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Computer Science at Karlstad University is part of a new project where the Internet Foundation (IIS) and Netnod are gathering operators, technicians and other stakeholders in order to take a common approach in defining Internet access. The purpose is to make it easier for users and service providers to be aware and agree upon what is expected of the access one is paying for. More and more aspects of society are increasingly dependent upon a stable Internet connection.
Eventually all petroleum-based material in food packaging will have to be replaced with bio-based material. Research done at Karlstad University shows that a mixture of starch and other polymers forms an equally effective protective barrier. “Food packaging has to protect and extend the shelf life of food, and should also work during transport,” says Asif Javed, doctor in Chemical Engineering at Karlstad University.
Professor Lars Järnström, professor in chemical engineering at Karlstad university, was appointed to the 2018 TAPPI Coating and Graphic Arts Technical Award and the Charles W Engelhard Prize. The world's most prestigious prize in the field of paper coating was this year awarded to Lars Järnström, professor in paper coating technology at Karlstad University. The prize is the TAPPI Coating & Graphic Arts Division Technical Award and includes the Charles W.
Just over a year ago, the Next unit was established at the IT company CGI, where work is being done on emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. During a lunch lecture for IT students at Karlstad University one of the co-workers at CGI Next, Christer Enfors, tried to sort out the differences between these two concepts – which is what? Where are the boundaries between the two? What should they be used for?
Valmet’s Tissue Technology Award 2018 goes to Björn Sjöstrand, Ph.D. student in chemical engineering at Karlstad University, for his research and development of computer models for energy efficient tissue production.
Two IT projects at Karlstad University will receive funding from Internetstiftelsen (The Internet Fund). One project will focus on improving fifth generation mobile networks, 5G, and the other on further developing the anonymity service TOR. In total, five projects have been granted funding and a share in the 1,4 million SEK that Internetstiftelsen provides.
Between June 18 and 21 Karlstad university will be hosting the 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE CBMS 2018. And there is a great interest – more than 200 contributions have been submitted. Selecting amongst the papers is hard work for the international committee of the conference.
In collaboration with industry experts, researchers at Karlstad University have developed free study material on the technical aspects of privacy on the Internet. This material can be of use to organisations and companies to comply with the EU’s new data protection regulation (GDPR) that will enter into force in just over a month’s time. Living up to the new regulations may prove to be hard work for many companies and organisations.
In January 2018 Karlstad university launched their first two international on-line based top education courses, developed within a project financed by the KK Foundation. Now, the university has been granted further means to develop more such courses.
A study done at Karlstad University shows that seven products account for almost half the fruit and vegetables wasted by retailers. Potentially, food waste can be drastically limited by focusing on these products. - Retailers may profit by allocating more staff hours to measures that lead to reduced fruit and vegetable waste, thereby saving money and the environment, says Lisa Mattsson at Karlstad University.
In the first study of its kind, researchers from Karlstad University, Sweden and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA, found an elevated rate of language delay in girls at 30 months old born to mothers who used acetaminophen during pregnancy, but not in boys. The study was published online January 10 in European Psychiatry. The Swedish Environmental Longitudinal, Mother and Child, Asthma and Allergy study (SELMA) provided data for the research.
Ellen Moons, professor of physics at Karlstad University was elected a Swedish member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in the discipline of physics. - I am honoured to be elected to the Royal Academy of Sciences, says Ellen Moons. It is a great recognition and a bit hard to take in. Ellen Moons is professor of physics at the Department of Engineering and Physics, Karlstad University.
There is a great need to test the stability and performance of mobile broadband networks. A transnational European platform for testing mobile broadband networks has been developed by the MONROE (Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe) project. The platform is now open and accessible to external actors.
Protecting business networks is getting more and more important. But how well do firewalls actually do in protecting sensitive and confidential information? Configuring firewalls can be complicated, even for system administrators, and that can lead to security risks and opportunities for intruders. Today, almost every company and their systems are connected to the Internet, thereby they are exposed to a huge number of threats.
Computer Science at Karlstad University has a lot of expertise in online privacy and security, and therefore researchers and teachers from South Africa and Tanzania are visiting the department. Their visit is based on the need to improve energy supply in Africa and to develop training on smart grids. Energy supply is an important sustainability and development issue in Africa.
The government today followed the recommendation of the university board and appointed Professor Johan Sterte as Karlstad University’s vice-chancellor. Johan Sterte succeeds Åsa Bergenheim to the post on 1 September 2017. Johan Sterte (57) has extensive experience as vice-chancellor. He was the vice-chancellor of Växjö University from 2009 to 2009, and since 2009 he has been vice-chancellor of Luleå Luleå University of Technology.
Last Thursday international students received diploma at a farewell ceremony for those who had studied at Karlstad University for one semester. Matthew Argier and Ryan Moore from Canada Kanada return home with many new experiences. Every semester there is a farewell ceremony for international students at Karlstad University and last Thursday pro vice chancellor Thomas Blom presented diplomas to them. The ceremony was followed by mingling and entertainment.
Karlstad University continues to strengthen its cooperation with external partners. Recently a letter of intent was signed on student cooperation with Uddeholm, a world-leading supplier of tool steel. ”Parts of Uddeholm’s world-leading research and development are located in Värmland.
Three projects at Karlstad University are the recipients of EU funds to a sum of 21 million SEK. The decision was made by the North Mid-Sweden Structural Fund Partnership on 15 December 2016. ”We are very pleased with this decision of the North Mid-Sweden Structural Fund Partnership. The funds will contribute to strengthening research at the university and the continued development of Värmland,” says Åsa Bergenheim, vice chancellor.