• 2023-12-06

    Christmas greetings from the director

    The Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching and maybe some time off. Soon we can put another eventful and challenging year behind us and look forward to new ideas, exciting research and education.

    When I look back and summarize the past year, there are several important achievements and notable results. First, and most important, are the efforts everyone has made in these challenging times. This year, CTF celebrates 37 years, and what comes to my mind are the discussions we have had during the year about the development of service research.

  • 2023-11-28

    The project Health Data Sweden will increase the use of health data

    The purpose of Health Data Sweden (HDS) is to increase the use of health data within small and medium-sized companies and public organizations.
    - HDS must offer services such as available data, legal issues and skills development, says Karin Brodén.

    - Increasing the use of health data has been identified as a way to increase efficiency in the health sector and to increase health benefits for individuals, says Karin Brodén, postdoctor in information systems at the Service Research Center (CTF) and the Business school at Karlstad University.

  • 2023-11-23

    Six years after #metoo – this is what research shows

    Research findings from Karlstad University were presented at a conference in Oslo.
    - As always when it comes to changing cultures, it is important to be persistent and not give up, says Markus Fellesson from the Center for Service Research (CTF).

    Markus Fellesson and Anna Fyrberg-Yngfalk, researchers at the Service Research Center (CTF) and Karlstad Business School, you recently participated in the conference “Prevent and Intervene – Ending Sexual Harassment at Work” in Oslo.

  • 2023-11-23

    Circular project shows that the products and services of the future are smart and attractive

    Christmas is just around the corner, there are lots of presents to buy and endless opportunities to get swept up in a shopping spree. This can make it hard to resist the avalanche of advertisements, such as the campaigns leading up to Black Friday. As a counteraction, a sustainable alternative has made a successful entrance in a local shopping centre in Karlstad, and Karlstad University is there to conduct research.

    Emma Sundh is the project leader of Rundgång – a mini shopping centre that promotes a circular economy and is anything but your ordinary flea market.

  • 2023-11-23

    Samhällsnytta at Karlstad University leads the way with knowledge about major societal challenges

    Samhällsnytta turns service research into practical activity. The idea is to help the government and Swedish authorities tackle major societal challenges.

    Samhällsnytta AB was founded in 2021 and has developed into a national meeting place for actors at various levels in community building.

  • 2023-11-15

    Blog: The role of boundary objects in innovating product meanings

    Understanding what products mean to users or potential customers has always been of key importance for innovation practitioners and designers. In fact, products often related to our identity as users, contributing to providing meaning to our daily lives. However, innovating product meanings can be a challenging endeavor for companies.