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  • 2018-02-13

    CTFblog: Ten years of eye-tracking in consumer research

    Often when radical technological development happens, I gaze at it from a distance and try to understand it's impact on my life. This time I got to be a part of the revolution. I’m talking about the eye-tracking revolution, a journey that has been amazing to be a part of during the past 10 years. A journey that has just started.

    Ten years ago I approached Tobii Technology with a radical suggestion, to lend me an eye-tracker. This to create a new innovative lab environment for our consumer research where we could identify the communicative and selling characteristics of packages and create more knowledge on consumer behaviour. One year later CTF's consumer lab was open for business, but no one, including myself, knew exactly what to do with the lab. How to design an eye-tracking study, what to measure, and how to interpret the answers.

  • 2018-02-05

    Consortium meeting within Service Design for Innovation Network

    Last week CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, together with Experio Lab, hosted a consortium meeting in Karlstad within the European research training network SDIN.

    In addition to supervision of the doctoral candidates associated with SDIN, and a board meeting, a public conference was arranged with the intention to disseminate some of the research conducted within the project.

  • 2018-01-19

    New research project on servitization in the manufacturing industry

    Researchers at CTF have been awarded 4.6 million SEK from the KK Foundation for research on servitization in manufacturing companies. In the project, the researchers will develop a reference model to create a better understanding of how servitization is done in practice.

    Globalization and increased competition have led to that many manufacturing companies have increased their service offers, not least in terms of advanced services. The term serivitization is used to describe this process, that is, when manufacturing companies change focus and begin offering services linked to their products, thus creating new value together with their customers. For companies with a traditional product logic, there are a number of challenges and, in order to succeed, a new approach that permeates the entire organization is needed.

  • 2018-01-19

    Children who travel to school independently are more satisfied and perform better in school

    Traveling to school is just not about getting from home to school. A new doctoral thesis from Karlstad University shows how the choice of mode of transport and activities during the trip affects children’s well-being and achievement in school.

    Jessica Westman, PhD in Psychology at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has in her dissertation studied how different factors such as mode of travel and activities affect children’s well-being and achievement at school, and why parents choose to drive their children.

  • 2018-01-18

    Employees who work in open-plan offices feel worse and are more dissatisfied with their work

    It is becoming increasingly common for employees to share the workplace with their colleagues in large open-plan office areas. In this way, companies and organizations want to save money, but also facilitate the interaction between the employees. However, a new study from Karlstad University shows the opposite. The more co-workers that share the workplace, the less satisfied the employees are, and the more difficult they think it is to have a good dialogue with their colleagues.

    Numerous private and public organizations have already adopted the concept of open-plan offices and many other companies are currently considering a switch from traditional cellular offices to such open layouts. Common arguments for investing in such open spaces are their claimed cost efficiency and flexible layout; their assumed ability to facilitate interaction among employees; and, ultimately, their presumed potential to improve work performance and productivity.

  • 2018-01-16

    Visit from Texas State University

    Linda Nasr, Assistant Professor in Marketing at Texas State University, visited CTF last week.

    – I had the honor and pleasure to visit CTF during last week. The purpose of my trip was to work with Professor Bo Edvardsson and Ph D Student Kotaiba Aal on an ongoing research project. During my visit I also presented one of my latest projects “Transforming Service Thinking and Building the Transformative Service Collaborative” and ran a successful focus group with CTF members. I had the pleasure to have a number of very fruitful meetings and discussions.