• 2023-09-19

    Award for study on green innovation

    In the study ”Managing the Complexity of Green Innovation” authors Andrey Abadzhiev, Alexandre Sukhov, Antti Sihvonen and Mikael Johnson have examined how this complexity can be managed by analyzing how individual companies combine different innovation activities to develop green innovation, and how companies along the value chain align to implement these innovations.

    Green innovation can promote both environmental sustainability and economic growth. However, its development and implementation can be complex due to the need to align innovation activities within and across companies.

  • 2023-09-13

    Adrian-Nicolae Iancu – new guest researcher at Karlstad Business School

    Adrian-Nicolae Iancu, welcome to The Business school at Karlstad University. Please tell us about your background.

  • 2023-09-05

    More reuse in the retail business at the focus of a new research project

    Reuse and other circular solutions are becoming increasingly common in the retail business to enable more sustainable consumption. To promote this transition requires more knowledge on how companies can create better conditions and customer experiences in relation to circular retail. This is the focus of a new research project at the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University.

    In the new project, researchers will study the customer experience in relation to the purchase of reused products and how aspects such as marketing, pricing, product information and the design of sales channels affect the experience and willingness to buy reused products. 

  • 2023-09-04

    Focus on trust-based governance and management in new research programme

    Great interest in increased autonomy and room for action for managers and employees.

    As part of the research programme “Arbetsplatsens struktur och arbetsrelaterad ohälsa: kvinnodominans, organisatoriska faktorer, åtgärder och politiska beslut i kommunal förvaltning” (Workplace structure and work-related illness: female dominance, organisational factors, measures and political decisions in local government administrations), researchers at Karlstad Business School look at long-term problems with work-related illness and sick leave in female-dominated professions.

  • 2023-09-04

    Welcome to Karlstad Business School Björn Smith, lecturer in civil law

    Björn Smith, tell us about your background

  • 2023-08-16

    Big grant awarded for degree project

    Every year, AG Advokat awards a grant of SEK 50.000 to the law student who has produced the best degree project focusing on an issue that has commercial relevance for the real estate and construction industries. This year’s grant goes to Karlstad Business School alumni Isa Movitz.

    Isa Movitz, tell us about your degree project, titled “Global Claims Compatibility with the Requirements of the Code of Judicial Procedure Regarding a Distinct Claim and a Detailed Account of the Circumstances Relevant to the Claim”.