• 2020-02-21

    Three new doctors at Information Systems

    Ala Sarah Alaqra defended a dissertation in Computer Science on human factors within privacy-enhancing technologies at the end of January, and a few days later Ala began a new employment in Information Systems at the Karlstad Business School. There Ala will research and teach in human-computer interaction.

  • 2019-12-06

    Information Systems researchers aim to guide hospital visitors

    Is an app the right way to guide visitors to the central Hospital in Karlstad? A new research study will try to provide an answer to that question. The study is a breakthrough for research in real location within DigitalWell.

    The methodology is developed at Karlstad University and for the trials a prototyping system called Ozlab is used.

    “It looks like an app but is controlled by a real person. The app is quite empty and the intention is that we together with the users will craft a design, explains PhD candidate Malin Wik.

  • 2019-11-17

    Karlstad Business School and Wollongong University in new cooperation with PE

    Can agile thinking contribute to greater focus on value-creating deliveries instead of being impeded by the initial demands? This is a question that Odd Fredriksson, Business School at Karlstad University, Rodney Clarke, University of Wollongong, Australia, and Tord Larsson-Steen, Projektengagemang, jointly want to explore.

    The three partners have an overlapping area of interest with a focus on business development enabled by IT use, combined with a driving force to understand and solve the real problems in business relationships and to design the right solution. This requires an understanding of what actually happens in a business flow between partners. A successful implementation process, which often is complex, is required in order to fully realise the desired effects from using the designed solution.

  • 2019-10-25

    Agreement signed with Github

    Karlstad Business School has signed a partnership agreement with Github – an online Community and subsidiary of Microsoft – to offer students and teaching staff the opportunity to cooperate and contribute to different IT projects without cost.

    Revision control of source code is very important in all development and management of systems. GIT is a system for revision control developed by the Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

  • 2019-08-12

    Simulation Models for Cascading Effects in Critical Infrastructures

    Visiting researcher Stefan Rass will hold a guest lecture at Information Systems on Wednesday 14th of August at 13.15.

    Contemporary critical infrastructures exhibit a strong interdependency, with many known direct implications of impacts (such as by blackouts), but also with a considerable number of indirect implications and side-effects to consider in the overall picture. Simulations of incidents and their propagation over subordinate and related structures of society is thus an important aid to understand the possibilities of damage and countermeasures, for an effective risk management. Suitable models differ in their expressiveness, flexibility, usability and domain specificity.

  • 2019-06-12

    National meeting in Karlstad on Development of online medical records and e-health services

    The Swedish DOME research consortium held a meeting in Karlstad June 4-5, 2019, where Information System’s Bridget Kane, Karlstad Business School, acted as host.

    The purpose of the DOME consortium is to build knowledge about the implementation and use of eHealth services. Its research is based on studies of e-health projects, in particular in cooperation with the parties involved in the establishment of Online Patient Records in Sweden (“Journalen”). DOME is a collaborative consortium between Karlstad University, Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology, University of Lund, University of Skövde, Uppsala University, and Örebro University.