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Food waste is not decreasing fast enough to meet the UN's sustainable development goal of halving food waste by 2030.  - We need to act faster with more activities, says Helén Williams, researcher at the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University. 29 September marks the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste to put focus on efforts to reduce global food waste. – Reports show that progress is too slow, which was also recently discussed during the U
This award recognises “The best article in the service literature published during a calendar year” across international journals. It’s the second time Ingo Karpen (CTF) wins this prestigious award. Ingo Karpen, given it’s the second time you receive this prestigious award, why has your research drawn such interest do you think?
In the ever-evolving landscape of business and healthcare, innovation has become the key to unlocking success. We live in a world where organizations must constantly adapt, enhance their operations, and embrace change to stay competitive. But what types of innovation are most effective, and how do they impact both external effectiveness and internal efficiency within complex service industries?
In the study ”Managing the Complexity of Green Innovation” authors Andrey Abadzhiev, Alexandre Sukhov, Antti Sihvonen and Mikael Johnson have examined how this complexity can be managed by analyzing how individual companies combine different innovation activities to develop green innovation, and how companies along the value chain align to implement these innovations. Green innovation can promote both environmental sustainability and economic growth.
We are happy to welcome Filip Högberg to CTF. He is a new PhD student in Industrial engineering management and his research will focus on innovation management and AI. What do you hope to accomplish with your research? – I hope to be able to contribute to the intensive knowledge development that is taking place regarding innovation management and AI.
Reuse and other circular solutions are becoming increasingly common in the retail business to enable more sustainable consumption. To promote this transition requires more knowledge on how companies can create better conditions and customer experiences in relation to circular retail.
- We need more knowledge of how to encourage people to more easily change their behaviour to reduce energy consumption, says Per Kristensson, professor of psychology at the Service Research Center (CTF). A safe, reliable and sustainable future requires a transition to fossil-free energy systems.
On September 1–3, Retake with researchers from Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University attended Gothenburg Culture Festival to test a rotation-based system for recyclable cups. CTF is one of the actors in the research project Retake, which aims to demonstrate how a rotation system with reusable mugs and plates can contribute to increased sustainability, reduced littering and lower costs for cleaning and waste management. – We have tested the system during the
More climate neutral e-commerce in rural areas is the focus of a new research project at the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University starting this autumn. Packaging systems, returns management and delivery locations are some of the issues addressed. E-commerce is a complex societal challenge. Turning e-commerce into a sustainable system requires a comprehensive system change where innovation and knowledge development are crucial.
The project Smart and Safe brings together the public sector, businesses, academia and civil society in a helix model to create safer public environments for children and young people with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). Research is conducted by the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University. Complex societal challenges require complex solutions, such as technical systems based on IoT.
... you have participated in two research events this summer, tell us about it? - At the beginning of June, we traveled to Italy for the 8th Naples Forum on Service. It is a research conference that gathers service researchers from all over the world every other year to present and discuss research in service dominant logic, service science and systems theory and complexity theory, says Amie Gustafsson, PhD student in Business Administration.
Where do you start with innovation? Typically, with a goal in sight – a pre-defined outcome. From here you can forecast what you need to get there; search for, select and invest in the most suitable skills, technology, and other types of resources in a step-by-step manner. This is a conventional causal decision-making style for firms. Conversely you can start with what you already have – existing means – and then creatively work out potential outcomes with these. This is bricolage.
I would like to share some fantastic experiences from the 18th edition of QUIS, which is one of the largest international conferences in service research. This time the conference was organised by VinUniversity in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Per Kristensson, professor and director of CTF, shares some reflections from the international research conference QUIS18 which was held at VinUniversity in Hanoi Vietnam, June 20-23. The 18th International Research symposium on service excellence in management (QUIS18) was organized by VinUniversity in Hanoi Vietnam, June 20-23. The main theme of the conference was “Re-imagining service to enhance human life and society”.
Jaime Ortega Gutiérrez, associate professor in Marketing at the University of Seville, has been visiting CTF for three months to get to know CTF and meet with the researchers. Hello Jaime, can you tell us about your research? – My research areas include value co-creation, social networking, service innovation, and knowledge management within the service sector specifically in tourism.
Samuel Petros Sebhatu, Karlstad Business School, attended the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Global forum in New York, 12-16 June 2023 hosted by Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business.  The PRME global forum 2023 focuses on impact across various session themes: pedagogy, climate, digital, and leadership.
A small group of pioneering founders led the creation and early evolution of the service research field. A new article in Journal of Service Management provides service wisdom from ten of those pioneering founders, me being one of them.  Professors David Bowen and Ray Fisk specified three criteria by which to identify a pioneering founder. In total, 12 founders met the criteria were invited to join Bowen and Fisk.