• 2016-10-20

    30 years celebration at CTF

    Thirty years ago CTF, Service Research Center, was established at Karlstad University. How it happened, success factors and the latest from today’s research were included in the program when CTF held its anniversary celebration on October 6th at Karlstad University.

    Martin Löfgren, Deputy Head at Karlstad Business School at Karlstad University, opened the event and welcomed everyone. Patrik Larsson, Dean at Karlstad University and former director of CTF, held a keynote speech where he reflected over CTF as a research center with international prominence, a nursery and a family. He also talked about internationalization, collaboration and the strong sense of community as factors which have contributed to the success.

  • 2016-09-23

    Javier Reynoso from ITESM is one of the speakers at CTF 30th Anniversary

    We are proud to annouce Javier Reynoso, Professor of Service Management at EGADE Business School, Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM), Mexico, as one of the speakers at CTF 30th Anniversary.

    What will you talk about on October 6th?
    - I am going to talk about service research at the Base of the Pyramid – this means the need and relevance of service research in the huge segment of society who lives with less than 9 USD per day. This represents 67 percent of the planet, and yet we only have started to realize the importance to expand our research scope into it. There are many discoveries waiting for us to be found. What are we waiting for? It is already late!

  • 2016-09-20

    Henrietta Huzell new vice dean at Karlstad University

    Henrietta Huzell, director at CTF and lecturer of working life science at Karlstad University, will be the new vice dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Karlstad University.

    - It is a fun assignment with big responsibility which I am looking forward to. Four fantastic years at CTF has given me the courage and desire to take on more responsibility. I am also glad that CTF’s former director, Patrik Larsson, is the dean. We have worked very well together before and it feels good to be working together again.

  • 2016-09-20

    One moment Katrin Lättman...

    ...Ph D Student i psychology. On September 8th you presented your licentiate thesis at a seminar at Karlstad University. What is the thesis about?

    - It´s about perceived accessibility and every day travel in public transport. I have developed a measurement tool that captures how people perceive the accessibility of public transport and what factors that affect this.

  • 2016-09-17

    Research and politics meet in conversation about failure demand

    Researchers Johan Quist and Martin Fransson have for several years studied failure demand in the public sector. The research is conducted within CTF, Service Research Centers’ network for public sector organisations, and has received much attention.

    On August 17th, Johan Quist participated, along with Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi, at a seminar at this year’s Kommek, a meeting place for people in finance and governance in municipalities, counties and regions. Their discussion was under the heading “When life doesn’t fit in a silo” and raised the need for coordination from the citizen’s perspective, such as the meetings with various authorities and the potential of using service logic.

  • 2016-09-09

    Per Kristensson new director at CTF

    Starting January 1st 2017 Per Kristensson will be the director of CTF. He succeeds Henrietta Huzell who will start her new assignment as vice dean at Karlstad University.

    - It is very exciting. It is really motivating to work with so many talented researchers here at CTF and in our extensive international network. Our research benefits the community, businesses and people, says Per Kristensson.