more important than monetary incentives for people when it comes to changing their behavior. – Yet, decision makers, marketing people and people in general seem to believe that economic motives are the most important, says Per Kristensson, Professor of Psychology at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. By examining people’s willingness to buy environment friendly products, Per Kristensson and his co-authors i
Stefano Pace, Associate Professor in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at Kedge Business School in France, is currently spending two weeks at CTF to continue and reinforce a research collaboration initiated during a previous visiting period at CTF with Professor Per Skå​lén. - The visit is possible thanks to funding from Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation, and Tore Browaldhs Foundation and involved in the collaboration is also Professor Per Skå​lén, CTF, a
International online-courses with strong links to the most successful research environments and tailor-made for professionals at work will be offered at Karlstad University thanks to a development project in conjunction with a number of leading companies and the support of the KK Foundation. The KK Foundation has granted Karlstad University 6 million SEK for the period 2017-2019 to develop and carry out net-based cutting edge Master–level courses, developed in close coope
Kotaiba Aal, PhD student at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has been awarded the Hedelius scholarhip of SEK 100,000 to visit Texas State University, San Marcos, USA, where he will be working on his doctoral thesis. Kotaiba Aal will spend six months as a visiting graduate student at Texas State University in San Marcos.
Around Christmas time we become more and more stressed and affected by crowds and high volume in the stores. How can we make Christmas shopping less stressful? This is what a current research study at Karlstad University is investigating. In the study, researchers Anders Gustafsson and Poja Shams at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University are investigating how to reduce stress while shopping, this by the means of an activity bracelet.
Researchers at CTF have been granted 5.3 million SEK for research on energy-efficient commuting. The main financer of the project is the Swedish Energy Agency. In the project, researchers Lars E. Olsson and Margareta Friman both active at CTF, Service Research Center and Samot, The Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group at Karlstad University, will develop new knowledge and methods for energy-efficient travel.
You just returned to Sweden after spending a couple of months in Australia, what did you do there? - I was a guest professor at University of Queensland Business School in Brisbane, Australia. During my stay there I focused on our research related to customer experiences and service innovation that is conducted within one of CTF’s major research profiles “Service Innovation for Sustainable Business”.
Margareta Friman, Professor in Psychology at CTF, Service Research Center, is a member of the expert group for the a project that investigates how suitable planning could support multimodal connectivity in Norwegian urban regions. Margareta Friman is a member of the expert group for the new project "Transfer: access, egress and transfer practices for designing multimodal connectivity" financed by the Norwegian Research Council.
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