• 2023-03-02

    Major PhD student network launched in partnership with MAX IV

    PRISMAS, PhD Research and Innovation in Synchrotron Methods and Applications in Sweden, is a new doctoral programme that will train the next generation of synchotron experts at MAX IV. The programme will train 40 curious, problem-solving PhD students in advanced X-ray methods synchrotron methodologies and techniques and their application in tackling current and future societal challenges

    Joining an initiative of this size along with eight other Swedish universities is very significant for us. It puts Karlstad University on the map when it comes to synchotron research, says Ellen Moons, professor of physics and member of the PRISMAS steering group. 

  • 2023-01-24

    Research for sustainable, environmentally friendly papermaking

    Papermaking often requires additives to achieve desired properties, such as the strength of the paper. New research shows that this can be solved in an, as of yet, untested way.

    - Normally, you add Cationic starch to the pulp in order to increase the strength of the paper, says Mozhgan Hashemzehi, PhD student in Chemical Engineering. Usually, the starch is derived from  potatoes, corn and wheat, but in our studies we have added chemically modified pulp in order to avoid using sources that can be used for food production instead.

  • 2023-01-23

    5G testing in progress

    In the DRIVE project, a common test environment with industry partner Varnish Software has now been installed. The tests will measure the impact of different network connections on latency and bandwidth during video streaming.

    Since mid-December, latency and bandwidth testing has been ongoing in Karlstad University's 5G testbed. A server is connected to several network connections at the same time to compare their performance. The connection options being tested are wifi, 5G and soon also the Starlink satellite system.

  • 2023-01-03

    Self-healing solar cells recover at night

    Perovskite solar cells degrade when exposed to sunlight, which results in decreasing performance over time. A new research project will examine how such solar cells could recover and self-repair at night.

    – Electronic components, such as solar cells and LEDs, are made from semiconductor materials, says Ellen Moons, professor of Physics. Such materials form the basis of all electronics, computers, cell phones and screens. Halide perovskite is a new type of semiconductor, which has gained a lot of attention for reaching high performance as solar cell material — despite being simple and energy efficient to manufacture.

  • 2022-12-23

    MIMM Day – a good initiative from the academy to connect with the business community

    On 7th of December, the sixth Mathematics Meets Industry Day (MIMM®) was arranged at Karlstad University. Representatives from Kongsberg Maritime Sweden AB and SAAB participated, and together with upper secondary school students, university students, and researchers they tried to find mathematical solutions for previously unsolved problems.

    MIMM Day at Karlstad University has started to become a tradition; for the sixth time companies propose scientific challenges to mathematicians, i.e. problems involving relevant unsolved technological or societal issues in search for a suitable solution. The expected outcome includes: solutions to the posed problems, training of all participants, opportunities for further collaboration.

  • 2022-12-05

    A delayed visit

    Stefanija Klaric from Darwin, Australia was supposed to visit us three years ago, but then the pandemic happened. Finally, she has arrived at Karlstad University and is currently exchanging experiences with fellow engineering scholars.

    – I have been here a while now and it’s very rewarding to meet both teachers and students here at Karlstad University, says Stefanija Klaric, associate professor at Charles Darwin University. Everyone is extremely friendly and it’s interesting to see how courses and programmes that correspond to ones we offer at our university, are conducted here.