• 2022-09-13

    Emerald Literati Award for article on the importance of coffee bread for destination branding

    Mia Larson, Professor of Business Administration, has been awarded “Outstanding paper 2022” by Emerald Publishing for the article “The inevitability of essentializing culture in destination branding: the cases of fika and hygge”. Emerald Literati Awards are presented annually by the publisher Emerald, honouring the most exceptional articles in various journals.

    The article was published in 2021 in “Journal of Place Management and Development” and looks at the way Swedish and Danish tourism organisations use the cultural phenomena "fika" and "hygge" in marketing on social media. 

    – I am very excited and honoured to receive this award and that our article has received attention, says Mia Larson. The study shows how the tourism organisations Visit Sweden and Visit Denmark use fika and hygge in their social media channels to create interest and reasons to visit Sweden and Denmark.

  • 2022-09-09

    Emerald Literati Award to article on noise, office types and well-being

    Jörg Pareigis has been awarded the prestigeous "Emerald Literati Award 2022" for the article ”Office types and worker´s cognitive vs affective evaluations from a noise perspective” published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology.

    The article, written by researchers Tobias Otterbring, University of Agder, Christina Bodin Danielsson, KTH, and Jörg Pareigis, examines the links between office types and employees' subjective well-being regarding cognitive and affective evaluations and the role perceived noise levels at work has on the aforementioned associations.

    For nearly 30 years the Emerald Literati Awards have celebrated and rewarded the outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers, not only to our journals and books, but to the body of knowledge itself.

  • 2022-09-08

    NORDeHEALTH program point in Dublin

    The Smart Health Summit conference takes place in Dublin on September 28. The conference brings together professionals from across the healthcare sector to take a deep dive into the practical implementation of digital healthcare solutions.

    The conference will explore how data insights and technology are being used to improve care, access and user experience following the effects of Covid19.

    Bridget Kane, docent in informatics at the School of Economics, participates in the lecture - NORDeHEALTH: Nordic eHealth for patients

  • 2022-08-29

    Christina Öberg new chairman of the Nordic Academy of Management

    Christina Öberg has been elected as the new chairman of the Nordic Academy of Management.

    The Nordic Academy of Management (NFF) aims to promote research, education and practice around management in the Nordic countries. The association works, among other things, for competence development and Nordic cooperation in doctoral education.

    - We are working to increase research collaborations and exchanges between the Nordic countries and intend to launch several initiatives in that direction. I have been a member of the board for a few years and am very flattered to have now become its chairman, says Christina Öberg.

  • 2022-08-17

    “Nudges” lead to more vaccinations

    Vaccinating a large enough portion of the population against various diseases is a constant challenge. Despite COVID-19 vaccination being offered for free, many people are still not fully vaccinated. In the study “Vaccination nudges: A study of pre-booked COVID-19 vaccinations in Sweden”, Niklas Johansson, Mats Ekman and Carl Bonander examines how pre-booked vaccinations have affected how many people get vaccinated.

    There have been several attempts to increase the number of vaccinations, including requiring vaccination certificates in order to participate in certain events, mandatory vaccinations (where unvaccinated people are fined) or paying people to get vaccinated. Another way of increasing the number of vaccinations is to invite people to pre-booked vaccinations. During the COVID-19 vaccinations, Region Uppsala did exactly this, and sent out vaccination appointments to certain age groups.

  • 2022-06-20

    Unique Overview of Service Management

    Bo Edvardsson, professor at Karlstad Business Service Research Center (CTF), and Bård Tronvoll, professor at CTF and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, are the editors for the newly published Palgrave Handbook of Service Management.

    - The book provides a unique and current overview of service management research, says Bo Edvardsson. It’s a complement to books in fields such as healthcare, tourism and leisure.

    The Palgrave Handbook of Service Management covers six broad themes.