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With the article “Assessing travel satisfaction in public transport: A configurational approach”, researchers at Karlstad Business School and the subject of psychology have attracted global attention. - This shows that our research has an impact, says Alexandre Sukhov. Alexandre Sukhov, Margareta Friman and Lars E.
One third of all the food that is being produced today is thrown away. Why is that? What can producers, service providers and consumers do to reduce food waste? What role does packing play?
Firms are investing heavily in boosting the smartness of their service systems. Think of McDonalds who developed a smart application to send customers convenient location-specific deals; or Google who is devoting considerable funds into creating ever-smarter homes where customers gain control over a wide array of home devices.
What are the long-term effects of the current economic situation, for both consumers and producers? And how can we guide young adults towards more sustainable consumption. Researchers at Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University answer questions on this subject. Producers want to sell their products, of course, but many will experience lower sales figures.
Siri Jagstedt is a senior lecturer in Business Administration at Karlstad Business School, where she teaches industrial management and engineering. She now joins CTF to conduct research related to digitalisation and servitization. Hello Siri! Welcome to CTF! Can you tell us about your background? – I received my PhD from Chalmers with a thesis on the economy and organisation of technology.
The music industry spends a lot of resources on creating innovative concert experiences, and the relationship between the musicians and their fans. With the show Abba Voyage, a giant step is taken towards developing and transforming an already digital industry.
Coming from a region where music plays a big role in our lives – think about ABBA, Roxette, and Avicii – it seems inevitable that we became intrigued by the swift pace of innovation within the music industry. In a couple of decades, music production and consumption have moved from LPs to cassettes and CDs, to music piracy and digital files, and most recently to streaming services.
Per Skålén, Professor of Business Administration, is one of the authors behind the article “Marketing-as-practice: A framework and research agenda for value-creating marketing activity” published in Marketing Theory. In the article, the researchers approach marketing in a new way. – Marketing has traditionally focused on company resources and how these can create value.
On 22-25 September, the Gothenburg Book Fair returns to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and welcomes international and national authors and a book-loving audience hungry for new knowledge. This year, Karlstad University is one of the organisers at Forskartorget, and Helén Williams and Fredrik Wikström participates in the programme. Stoppa matsvinnet! – en förpackad lösning(Stop food waste!

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… you have recently been in Bratislava and presented research at EHPS 2022. Can you tell us about the conference? - That’s right! I attended the international health psychology conference “36th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society”, which was held at the end of August. The annual conference is organised by the European Health Psychology Society, which aims to promote research and application of health psychology.
Jörg Pareigis has been awarded the prestigeous "Emerald Literati Award 2022" for the article ”Office types and worker´s cognitive vs affective evaluations from a noise perspective” published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology. The article, written by researchers Tobias Otterbring, University of Agder, Christina Bodin Danielsson, KTH, and Jörg Pareigis, examines the links between office types and employees' subjective well-being regarding cognitive and affective evalu
To make our society more sustainable, we need to reduce the carbon footprint of scalable products. This means that it is not enough to invent a new “green” technology. We also need to create a market for it, know how to expand this market, help users of green technology and other important stakeholders to see the environmental, financial and societal benefits in this new market.
Fredrik Wikström, Professor in Environmental and Energy Systems at the Service Research Center, Karlstad University, answers questions about energy prices and shares useful tips on how you can reduce your electric energy consumption. Why are energy prices soaring in Sweden? - Above all, it is because energy prices in Europe are so high. Since we have a common electricity market, the demand for Swedish electricity is higher and hence Swedish prices also go up.
What a boost! Rarely has it been so much fun to meet people again, as in March when the corona restrictions finally lifted. We had a planning conference in Sunne, and the energy when we could finally interact in the same physical space again, was almost palpable. Since then, our organisation has reached new heights.
...Professor of Energy and Environmental Technology. Your research on packaging and food waste is currently gaining much international attention. What is this research about? – Yes, that’s correct! My colleague Helén Williams and I have written an article based on our research on packaging and food waste. We wrote it on behalf of an Australian organisation, 360info.
Hello Klas and welcome to CTF and Karlstad University! Can you tell us about your background and your research? – Thank you! I have a PhD from Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology. For several years, I have also had various positions within the automotive industry as well as the space industry. In recent years I have worked at Volvo, with research and development work connected to products and services for the aftermarket.
Bo Edvardsson, professor at Karlstad Business Service Research Center (CTF), and Bård Tronvoll, professor at CTF and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, are the editors for the newly published Palgrave Handbook of Service Management. - The book provides a unique and current overview of service management research, says Bo Edvardsson.