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What creates value for fans, and what does their experience look like in today's digital music community? This is what researchers Jenny Karlsson and Jessica Edlom have studied by following the fan community of the Swedish artist Robyn. Engagement from fans is an important engine when promoting artists. Active and co-creative fans are sought after, used, tracked and taken for granted in the quest for strong music brands.
Patrik Larsson, professor of Working Life Science and dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Karlstad University, was a researcher at CTF for many years. He was also the director of CTF during 2006 – 2012. Here, he shares some memories and reflections. Looking back at how I first became a part of CTF, I would say it was a bit of a coincidence, at least the timing and circumstances. My goal was to become a HR director in a private company.
Fredrik Wikström is a newly appointed professor of Energy and Environmental Technology. He conducts research on how packaging can contribute to a sustainable development where less food is wasted. In recent years, this research has been praised and received attention in the media. Fredrik Wikström holds a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Physics at Uppsala University and received his PhD in Systems Ecology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
By focusing on prevention and methods for intervention, researchers Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk and Markus Felleson at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, hope to contribute with new knowledge. The two researchers have received funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers through NIKK, Nordic Information on Gender, in order to analyse how Nordic ideals related to management and organisation affect the work environment for people working in the service sector and i
Inger Roos is a senior associate professor in Marketing and was a researcher at CTF during 2002 - 2016. Here, she shares some memories of her first meeting with CTF and what made her become a researcher. For many years, CTF has meant a lot to me and for my research on customer relationships stability.
In November, three new distance courses with focus on business models, servitization and value creation through service will start. They are developed for professionals and are given by CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. The five credit courses are developed to suit professionals where work and studies can be combined. They will run part-time and are free of charge. The course participants will take part of theoretical and practical knowledge.
Linda Bergkvist and Charlotte Bäccman at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, have studied clients, healthcare personnel, IT personnel and healthcare managers in Swedish and Norwegian municipalities in order to create a better understanding of challenges in implementing digital assistive technology. The study is published in the anthology "Management and Information Technology after Digital Transformation" and shows a complexity where different actors have
Christina Öberg's research on managers’ (in)ability to handle an uncertain future was recently awarded with "Best paper award" within organizational neuroscience at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting. The award-winning paper "Managers, Minds and Machines in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" is based on a study of managers’ (in)ability to handle an uncertain future.  "The paper examines how managers tend to navigate companies based on a view of the future as a cont
Three researchers connected to Karlstad Business School and Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University have, as a part of the work within PRME, written a new book - Business Transformation for a Sustainable Future. Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is a part of the UN Global Compact initiative, and it is a systematic way of working towards improvement, change and learning, as well as collaboration and communication with society. Dr Samuel Pe
Margareta Friman is a professor of psychology and pro-vice chancellor at Karlstad University and has been part of CTF since the mid-90s. Here, she reflects and share some memories from her time at CTF. It all started when Professor Patrik Larsson, former CTF director and current dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, gave me the opportunity to try out the life as a researcher.
Karlstad Business School has compiled the report ”Sharing information on our progress 2019 - 2020” as a part of the work within PRME. PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) is a tool that makes it possible to fulfil Karlstad Business School’s vision, as well as a way to coordinate the ambition in relation to the goals. The report “Sharing information on our progress 2019 - 2020” covers the two years (2019-2020) which the six principles of PRME and Karlstad
Mia Larson, professor of business administration at CTF and Karlstad Business School at Karlstad University, is one of the authors behind a newly published article where she, together with other researchers, have studied the use of the cultural concepts of “fika” and “hygge” in destination marketing. "The concept of fika has existed in Sweden for about 100 years. It is used by Swedes as a common expression for drinking coffee accompanied by something sweet.
We are happy to welcome Henrik Rehn Johansson, new PhD student in psychology at CTF. His research will focus on motivational factors for everyday travel. Hello Henrik, can you tell us about your background?-  I have studied at Umeå University where I earned a Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in sports.
We often hear about the importance of a strong brand. But how does a brand really affect the customer's experience of a service? Results in a new study show how customers’ experiences in service encounters are affected differently by the characteristics of a brand, store and consumer factors.