• 2020-03-19

    A new Master programme offers a unique combination of innovation and service development

    The Master Programme in Innovation and Service Development will be introduced at Karlstad Business School this autumn. The programme combines innovation with a focus on services and business creation, a combination which is the first of its kind in Sweden.

    “Today’s manufacturing industry is looking more and more to new business models which will enable companies to develop services and make money on services,” says Antti Sihvonen, a Senior Lecturer in Business Administration and the coordinator of the new programme. “This programme provides an increased understanding of the challenges involved in the servitisation of companies, and adds a missing piece to the educational map of Sweden.”

  • 2020-02-28

    Karlstad Business School is one step closer to accreditation

    Karlstad Business School has qualified for a final review by AACSB, a non-profit organisation that works with quality enhancement and accreditation of business schools around the world. The review will be performed in connection with a site visit late 2020 or early 2021.

    “I am incredibly proud of the quality development towards accreditation that we have achieved together over the last few years,” says Martin Löfgren, Head of Department at Karlstad Business School. “What remains is to compile a final report and prepare for the site visit in such a way that we can explain in the best possible way who we are, what we do, and what we have accomplished in terms of quality work since 2015 when the effort was launched in accordance with AACSB standards.”

  • 2020-02-18

    The mobile phone – a workplace problem in retail

    How do frontline employees in retail react to and handle situations where the customer ignores them and instead looks at their mobile phone? This has been studied by researchers Markus Fellesson, Associate Professor at CTF, and Nicklas Salomonson, Associate Professor at the University of Borås and guest researcher at CTF, and the results show that it has a negative impact on the workplace environment.

    Mobile phones are increasingly used and accepted as part of everyday situations in both private and public places. The fact that the increasing mobile phone usage can have a negative impact on private relationships is not new. However, the question of how the mobile phone affects service encounters and the interaction between employee and customers is largely unanswered.

  • 2020-02-06

    The human side of idea screening

    Businesses and public organizations continuously work on developing new services or products in order to be innovative. One important part in this work is to know how ideas for new services and products are evaluated, since the idea screening determine whether an idea is considered good, and whether it will continue its development as an innovation project. In a new dissertation, Alexandre Sukhov has studied the human side of idea screening.

    In his dissertation, Alexandre Sukhov, PhD in Business Administration at CTF and Karlstad Business School, has studied idea screening processes for new technology products and services in different businesses and public organizations. The overall purpose is to contribute to an increased understanding of the idea screening process and the role of the evaluators, as well as to understand what influences decision making during this process.

  • 2020-01-30

    The Insolvency Law Academy has been appointed as a consultation body

    The Insolvency Law Academy at Karlstad Business School has been appointed as a consultation body by the Justice Department. This means that the Academy will now contribute to shaping the development of future legislation.

    The Insolvency Law Academy at Karlstad Business School has been appointed as a consultation body by the Justice Department. This means that the Academy will now contribute to shaping the development of future legislation.
    – This is an acknowledgment of our work and very satisfying, says Professor of Civil Law Marie Karlsson Tuula, who founded the Insolvency Law Academy in 2016.

  • 2020-01-22

    Students acquired new perspectives on procurement

    The issue of procurement is important in terms of making space for new welfare innovations. In a workshop at Karlstad University, DigitalWell process managers inspired students to procure digital solutions for a healthier working environment.

    The workshop, a component included in the course Acquisition of Information Systems, was offered to students in the IT Design and Web Developer programmes. DigitalWell process managers Marika Martin and Malthe Vesström had created exercises for the students, who were asked to formulate specifications for a digital solution that promoted physical activity in a workplace to prevent ill health, based on a given scenario.