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Hello there, Rodney Clarke...

News » 2018-09-20
... researcher and lecturer at University of Wollongong. You are also an associate professor of Information Systems here at Karlstad Business School. Commuting between the two work places takes an unusually long time – about 32 hours of travel from door to door. How come you work here in Karlstad? - I came in contact with Information Systems at the beginning of the 2000’s and have had cooperation with Samot and CTF.
Professor Anders Gustafsson, CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has been awarded the “Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award”. Only five times earlier has the award been presented to a researcher outside the US. "I am overwhelmed and very honored to receive this award.
In a collaborative effort to assure the quality of education at their universities, some universities are making their own evaluation of each other. Today the Treklöver Report about Karlstad Business School's- part of Karlstad University - educational programmes in Information Systems was published. The report mentions several good examples at the Information Systems group at Karlstad Business School, all to be shared by the Information Systems community in Sweden .
Information Systems at Karlstad Business School, welcomed a new teacher on the first of August. Gunnar Olsson, with a sterling background within the IT-business and a former Olympic medalist, has stepped into the academic world. Gunnar Olsson is originally from Timrå, a place north of Sundsvall that has a strong athletic tradition, not least in ice hockey with the men’s A-team of Timrå IK in the Swedish hockey league, SHL.
There is currently a new master programme being developed in Industrial Economy and it has its base in research in CTF, Service Centre for Research.
Uganda does not belong to one of the famous coffee countries, but the fact is that coffee is one of the biggest export products of the country. How does growing, roasting, export and sale work? How does it the economical ecosystem look in reality?
Karlstad Business School is working with quality assurance to reach the accreditation according to AACSB. During two days, mentor Ian Clark visited to coach the Business school ahead in the process. It was an opportunity to ask questions, try out lay-outs and make adjustments ahead of the continuous journey. Three years ago, Karlstad Business School was granted application to start the process for accreditation at AACSB.
ITQ – the network for girls studying IT at universities and practitioners in business, celebrated 10 years with cake, guest lectures, and not least mingle and networking. The guest was Siduri Poli, the digital inspirer of 2017, who told of her interest for technology as a tool for change. Present were also current IT students, high school students from Fria Läroverken as well as professionals from CGI, Ibiz solutions, Municipality of Karlstad, Netgain, Sogeti and ÅF.
Between June 18 and 21 Karlstad university will be hosting the 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE CBMS 2018. And there is a great interest – more than 200 contributions have been submitted. Selecting amongst the papers is hard work for the international committee of the conference.
What expectations do employers have on newly graduated students? What abilities are important to take with you from the studies into the working life?
SSE Riga, a branch of the Stockholm School of Economics, is an international partner to the Business School at Karlstad University. Amos Friedman and Alexandra Mets, students at Karlstad Business School, were sent on a look out trip to Riga during the preparations ahead of the exchange agreement. Alexandra Mets is in the International Business programme and is herself about to go on an exchange semester next spring.

Research inspires examination

News » 2018-04-09
Part of the examination task at the course “Advanced service management” at Karlstad Business School is making a poster on your work, like the ones at research conferences. This is a way for the students to show their knowledge- and a way to use research methods in this master's programme. As previously, all posters were put on display all around the Business school, building 11.
SSE Riga, Stockholm School of Economics is a new international partner for Karlstad Business School. Amos and Alexandra, students from Karlstad Business School, were sent on a visit to explore this exciting new partner. Here is their travel story. On 22nd February, we took a flight to Riga in Latvia for a two-day trip to visit SSE Riga, some businesses and meet students.

Sustainability in focus

News » 2017-12-14
One time is no time and two times is a habit. If the phrase is right, that means that Sustainability Day at the Business School is from now one a tradition. For the second year in a row sustainability issues where put in focus under the headline “Solving Global Challenges in Practice”. Lars Sandberg, innovation manager at BillerudKorsnäs, talked about the company's work for increased sustainability and consideration to the environment when it comes to food packaging.
Karlstad Business School has been given greenlight to proceed in the process for an accreditation by the Accreditation Committee at the AACSB. The work now continues towards building a robust and sustainable quality control system as a support for a continuous development of the school. Just over two years ago, AACSB granted the Business School's request to start a process towards accreditation. It was the start of a quality development work for the entire department.
During the autumn four groups of students on the course Service Management and IT have worked with interviewing different target groups and suggesting improvements of a prototype to a digital matching service, which Compare has produced. The purpose is to support companies to get started with investments on digitalizing and to get more innovative small and medium companies through digital innovation.
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