• 2016-11-16

    Great recognition for research on difficult customers

    Markus Fellesson, Associate Professor at CTF, Karlstad University, and Nicklas Salomonson, Associate Professor at University of Borås have received great attention and praise for their research on difficult customers.

    During the last year, the researchers have been analyzing survey responses from commercial employees. Now they are working on an article about how the level of service orientation among employees affect the way they handle difficult customers.

  • 2016-11-14

    Workshop on remote services in Swedish Industry

    In October CTF organized a workshop in Karlstad with focus on remote services in the manufacturing industry. IT-based services within manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly common which open up for new ways to interact, but introducing new technology is also a challenge and many questions arise.

    This was the starting point for the workshop where a number of companies from the manufacturing industry participated. The common denominator of all participating companies was that they now offer remote services. The workshop was moderated by Professor Heiko Gebauer. He is one of CTF´s international guest researchers and works for a Swiss research institute. He has been working closely together with international companies on the transition from products to services for 15 years.

  • 2016-11-14

    New research project on patient involvement in health care

    How is the work in health care affected by increased patient involvement? This is what researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, will sort out in a new research project which has received 3 million SEK from the Swedish Research Council Forte during three years.

    In the project “Patient Involvement as an idea and organizational practice: Attitudes, patterns of behavior and professional roles”, researchers Per Echeverri and Markus Fellesson, Karlstad University, along with Nicklas Salomonson, University of Borås, will study how
    working in health care is affected when patients are involved. The project is financed by Forte and runs for three years.

  • 2016-10-20

    30 years celebration at CTF

    Thirty years ago CTF, Service Research Center, was established at Karlstad University. How it happened, success factors and the latest from today’s research were included in the program when CTF held its anniversary celebration on October 6th at Karlstad University.

    Martin Löfgren, Deputy Head at Karlstad Business School at Karlstad University, opened the event and welcomed everyone. Patrik Larsson, Dean at Karlstad University and former director of CTF, held a keynote speech where he reflected over CTF as a research center with international prominence, a nursery and a family. He also talked about internationalization, collaboration and the strong sense of community as factors which have contributed to the success.

  • 2016-09-23

    Javier Reynoso from ITESM is one of the speakers at CTF 30th Anniversary

    We are proud to annouce Javier Reynoso, Professor of Service Management at EGADE Business School, Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM), Mexico, as one of the speakers at CTF 30th Anniversary.

    What will you talk about on October 6th?
    - I am going to talk about service research at the Base of the Pyramid – this means the need and relevance of service research in the huge segment of society who lives with less than 9 USD per day. This represents 67 percent of the planet, and yet we only have started to realize the importance to expand our research scope into it. There are many discoveries waiting for us to be found. What are we waiting for? It is already late!

  • 2016-09-20

    One moment Katrin Lättman...

    ...Ph D Student i psychology. On September 8th you presented your licentiate thesis at a seminar at Karlstad University. What is the thesis about?

    - It´s about perceived accessibility and every day travel in public transport. I have developed a measurement tool that captures how people perceive the accessibility of public transport and what factors that affect this.