• 2017-04-21

    Funding for research on future customer experiences

    Researchers at CTF have been granted 3.9 million SEK for research on future customer experiences. In the project the researchers will develop new knowledge on how to make retail and the hospitality industry more attractive through digitalization.

    - The progress of digitalization leads to new ways to consume goods and services and physical stores are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with e-commerce. In the project, we will work together with companies in retail and the hospitality industry to try and evaluate different digital services to see how these services can help strengthen their attractiveness, says Erik Wästlund, Associate Professor of Psychology and Project Manager.

    The project aims to examine digitalization applications, opportunities and development potential in retail and the hospitality industry.

  • 2017-03-31

    Three Postdoctoral positions available at CTF

    We are now offering three positions as Postdoctoral researchers at CTF. Application deadline April 18, 2017.

    1. Postdoctoral position in either Business Administration, Political science, Sociology or Psychology

  • 2017-03-28

    Visit by Michael Kleinaltenkamp

    We caught up with Professor Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, who is visiting CTF March 26-29. During this time he will present one of his current research projects at an open CTF seminar and work on a joint research project with Professor Bo Edvardsson and Ph. D Student Sebastian Dehling .

    What brings you to Karlstad and CTF?
    – I came in touch with CTF Professors Bo Edvardsson and Bård Tronvoll during the Forum on Markets and Marketing in Auckland 2012 where we started to work on a joint paper that was published in Marketing Theory in 2014. Since then we continued to cooperate successfully. As a consequence, Bo invited me to give a presentation on one of my current research projects which deals with the coordination of resource integration and value cocreation through institutional arrangements.

  • 2017-03-28

    How you are affected by your dinner date

    The appearance of your dinner date affects whether you want to spend money on healthy or unhealthy alternatives from the menu, but only if you are a woman. The more attractive women find their company, the more likely they are to buy healthy food. Men are rather more likely to buy expensive drinking and dining options. These are the findings in a new study by Tobias Otterbring at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University.

    – Our purchase decisions are influenced by many factors, often without our conscious awareness. In this study, I investigated how exposure to physically attractive individuals influences which food items people are willing to spend money on and if there are any gender differences, says Tobias Otterbring, Ph. D student in Psychology.

  • 2017-02-27

    Service Research: Innovate or parish?

    CTFblogg / Bo Edvardsson

    In an article in Journal of Service Research (2015) with the title: “Service Research Priorities in a Rapidly Changing Context” Ostrom et al. outline key research priorities. The aim was to identify research topics that have the potential to advance the service field and provide significant benefits for customers, organizations, and society in general. Intensive roundtable discussions with researchers affiliated with service research centers around the world, including CTF, resulted in 12 service research priorities.

  • 2017-02-14

    Ph. D students from Karlstad University best in Sweden on cybersecurity

    Ph. D students from Karlstad University took first place in the Cyber Challenge 2017. The competition was organized by Swedish Defense University’s Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies(CATS) and the Swedish Contingencies Agency (MSB).

    The team from Karlstad University consists of the four Ph. D students, Alexandre Sukhov and Sebastian Dehling, both from CTF, Service Research Center, Jenni Rueben and Nurul Momen, both from Computer Science, and their supervisor Lothar Fritsch, Associate Professor at Computer Science at Karlstad University.