• 2018-10-30

    Altran - from 2 to 40 employees in 7 years

    Having fun at work has been an important driving force and success factor ever since Altran started up in Värmland in 2011. Since then, Altran has grown from 2 to 40 employees in 7 years. At a packed SNITS lunch, computer science students at Karlstad University had the opportunity to hear how Altran promotes a good workplace that develops and involves employees.

    Altran is Europe’s leading technology company in the areas of engineering, research and development, and employs around 45.000 people globally. The company is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and was founded in 1982.

    When Mattias Lindahl and his classmate Johan Lundin started Altran in Karlstad in Mattias’s living room in 2011, they had good recruitment possibilities and a vision of creating a great workplace.

  • 2018-10-19

    Karlstad’s best programmers crowned

    Students, alumni and representatives of local IT companies participated in the Karlstad Programming Contest, held on 6 October. At the end of the contest, team Bug Repellent, with Dan Wolff from Altran, Marcus Söder from Sogeti, and Niclas Fredriksson, computer science student at Karlstad University, emerged as winners with four solved tasks.

    "It was really fun to participate," says Marcus Söder from Sogeti. "Since it was my first contest, it was great to be on a team with Dan, who had participated before. It meant that we could avoid many novice mistakes and focus directly on solving the tasks together."

    Ten teams, comprising a maximum of three members, had to solve eleven programming tasks of various difficulties in five hours. They were only allowed a computer, literature and their skills.

  • 2018-10-15

    New flexible cutting-edge courses promote lifelong learning

    In recent years, Karlstad University has invested in developing several flexible and international cutting-edge courses. During the spring semester of 2019, three new courses specifically aimed at professionals in the areas of service innovation and computer networking are offered.

    “Karlstad University establishes itself as one of the leading Swedish institutions by offering these type of courses. The new courses are developed within the WISR17 project,” says Jörg Pareigis, project manager.

  • 2018-10-04

    Computer Science research group rated highly by experts

    On 27–28 September, Computer Science at Karlstad University organised a workshop to gain external input on the research group. Staff presented the research environment to an International Advisory Board (IAB) that gave feedback for further development.

    It was clear that the Computer Science research group has developed significantly on many fronts since been designated an excellent research environment in 2014. The number of externally funded projects has for example increased, and more senior researchers and doctoral students have been recruited, thereby reinforcing staffing levels. The group has also improved its publication output, producing more publications of a better quality as regards presentation and publication venues.

  • 2018-09-28

    Networking leads to jobs

    Networking and being involved in different activities during your studies pay off. This was clear at this years’ IT dinner on 20 September when students met representatives from companies that are part of Snits, a network linking industry and IT students at Karlstad University.

    During the introductory presentation, all ten participating companies emphasised that many students get job offers after completing their degree projects.

    “Sogeti has appointed five new graduates this autumn and four of them participated in Snits activities. Contact companies, it pays off,” urged Åsa Maspers, head of consulting and recruitment at Sogeti.

  • 2018-09-21

    Who’s Karlstads best programmer?

    The Karlstad Programming Contest 2018 will be arranged October 6th, at Karlstad University. Teams of a maximum of three contestants is challenged to solve different kind of programming problems. Students, alumni and representatives from local IT and technology businesses, all are welcome to compete about the title as Champion of programming in Karlstad.

    The Karlstad Programming Contest is a leg of the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC), which is held simultaneously at different universities and university colleges in the Nordic countries. Teams of a maximum of three contestants are challenged to solve about a dozen programming problems in five hours. The problems are to be solved without external help, just with a computer, literature and the skills from the contestants. The code will be corrected by an automatic system.


Nyhetsbrev nr 3, 2018, från Datavetenskap vid Karlstads universitet - Karlstads universitet