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Happiness, experiences and sustainable development are the focus of Lars E. Olsson's research. He is a researcher at CTF, Service Research Center, and since June 1st Professor of Psychology and Head of Discipline. Lars E. Olsson defended his doctoral thesis on psychology of decision making in the spring of 2007 at University of Gothenburg.
Tobias Otterbring, former PhD student at CTF, today researcher at Aarhus University in Denmark and visiting researcher at CTF, has been awarded the 2018 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award for his doctoral dissertation. "I am honored that my work attracts international attention. At the same time it shows that the research conducted at CTF is world-class.
We are happy to welcome Petter Falk, who has joined CTF as a new Industrial PhD student in Political Science. Petter Falk is a new Industrial Phd student at RISE. He will be supervised by Political Science and Business Administration at Karlstad University and linked to CTF.
In a globalized world that is rapidly changing innovations are needed in a faster pace. A recently published thesis describes how collaboration through open innovation processes in networks can be an alternative that makes the journey from idea to commercialization shorter. Constant development of new technologies shortens product lifecycles.
Digitalization and GDPR have made management of personal data increasingly demanding for many organizations, as well as citizens. Last year there were reports on 2300 personal data incidents to the Swedish Data Protection Authority, of which one quarter concerned the public sector. In addition to legal and technical challenges, there are also questions on how value is created with personal data, and not least on whose terms.
Recently, one of the world's prime conferences in service research, QUIS16, was arranged at Karlstad University. Several of the founders of the research field shared their stories on how it all started and valuable insights, and provided good advice for continued research and development.
Recently, one of the world's prime conferences in service research, QUIS16, was arranged at Karlstad University. In the program, several of the founders of the research field told us how it all started, shared valuable insights and provided good advice for continued research and development.
Can the patient journey through healthcare be changed? How are patients treated and why? In a new doctoral thesis, Josina Vink has studied the patient journey and how it can be redesigned. She believes it is not only the physical details that are important when changing the patient journey, but also the whole structure of healthcare, the norms, behaviors and rules. A large part of care that patients receive today at healthcare centers can equally well be given at home.
In the latest CTF blog, Dr. Kaisa Koskela-Huotari shares her reflections and key takeaways from the international symposium QUIS16, held June 10-13 at Karlstad University. Two weeks have passed since the closing of QUIS16, and the streets of Karlstad have emptied of our international conference participants.
The research article “The role of perceived comprehension in idea evaluation" has been recognized as a top 20 most read article in Creativity and Innovation Management during 2017-2018. Amongst scientific articles published between January 2017 and December 2018 the article received some of the most downloads in the 12 months following online publication.
Karlstad University and its partners in the private sector have received funding from the Knowledge Foundation for two research projects, TRUEdig and AMHiPP. TRUEdig investigates how businesses that develop privacy-enhancing services also can increase users’ security and sense of empowerment. AMHiPP will develop the microstructure of different materials to ensure maximal strength and sustainability.
This article, by CTF-researchers Fredrik Wikström, Helén Williams and Jakob Trischler, aims to analyse the most important packaging functions that affect food waste in households for different products, as the reason for wastage can be expected to differ between different products. The United Nations sustainability goal SDG 12.3 is to reduce the amount of food that is wasted by half, due to environmental and social reasons.
Researchers from Europe and North America met at Karlstad University to discuss the broader perspective of Marketing ethics and CSR with a focus on the role of positive and normative marketing ethics, and the change in business ethics due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology at “The 7th Pat Murphy International Symposium on Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility”. More than 25 researchers from several countries in Europe and North Americ
Digital services and platforms were in focus when CTF and Cambridge Service Alliance held a seminar at Cambridge University. Researchers and industrial partners presented current projects and future challenges. It was a successful event where academia and practitioners met to exchange experiences and insights. Dr.
Service innovation is a concept that, for the last decade, has received increased attention both among academics as well as practitioners. But it is not easy to understand what the concept means, and why it is important.
Congratulations to Lars E. Olsson, Associate Professor of Psychology, for the CIM Best Reviewer Award 2018! The award is presented by the journal Creativity and Innovation Management, with the motivation: "Lars receives this year's CIM Review Award because his numerous reviews in 2018 have shown true commitment and excellent quality for the CIM journal.
CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, seeks a Senior Lecturer in Business Administration with specialisation in marketing to further develop and strengthen CTF's research in the field. The appointed senior lecturer will be connected to ongoing research at CTF. The position includes a research component, at least 50% of full-time, that will be financed through one of the externally funded research projects conducted at CTF.