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The research group Samot, The Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group at Karlstad University, has been commissioned to form an innovation cluster to coordinate and stimulate innovation, technology transfer, commercialization and dissemination of information on energy-efficient public transport.
The majority of purchasing decisions are made on location in the store. Even if you already in advance have decided what kind of cereal to buy, it is not until you are in the store that it is determined which cereal box ends up in the basket. Store owners and manufacturers are well aware of this and that is why our stores are filled with various messages for us consumers. The question is, what actually works and how do the consumers react?
PhD candidate Sanna Ketonen-Oksi from Tampere University of Technology will be visiting CTF between December 2-9. She is interested on how CTF researches have approached the service based thinking and B2B value creation related research. Sanna Ketonen-Oksi is s a 3rd year PhD candidate in Business and Technology Management at Tampere University of Technology.

Visit by Professor Ajay Kohli

News » 2015-11-05
Professor Ajay K. Kohli from the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, is visiting CTF and Karlstad University on November 23 - 24.

Welcome Sebastian!

News » 2015-11-04
We welcome Sebastian Dehling, new PhD Student in Business Administration at CTF. Sebastian is part of the Service Design for Innovation (SDIN) project - a European Training Network for Early Stage Researchers.
… Ph D Student i Business Administration at CTF, what are you working on right now? - Right now, the main focus of my work is on data collection and preparing submissions for next summer’s conferences. Together with Per Skålén and Per Kristensson, we are conducting interviews at Telenor and studying the institutional change processes that led to the emergence of Telenor Banka in Serbia.

One moment Thorsten Gruber...

News » 2015-11-04
We caught up with Professor Thorsten Gruber, Loughborough University, UK, who is visiting us this week. Hello Thorsten Gruber! What brings you to CTF this time and what kind of research are you working on right now? - It is always great to visit CTF, which I call my second home. This time I am here to give a presentation on the role of academic impact, and citations in particular.
The highly ranked scientific journal Journal of Product Innovation Management, JPIM, presents a specially-compiled virtual issue on Co-Creation with Customers. This issue consist of nine scientific articles previously published in JPIM, that coalesce around a specific theme and that have made the biggest impact in the scientific community.
We welcome Helena Alves, Assistant Professor from University of Beira Interior, Portugal, who will be visiting us until next year. What brings you to CTF and what kind of research are you working on? - Knowing that CTF is a very well renowned research center, what brought me here was the possibility of exchanging research ideas with CTF researchers.
Hello Teea Palo, Lecturer at the Department of Marketing, Lancaster University Management School, UK. You will be visiting us during the end of this week. What brings you to CTF, and what kind of research are you working on right now? - I am extremely interested in the work CTF is doing in service research, and the possibility to visit the center was just too good to pass!

Top ranking for CTF research

News » 2015-09-16
No less than five CTF-researchers are on the top-20-list of the most published researchers in the world within New Service Development. In a recent compilation of scientists who contributed the most to New Service Development, by publishing several empirical studies about specific key issues in the field, five CTF researchers are found in the top-20-list of the most published researchers in the world in the area.

Welcome Jasenko!

News » 2015-09-15
We are happy to welcome Jasenko Arsenovic, new Ph. D student in Business Administration to CTF. He will conduct his doctoral studies at CTF and is also linked to MIT, the Swedish Research School of Management and IT. Jasenko Arsenovic  has a Master’s of Science in Business and Economics from Linnaeus Univeristy and a Master´s degree in Informatics from IT, Management and Innovation program at Jönköping International Business School.
What makes more and more people want to keep track of themselves, their habits, number of steps, weight, health, using apps, bracelets and other fitness trackers? Why do we want to measure ourselves, and also give businesses the opportunity to take part of our private data? These are some of the questions Ph D Student Vasileios Charitsis is seeking the answer to. More and more technologies, apps and gadgets are showing up on the market.
Our choices as consumers are governed by various factors. At the restaurant one of them is the appearance of the person serving us - if the person has a look that is perceived as healthy, we choose the healthy options from the menu. These are the findings from a study made by researchers Poja Shams and Anders Gustafsson. The health trend is growing and we are becoming increasingly aware of what kind of food we should consume to maintain good health.
The scientific article “Harnessing the creative potential among users” about customer involvement, written by researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has been appointed an “Innovation Classic” by the highly ranked scientific journal, Journal of Product Innovation Management.
178 ideas on how health care can be better. This is the result so far from the research project “User oriented innovation in Primary Care” conducted by CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University in collaboration with the County Council of Värmland, Sweden. On May 7th, a closing seminar was held where project’s innovation group work was presented for patients and staff at the County Council and Vinnova.
Martin Fransson, Ph. D  of Business Administration at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has been commissioned by the European Institute of Public Administration to evaluate submitted projects competing for the 2015 EPSA Prize, the European prize is awarded to development projects in the public sector. There are a total of 264 projects from 36 European countries that are competing and this year’s theme is “The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society”.
This year researchers at CTF and Swerea IVF will be working on a model and approach for the development and delivery of customized industrial services. The collaboration will be carried out along with three local companies from the region who have been selected in cooperation with ALMI företagspartner i Värmland.

Hello Per Kristensson…

News » 2015-06-16
Professor in Consumer Psychology and Innovation at CTF, you have participated in Swedish radio concerning a growing trend in social media. Can you tell us about that? - I talked about why people are becoming more helpful, for example by donating money through social media.
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