• 2018-05-08

    ITQ network celebrated 10 years

    ITQ – the network for girls studying IT at universities and practitioners in business, celebrated 10 years with cake, guest lectures, and not least mingle and networking. The guest was Siduri Poli, the digital inspirer of 2017, who told of her interest for technology as a tool for change.

    Present were also current IT students, high school students from Fria Läroverken as well as professionals from CGI, Ibiz solutions, Municipality of Karlstad, Netgain, Sogeti and ÅF. Several of the professionals have themselves taken an IT education at Karlstad Business School and Karlstad University - and were notably happy to be back for a guest performance.

  • 2018-05-04

    Seminar on Facebook page of the Church of Sweden

    Henrik Åhman, HCI researcher at the Media & Informatics dept. of Uppsala University, discussed a project he recently started together with former KAU researcher Claes Thorén: “Ancient rituals in contemporary landscapes: An exploration of religious practices in social media".

    The purpose of this project is to understand what happens when religious discourse, which has traditionally been characterized by hierarchies and structured practices, moves into contexts which are said to be anti-hierarchical and unstructured, and which explicitly aim at co-construction of meaning.

  • 2018-04-27

    International conference on digitalisation, medicine and health

    Between June 18 and 21 Karlstad university will be hosting the 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE CBMS 2018. And there is a great interest – more than 200 contributions have been submitted. Selecting amongst the papers is hard work for the international committee of the conference. Bridget Kane, associate lecturer in informatics at Karlstad Business School, is organising the arrangement and she is pleased with all the interest shown.

    CBMS stands for Computer-Based Medical Systems, and the conference brings researchers from a variety of fields together: computer science, informatics and engineering, as well as experts in medical technology active within both academia and the medical sector.

    During the conference a wide array of topics will be discussed, such as e-health, big data, biomedical informatics, medical records systems, virtual reality in the teaching of medical students, sensor systems for neonatal care, analyses of medical data and many others.

  • 2018-03-28

    Joint knowledge development on sustainability and quality as perspective in process management

    The Swedish association for quality in the regions of Värmland, Dalsland and Örebro (SFK VDÖ) met on the 8th of March and the hostess was Marie-Therese Christiansson, deputy head at the Business School at Karlstad University, teacher in informatics and president of SFK VDÖ. The purpose was a joint knowledge development in co-production between academics, education and practice.

    The focus was business- and operational implicational reasons to work with quality and sustainability in process management as well as on methods on how to identify and value different perspectives in operational processes. The purpose of the workshop was exchange of experience and a joint learning, where the students of the course “Business development from a process and partnership perspective” also participated in the discussions.

  • 2018-03-19

    HumanIT website is closed

    HumanIT is since Aug 31st 2017 decomissioned and we have also closed down the website now. Further information about the research projects connected to HumanIT can be found on other the webpages of other departments.

    At Karlstad University’s webpage on Computer science, you will find information about several extensive research projects regarding computer security and usability, especially integrity and privacy.

    Research regarding the use of mobile phones in development countries can be found on the webpage for Informatics at Karlstad Business School,

  • 2018-01-25

    M4D 2018 Conference in Kampala, Uganda, November 15-16 2018

    This conference provides a forum for enthusiasts in Mobile Communication Technologies for Development (M4D) to share experiences of innovation and working with mobile technologies in development contexts.

    The inaugural conference was held in Karlstad, Sweden in 2008. The 2nd conference was in Kampala, Uganda in 2010; the 3rd Conference was in New Delhi, India in 2012; the 4th conference was in Dakar Senegal in 2014 and the 5th Conference was held in Maputo, Mozambique in 2016. This year, our partner since the 2010 conference, Makerere University, welcome you to the M4D2018!

Contact: Subject representative professor John Sören Pettersson telephone +46547002553. Faculty administrator Berit Kessler telephone +4670541767. More information under Contact