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- The research on behavioral changes and innovation within the Service Research Center (CTF) has a clear relevance in our society, says Per Kristensson, director of CTF at Karlstad University. This year's Service Innovation Day attracted just under 200 visitors to Karlstad.

Summer greeting 2024

News » 2024-06-19
I have just returned from Madrid, where I attended a large international gathering with a focus on customer-driven innovation. The event was organised by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and researchers from all over the world attended.
The idea that scientific discovery and technical invention can work in synergy is evoked by a number of major organisations and some great scientific ventures. For instance, the discovery of the transistor by Shockley, Bardeen, and Brattain at Bell Labs (Nobel Prize, 1956) suggests that discovery and invention can occur simultaneously.
With support from the Ander Foundation, the Service Research Center (CTF) is happy to welcome Pascal Le Masson as a visiting professor. Pascal Le Masson is a professor at the Mines de Paris Research University, and has a distinguished background in design-oriented management and innovation. Pascal Le Masson is an engineer and a professor at MINES ParisTech – PSL Research University.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many older people isolated themselves at home, and research shows that isolation and enforced social distancing can increase feelings of depression and loneliness, while physical exercise can enhance the quality of life and bring several health benefits.

Hello, Antoine Bordas

News » 2024-05-24
Antoine Bordas, PhD, tell us about your previous work – I am currently 3rd year PhD student, under the supervision of Pascal Le Masson and Benoit Weil at Mines Paris - PSL, France, I hold an engineering degree from Mines Paris - PSL, specialized in engineering design and innovation management.
In the dynamic landscape of service ecosystems, smart technologies play a pivotal role in redefining service practices. By integrating advanced capabilities, these technologies streamline service provision and enrich service experiences through value co-creation.
... You recently hade your midway seminar, how did it go and can you tell us about your research? It went well! I received good feedback from the opponent and know what I need to continue working on. I am researching customer experiences and am interested in the process and process measurement tools that can capture customer experiences in real-time. Previous research has mainly focused on the outcome of an experience and is based on memories of a customer experience.
In the project PERUPP, AI will be fed with offers from actors in the tourism industry to enhance the Värmland experience. – We want to take advantage of AI technology, says Siri Jagstedt, project leader of one of the work packages. The modern person wants to have more personal and tailored experiences rather than one-size-fits-all.

From rare bird to professor

News » 2024-04-03
In House 11, Erik Wästlund is just finishing a Zoom meeting on research funding. He is new as professor of psychology, but a familiar face in the university corridors. – I started studying psychology here in 1996, he says. – Back in those days it was mostly because I wanted to do something more besides my job working in a bar. But pretty soon my studies became more important than my work. Psychology was not a given choice.
You are a professor of Marketing and Head of the Department of Marketing and the Institute for Marketing Management at Vienna University of Economics and business (WU Vienna). Can you tell us about your research? – My primary areas of research are marketing, innovation, and consumer behavior. My ongoing research projects revolve around diverse topics such as creativity, groundedness, new product ideation, and sustainability.
Firms frequently collaborate with universities to access novel scientific knowledge and technological expertise with an aim to develop superior new products. While previous research has highlighted the innovation potential of so-called university-industry-collaborations, a recent Journal of Marketing paper by Maier et al. highlights a so far neglected marketing potential of said collaborations.
... you are now halfway through your doctoral studies. How does it feel, and what is your research about? – Thank you, it feels good! I had my midway seminar just before Christmas, which was rewarding. It was a good opportunity to summarize how the project has progressed so far and articulate my thoughts about the future.
The Supreme Commander’s and the government’s statements regarding the war situation have provoked many reactions. How could alarmist messaging affect the public, how can we manage our fears and anxieties, and could this kind of rhetoric actually be beneficial? Researchers at Karlstad University can provide some answers. The recent call for Swedish citizens to prepare for a potential war has caused anxiety and fear in many people.
Neither academics nor managers need convincing regarding the urgent need to pursue environmental sustainability. Worldwide, nations are committed to advancing the circular economy through resource reduction, reuse, and recycling. Despite these efforts, the recent Circularity Gap Report (2023) reveals a stark reality—the global economy is only 7.2% circular, and this situation worsens year by year.