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Vice-chancellor Johan Sterte has made a new decision regarding teaching in the current pandemic. The decision is made to allow the University’s organisation to prepare for a gradual return to campus. As a general rule, distance teaching and examination will continue in the autumn semester of 2021.
Sustainable Agenda is a network in the municipalities of Forshaga and Munkfors where companies, associations, public agencies, and Karlstad University collaborate to achieve climate neutrality. Sustainable Agenda is a vital part of the efforts to reach the goals specified in the Paris Agreement and the global Agenda 2030 goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions at an annual rate of 16%.
That is the question Sara Davoudi has looked into in her doctoral thesis, “What happened with the leviathan of the Public Sector? The challenges of vertical coordination in regional public organizations and its effect on public value”. Sara Davoudi, PhD in Business Administration, tell us about your research. - My research is about vertical coordination, which is best described as the communication between public sector actors and the challenges associated with that.
Steam engines, electrification, and CNC – three seminal events in industrial history. These days, digitisation is putting pressure on the industry. With the new research centre called DAMI4.0, Karlstad University will be ready to meet the industry’s demands for new technology. Noisy steam engines and welding robots have made a huge difference to industrial development.
Researchers at Karlstad University, Uppsala University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York have found that exposure to bisphenol F (BPF) during early pregnancy can be linked to poorer cognitive function in children at 7 years of age. BPF has replaced bisphenol A (BPA) in a wide range of products as the EU has banned BPA in products for children.
Karlstad University is working actively to develop its wood research and the research group, together with its partners, has in the last year received considerable funding from various funders to develop timber construction. Karlstad University and researcher Johan Vessby has received a grant from the Swedish bioeconomy cluster Paper Province.
Preventive work in environments with large crowds can contribute to increased safety. In her dissertation, Thoa Thieu examines active-passive dynamics in pedestrians. You have defended your dissertation with "Models for linked active-passive population dynamics: Mathematical analysis and simulation". Tell us about your research. - The motivation of my research is based on studying models in the real life. There are several reasons for this.
January 20 - 21, the digital conference B2B Forum on SmartIndustri was held at Karlstad University.
Some are talking about it, some are making good progress, and some are at the forefront. Different forms of digitalisation are at the top of the agenda, especially now in connection with the pandemic.
Over the next two years, researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, will investigate how the Internet of Things, IoT, can be used in creating a better school environment and improving student health. The project will be carried out together with a number of actors and is based on a secondary school in Arvika Municipality, Sweden. The focus of the project is to find out how IoT can measure children’s and young people’s health at school.
The development of the food industry is of great importance for the planet and the survival of our civilization. Many people are unaware that our food consumption and our farming methods are some of the biggest threats to the environment worldwide.
Researcher Alexandre Sukhov is awarded the prestigious Wallander Scholarship of SEK 1.725 000 for his doctoral dissertation "The human side of idea screening" which deals with idea evaluation and development in the front end of innovation. "This is fantastic news and a great honor!
During the Christmas and New Year holiday record amounts of food is wasted. But, it is possible to reduce food waste with relatively simple means. Here, researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, share some tips for a more climate-smart Christmas. "This year Christmas will be a bit different, and we cannot celebrate as usual with our loved ones.
Karlstad University extends the decision on distance education. As a general rule, examination and teaching will take place remotely during the spring term 2021. Most of the teaching and examinations at Karlstad University will continue to take place remotely during the spring term 2021. Placements (VFU) are, however, exempt from this general rule.