• 2018-05-17

    Internetstiftelsen grants funding for two IT projects at Karlstad University

    Two IT projects at Karlstad University will receive funding from Internetstiftelsen (The Internet Fund). One project will focus on improving fifth generation mobile networks, 5G, and the other on further developing the anonymity service TOR.

    In total, five projects have been granted funding and a share in the 1,4 million SEK that Internetstiftelsen provides. Since its start in 2004, nearly 75 million SEK have been distributed to projects that in one way or another contribute to a positive development of the Internet. In order to apply for funding, the projects have to be independent and non-commercial and applicants may be both individuals and organisations.

  • 2018-04-27

    International conference on digitalisation, medicine and health

    Between June 18 and 21 Karlstad university will be hosting the 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE CBMS 2018. And there is a great interest – more than 200 contributions have been submitted. Selecting amongst the papers is hard work for the international committee of the conference. Bridget Kane, associate lecturer in informatics at Karlstad Business School, is organising the arrangement and she is pleased with all the interest shown.

    CBMS stands for Computer-Based Medical Systems, and the conference brings researchers from a variety of fields together: computer science, informatics and engineering, as well as experts in medical technology active within both academia and the medical sector.

    During the conference a wide array of topics will be discussed, such as e-health, big data, biomedical informatics, medical records systems, virtual reality in the teaching of medical students, sensor systems for neonatal care, analyses of medical data and many others.

  • 2018-04-13

    Free study material on increased online privacy

    In collaboration with industry experts, researchers at Karlstad University have developed free study material on the technical aspects of privacy on the Internet. This material can be of use to organisations and companies to comply with the EU’s new data protection regulation (GDPR) that will enter into force in just over a month’s time.

    Living up to the new regulations may prove to be hard work for many companies and organisations. Many still have a long way to go regarding both competence and knowledge, as well as practice, in order to meet the requirements of the regulation.

    The new data protection regulation will hopefully shift the control of personal information into the hands of the citizens. At Karlstad University, a number of research projects are currently focusing on this, as well as the technical aspects of how it may be achieved.

  • 2018-03-27

    Researchers at Karlstad University develop programmable networks for wind farms

    Just like many other industries, the wind power industry needs to manage large amount of real-time data. The data is transferred over a wide range of networks and affected by different kind of network components. Computer Science at Karlstad University participates in the European H2020 VirtuWind project, which develops network management systems based on virtualized network components that support wind power industry.

    The network infrastructure is experiencing a transition from hardware based devices to virtual network components which are much more flexible to deploy, manage and operate. As a partner to Deutsche Telekom, Computer Science at Karlstad University is one part of the VirtuWind project. Another partner in the project is Siemens.

  • 2018-03-13

    Karlstad university expands digital top education courses

    In January 2018 Karlstad university launched their first two international on-line based top education courses, developed within a project financed by the KK Foundation. Now, the university has been granted further means to develop more such courses. During 2018, courses in computer networking and materials science will be developed, and these courses will start by spring 2019.

    The new courses are being developed in collaboration with a number of industrial partners within the framework of the WISR17 project, lead by the CTF (Service Research Center). These courses are primarily targeted towards professionals and will be developed by the research environments at computer science and CMM – Characterizing and Modeling of Materials.

  • 2018-03-09

    Crowded SNITS lunch with a focus on the digitalisation of food industry.

    The room was crowded when Elvenite hosted the latest SNITS lunch at Karlstad University. IT students had the opportunity to listen to Pär Andersson, who was talking about the effects of digitalisation on the food industry, while providing examples from his company’s day-to-day experience. In one example, he showed how the use of Advanced Analysis could limit the spread of salmon lice in Norwegian salmon pisciculture.

    Together with some of the most prominent Nordic trademarks in Food & Beverage, Elvenite helps their clients to digitalise their processes and streamline their operations in a sustainable way in order to provide an excellent customer experience. Among other areas, Elvenite focuses on:

    • Pisciculture
    • Dairy and Deli
    • Brewing
    • FMCG


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