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Linda Nasr, Assistant Professor in Marketing at Texas State University, visited CTF last week. – I had the honor and pleasure to visit CTF during last week. The purpose of my trip was to work with Professor Bo Edvardsson and Ph D Student Kotaiba Aal on an ongoing research project.
Bo Edvardsson, Professor of Business Administration and Assistant Vice-Chanchellor, has been awarded funds from Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Foundation and Tore Browaldhs Foundation for the project “Service Innovation from a service ecosystem point of view: Scaling up and technology enablers”. In the spring of 2018 he will spend time as a guest researcher at Cornell University, USA, EGADE Business School, Mexico and Roma Tre University, Italy, to conduct interviews, an
Dr. Jakob Trischler, Postdoctoral researcher at CTF, currently collaborates with a team of social marketing researchers at Griffith Business School, Australia, to address a key challenge that many public sector organizations are facing: How to identify, recruit, and actively involve vulnerable users as ‘co-designers’ during the early stages of the service design process?
With the right mix of skills, intuition become less of a mystery – and new ideas can be assessed more fairly. In a new thesis, Johan Netz, Ph D in Business Administration at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has investigated how new ideas are assessed in a screening process. Johan Netz has investigated how intuitive and rational assessment decision making approaches affects idea screening.
Marit Engen is our second new postdoctoral researcher that have joined CTF this year. Marit Engen completed her PhD in 2016 at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer. Her research interest lies in the area of service innovation, and her doctoral thesis, "Frontline employees as participants in service innovation processes – Innovation by Weaving", focused on service innovation processes, and in particular the involvement of frontline employees.
Much discourse among service researchers circles around ‘value-in-use’, but still tend to apply research methods examining ‘value-ex-use’. Taking the ‘use situation’ seriously, we have reason to pave the way for advanced ‘in situ methodologies’. What is this phenomenon called ‘service’, and how can we learn more about it?
New digital services are rapidly introduced into our daily lives, and at the same time, new possibilities are developing in data and communication technologies. In Värmland, the new DigitalWell project will create an environment for innovation in which researchers, industry and the public sector collaborate to create new digital welfare services. The project DigitalWell Research has now commenced at Karlstad University.

One moment Kotaiba Aal...

News » 2017-11-14
... PhD Student in Business Administration at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. In 2016 you received the Hedelius scholarship for studies abroad. You have now returned from your nine month visit at Texas State University. Can you tell us about your experiences? – I am very grateful for this opportunity, and for the scholarship. Studying there has helped me to grow on different levels; academic, personal and social.
The article "Institutional Complexity as a Driver for Innovation in Service Ecosystems” by Jaakko Siltaloppi, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari and Stephen L. Vargo has been presented the Informs Service Science 2017 Best Article Award. – The article uses institutional theory to explain why diversity is important for novel ideas. Institutions here refer to the rules, norms and meanings that guide how people think and act.
We are pleased to welcome researchers Fredrik Wikström and Helén Williams to CTF. They focus their research on how packaging can affect people to throw away less food. Fredrik Wikström and Helén Williams are active in the field of Environmental and Energy Systems at Karlstad University.

New course - Idea Management

News » 2017-09-29
In the beginning of 2017, Karlstad University embarked on a project that aims to develop and offer cutting-edge international web-based courses at master’s level developed for professionals working with or having an interest in service, customer experiences and business development.
Anders Gustafsson, Professor of Business Administration at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, is the first European to be awarded the prestigious assignment as President of AMA Academic Council. Anders Gustafsson has been appointed President-Elect Designate of the AMA Academic Council. In this role, he is a member of the council's Executive Committee and is in line to serve as the first council president from outside of North America.
We welcome Jana Huck, new PhD student in Business Administration at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. Jana Huck will conduct her doctoral studies in the field of innovation management, focusing on service innovation and its implementation. – I want to explore, among other things, what organizational factors contribute to the successful implementation of service innovations and how digital solutions can support the implementation process.

New PhD student in Psychology

News » 2017-09-22
Sture Nöjd is a new PhD student in Psyhology at CTF. His research will focus on the development of digital tools and services based on the needs and possibilities that customers, patients, and citizens are experiencing, or could expect to experience in the future. Sture is a certified psychologist and graduated from Umeå Unviersity in 2000.
We are happy to welcome Dr. Jakob Trischler to CTF. Jakob recently joined CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, as a postdoctoral researcher. Originally from Austria, he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Management Center Innsbruck. After moving to Australia, Jakob completed his PhD at Southern Cross University in 2015.
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