At the department of Chemical Engineering, Karlstad University, we have a strong research environment around forest products and processes. We are performing research of how pulp and paper should be manufactured and of how the paper should be coated and printed.

About 10 doctoral students are enrolled in our extensive postgraduate programme, half of them being employed directly by the industry. Almost all of our projects are directly linked to industrial applications, which means that the research has active support from several industrial partners, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Chemical engineering is about applying chemistry to industrial processes. This is reflected in our undergraduate programmes where the students learn how different industrial apparatuses work, such as heat exchangers and distillation columns. They also learn to dimension the apparatuses to make the process energy effective and environmentally adapted.

Towards the end of the education the students who wishes has the option to read advanced courses about forest industry processes and products - our main research area. Master programme in that area is also available.

We can also perform commissioned education and research.

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