• 2018-03-23

    Looking at Riga – A student’s perspective

    SSE Riga, Stockholm School of Economics is a new international partner for Karlstad Business School. Amos and Alexandra, students from Karlstad Business School, were sent on a visit to explore this exciting new partner. Here is their travel story.

    On 22nd February, we took a flight to Riga in Latvia for a two-day trip to visit SSE Riga, some businesses and meet students. The days were intense, we left with many impressions and the hope that the cooperation between Karlstad Business School and SSE Riga will soon come true.

  • 2018-02-16

    Student learning in focus for quality development

    How can you follow up in and assure that the students are taught what is given in the learning outcome? How can one ensure quality abilities in the learning outcome? Karlstad Business School proceeds to enlighten programmes and examination for main areas and to see, in what way, you can value and asses that the students take along the knowledge and abilities which is the aim of the programmes.

    Marie-Therese Christianson, deputy head, is coordinating this project, which a step towards future accreditation according to AACSB standards:

    -The big profit is that we jointly, within the entire Business School, develop a long-term quality system to follow up on that which is of use to know – what adds a value to us, our programmes and our students.

  • 2017-12-14

    Sustainability in focus

    One time is no time and two times is a habit. If the phrase is right, that means that Sustainability Day at the Business School is from now one a tradition. For the second year in a row sustainability issues where put in focus under the headline “Solving Global Challenges in Practice”.

    Lars Sandberg, innovation manager at BillerudKorsnäs, talked about the company's work for increased sustainability and consideration to the environment when it comes to food packaging. It was a theme that researcher Helén Williams also spoke about. She is a lecturer in environment and energy system, researcher at CTF and a leading expert in the field of food packaging. She has, among other things, examined the connection between the shape of packaging and the large food waste. Almost half of all produced food in the world is thrown away.

  • 2017-12-14

    Karlstad Business School heads toward accreditation

    Karlstad Business School has been given greenlight to proceed in the process for an accreditation by the Accreditation Committee at the AACSB. The work now continues towards building a robust and sustainable quality control system as a support for a continuous development of the school.

    Just over two years ago, AACSB granted the Business School's request to start a process towards accreditation. It was the start of a quality development work for the entire department. The Business School sent in the first analysis during the summer and it was an extensive self-evaluation according to 15 standards. During this autumn, the Business School was given the positive reply that it has been approved to go ahead in the process.

  • 2017-11-14

    Student work on development of digital matching service

    During the autumn four groups of students on the course Service Management and IT have worked with interviewing different target groups and suggesting improvements of a prototype to a digital matching service, which Compare has produced.

    The purpose is to support companies to get started with investments on digitalizing and to get more innovative small and medium companies through digital innovation. The pilot study “A digitalized Värmland”, that took place during 2016, showed that the region’s small and medium companies are characterized by a low innovation and digitalized scale in several industries. The pilot study developed a prototype to a digital matching service that the students on the course “Service Management and IT” have taken a closer look at.

  • 2017-11-09

    Examination with inspiration from research.

    As on a poster on a science conference. This is part of the examination task for the students on the course Advanced service management at the Karlstad Business school – and a way to use research methods in teaching.

    It was the second year that the students got to work with content and modeling of posters, which were then exhibited in the Business school building, house 11. Techers, PhD students, and fellow students could all mingle and take part in the presentations together with the students of the course.

    -At first it was a bit difficult, but very fun. It was also fun to take part in others work because you learned a lot from that, says Mikeala Stalén