• 2021-06-04

    Professor with a multifaceted research perspective is retiring

    Per Pettersson, professor of sociology of religion at CTF, is retiring after 26 years as researcher and research leader focusing religious and social change with a service perspective. As senior professor he looks forward to meeting research colleagues around the world as soon as the corona pandemic slows down.

    Per has an academic background in theology at Uppsala University, and was ordained as priest in the Church of Sweden 1979. He has been active in the Church for many years, both in Sweden and in England, and with various tasks and development work at the Karlstad Diocese office for 22 years. 

  • 2021-06-01

    Innovative companies stronger during the coronavirus pandemic according to the Swedish Innovation Index

    Today, the Swedish Innovation Index 2020 is released, and Ikea is - for the third year in a row –ranked as Sweden's most innovative company. Systembolaget has advanced the most in innovation capacity. The survey also shows an increased degree of innovation in Swedish organizations and that the more innovative organizations are better equipped to adapt to the effects of the pandemic.

    These are some conclusions from the Swedish Innovation Index 2020, where researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, for the third year in a row, have asked the customers to evaluate the degree of innovation in a number of companies, organizations and authorities. Ikea still has the highest innovation capacity and keeps the position as the most innovative company, followed by Spotify, MTRX, Systembolaget and Verisure in the top five. 

  • 2021-05-20

    CTF blog: Why public services should be digital-ready and how service design can help

    At least since the start of the Covid19 pandemic digitalization has reached most of us. By now we are all familiar with using digital platforms to meet and socialize. However, digitalization is much more than changing the way we connect and communicate; it also changes how information is gathered, analysed and used for decision making processes. For example, AI-based programs, cloud computing, big data analytics and machine learning are all tools that allow organizations to tap into the large volume of data which we feed into the system every day.

  • 2021-04-23

    Meet our new Postdoc, Agnieszka Kitkowska

    Agnieszka Kitkowska is a new Postdoctoral researcher at CTF where she is studying online privacy and decision-making, and barriers that consumers face during digital transactions.

    What is your background and what brought you to CTF?

  • 2021-04-19

    CTF's Annual Report 2020

    We have now published our annual report for 2020. In the report, we summarize the past year and share highlights of our research and collaboration with partners from academia, business and the public sector.

    2020 was a different and challenging year marked by the corona pandemic. Despite the challenges with restrictions and new routines, we managed to perform at a continuously high level and drive research forward. We broke a new record in terms of external funding and received, among other things, continued support for our Graduate professional development program, ISE, where we, together with partners from the business community and organizations, develop and offer flexible courses at advanced level for professionals.

  • 2021-04-14

    New professor conducts research in the borderlands between organization and marketing

    Mia Larson’s research is in the borderlands between organization and marketing and her focus has been on tourism, events and sustainable development for a long time. Today, her focus is on digital services and personal integrity, and she was recently promoted to professor of Business Administration at Karlstad University.

    Mia's current research focuses on digital services and personal integrity. She investigates how companies handle user data, and how new business models are based on this data. The research is carried out within the project TRUEdig at CTF.

    "Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that companies are using their personal data in different ways. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for the companies to protect the privacy of the users, to disclose how the data will be used and give the users the option to choose if, and how, their personal data can be used," says Mia.


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