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Alexandre Sukhov is awarded the IMIT scholarship 2020, for his doctoral thesis "The human side of idea screening" and receives SEK 25,000. "I am deeply honoured for the recognition and the acknowledgement of my research by the IMIT foundation. To me, this signals that my doctoral work is relevant and holds good quality, which is really nice to know after doing several years of research.
Read our latest CTF blog, written by Charlotte Bäccman and Linda Bergkvist. We often think and visualize life as a cycle, beginning with birth and ending with death; where each phase is characterized by specific events, such as the discovery and development of childhood, the identity seeking of adolescence, and towards the end of a long life – the wear of aging.
Can digital services support people who want to change their behavior? This is what researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, currently is studying together with Wellness in Värmland. Many people want to, or have to for health reasons, change their habits to a healthier lifestyle, for example start exercising, eating healthier or quit smoking. Although many want to make a change, it is not an easy task.
Karlstad University receives 27 million SEK from the Knowledge Foundation to develop and offer courses to strengthen the competence needs in the Swedish business sector with the purpose of ultimately strengthening Sweden's competitiveness. CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has for more than 30 years conducted research education with focus on services and value creation.
A new board for Karlstad University has been appointed. New representatives for teachers are, CTF's director Per Kristensson, together with Niklas Gericke and Jan van Stam. New external members, appointed by the Government, are Pam Fredman, Ann Fust, Mikael Liljestrand and Amir Sajadi.
Choosing serving size packages and smaller packages is smarter for the climate. This according to a new study from CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, where the researchers have mapped food waste in Swedish households.
Researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, have been granted funding from the research council Formas, to plan and further develop the project "Social dimensions in urban and regional planning: the importance of perceived accessibility". The researchers will, in close collaboration with urban and regional planners and practitioners, develop a joint project about everyday travel and perceived accessibility.
Innovation is a central element in addressing sustainability challenges, such as for example defined in the 2030 Agenda. But what are the sources of these sustainability-oriented innovations? When looking at traditional innovation theory and related policies the answer is clear: Firms and research institutions are in charge.
In June 2019, the excellence initiative in which the Service Research Centre (CTF) and Computer Science took part since 2014, came to an end. The initiative has allowed the research groups to grow and develop in order to continue producing world-class research. This is evident in the final reports from the groups. In June 2019, the excellence initiative in which the Service Research Centre (CTF) and Computer Science took part since 2014, came to an end.
... you have spent two months in New Zealand, what did you do there? "I spent two wonderful months as a visiting researcher at the University of Auckland Business School working with a large group of people including: Suvi Nenonen, Julia Fehrer, Rod Brodie, Charlotta Windahl and Kaj Storbacka at the University of Auckland, and Jonathan Baker at the Auckland University of Technology.
We are happy to welcome Anna Nilstomt, new PhD student in Psychology at CTF. She will, among other things, study how digitalized services can help improve peoples health. What is your research focus? "I will study how habitual behaviors, behavioral changes, motivation and information in the society and individually can be influenced in positive ways.
This spring yet another PhD student has been affiliated with CTF. We are happy to welcome JanErik Odhe, PhD student in Machine Design at KTH, Stockholm, and university lecturer at Karlstad University. JanErik Odhe is investigating how to measure servitization in manufacturing companies, which involve development processes and business models. He is involved in two current projects at CTF.

Hello there Johan Quist...

News » 2020-04-01
….. you are since January 1st the new vice director at CTF. How does it feel, and can you tell us more about the new assignment? "Thanks, it feels great! There are few working places where so many exciting things are going on at the same time, and it is fun to be in the middle of this." "My most important function is to brainstorm with our director Per Kristensson.

Annual Report 2019

News » 2020-03-26
What’s going on at CTF? How can research conducted at CTF make a difference and contribute to sustainable societal development? Read about this, and much more in our annual report. The year 2019 was an eventful year marked by new research initiatives, collaboration and dissemination of knowledge.
In the latest CTF blog, Charlotte Bäccman looks at the reactions to the Corona virus from a social psychological perspective. Corona or COVID-19, is the virus that singlehandedly has isolated countries, crashed the world economy, and reduced pollution; and you have been forced to (re-)act in some way to its rampage. Today’s reality is contradictory, on one hand we are urged to extreme precautions before an imminent threat.