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Businesses and public organizations continuously work on developing new services or products in order to be innovative. One important part in this work is to know how ideas for new services and products are evaluated, since the idea screening determent whether an idea is considered good, and whether it will continue its development as an innovation project.
Businesses need service innovations to survive and strengthen their competitive advantage. By explaining how firms and key actors (such as entrepreneurs) manage to remain innovative, our research explains why innovation platforms are central. Empirical observations show that key actors or entrepreneurs often drive change in service ecosystems and the development of innovation platforms.
In December 2019, CTF in collaboration with Karlstad Business School arranged a multidisciplinary seminar series to advance knowledge within the research area Service system transformation, and as part of a PhD course in Business administration. The seminar series Service system transformation focused on global societal challenges, and how transformation of societal systems works.
We welcome Martina Caic, new postdoctoral researcher at CTF. During the next two years, she will, among other things, conduct research on how new technologies affects value co-creation within different networks of actors. Martina Caic holds a PhD from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, where she was a Marie Curie Fellow within the EU-funded project Service Design for Innovation Network, SDIN. The SDIN project was funded by Horizon 2020 during 2015-2018.
The Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching and another busy year has gone by, now we are looking forward to a new and exciting year. In 2019, three of our researchers defended their doctoral dissertations and one licentiate thesis was presented. We have admitted no less than four new PhD students. In June, we hosted a fantastic conference, QUIS16, with around 250 international researchers.
During the holidays there is a lot of focus on food. It is the time of the year when we consume in abundance and throw away more food than ever- at the same time as we know that food waste has a negative impact on our climate and what we choose to eat and how we handle the food matters. So, what can we do to reduce the food waste?
Can an app help visitors at the Central Hospital in Karlstad find the way? This is what a new research study will investigate. The study is a breakthrough for research in real-world environment within DigitalWell. The study is a part of DigitalWell Research, a sister project to DigitalWell, and is linked to the case: “Find the way”.
We are happy to welcome Kristin Svärd, new PhD student in Business Administration at Karlstad Business School. Kristin will be placed at CTF, Service Research Center, and she is also part of the Swedish Research School of Management and IT, MIT.
On December 5, researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, received the Lidl Future Initiatives award of 3.8 million SEK to start up a new research project on transformative packaging design.
This year's Sustainability Day at the Business School centred to a great extent on the art of moving from talking to acting, turning ideas and plans into speed and action, since knowledge means nothing without the ability to use it.
Black Friday attracts customers to shop more. At the same time reports on climate change with calls for changed consumption habits and counter-reactions such as White Monday are growing stronger. What is it that makes consumers take part in the shopping frenzy despite increased climate anxiety? Professor Per Kristensson explains. "One important trigger is “everyone else" is shopping.
We are happy to welcome Muhammad Murtaza Ali, new PhD student in Business Administration at Karlstad Business School. He is placed at CTF, Service Research Center, where he will study digital transformation. "I will study how digitalisation is affecting markets and actors.
Anne-Charlotte Paas is a new PhD student in Business Administration at Karlstad Business School, Karlstad University. She will be placed at CTF, Service Research Center, where she will study sustainable development in everyday life. "I will, among other things, look at different dilemmas that can arise and what implications this can have when a family will try to live a more sustainable everyday life.
Cybersecurity concerns you, your work and your research - it is becoming increasingly important, and a sustainable society without cybersecurity does not exist. This was the main message when researcher and expert Fredrik Blix, Stockholm University and Cybercom, gave an open guest lecture at Karlstad University. On October 25, CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, organized an open guest lecture with the researcher and cybersecurity expert Fredrik Blix.
On December 9-13, CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University will host a multi-disciplinary seminar series consisting of five talks on Service System Transformation, in which researchers from different perspectives and approaches within service research will illuminate the research area. The seminars will focus on global societal challenges and how transformation within social systems works. "What connects today’s societal challenges is that all are systematic.
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