• 2019-12-18

    Project course resulted in a research appointment

    Simon Sundberg, previously a student in the Computer Engineering Master programme, established contact with the HITS* company Icomera through the course Performance Modelling and Simulation during year four. He subsequently completed his degree project in collaboration with the company, which in turn resulted in a research assistant appointment at the university and continued work within the HITS project.

    “I have always considered research as one alternative, but have been uncertain if that is the path I want to take,” says Simon Sundberg. “When I was offered the opportunity to work as a project assistant, first part time and later full time, I felt that I wanted to take this chance. The door is still open for a career in the industry. Most of the time it is fun and exciting to do research, and it is quite similar to the work that I did as a student.”

  • 2019-11-13

    A prize for the best scholarly article

    Cristian Hernandez Benet, doctoral student in Computer Science at Karlstad University, has been awarded the prize Best Paper Award at the IEEE CloudNet conference, a large international conference focused on cloud networks in Coimbra, Portugal, that took place 4-6 November.

    “The most prominent cloud network researchers in the world gather for this conference, so Cristian has received this prize in keen competition. That makes it particularly pleasing and impressive,” says Andreas Kassler, Professor in Computer Science and Cristian’s supervisor.

  • 2019-11-06

    Apps have become safer after GDPR

    Researchers at Karlstad University have studied how apps’ access to our personal data has changed since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in May 2018. The study shows that apps practice less access to personal data today, although many apps still have access to more functions than the ones described in their privacy policy.

    “We have seen changes in app behaviour that indicate a positive effect of GDPR,” says Lothar Fritsch, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Karlstad University. “Many suppliers have made an effort to make their apps more compatible with GDPR.”

  • 2019-10-30

    Inspiring guest lecture on cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity concerns you, your work and your research - it is becoming increasingly important, and a sustainable society without cybersecurity does not exist. This was the main message when researcher and expert Fredrik Blix, Stockholm University and Cybercom, gave an open guest lecture at Karlstad University.

    On October 25, CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, organized an open guest lecture with the researcher and cybersecurity expert Fredrik Blix. The seminar was about the role of cybersecurity in a sustainable society - how people, organisations and society at large are affected by cybersecurity, both today and in the future, and what can happen when security fails.

  • 2019-10-29

    Simone Fischer-Hübner on the jury for European Cyber Security Challenge competition

    On 9-11 October the yearly competition, European Cyber Security Challenge, was held and 20 teams of young cyber security talents from 20 European countries solved security-related problems. Simone Fischer-Hübner, professor of computer science at Karlstad University was a member of the jury.

    “There is a great need of more people working with IT related security problems,” says Simone Fischer-Hübner. “The competition aims to increase interest in cyber security and is good opportunity for young people to work in a team, sharpen their skills and engage in networking with leading branch organisations.”

    “In one of the projects that I work with, CyberSec4Europe, we are developing a framework for studies in cyber security and that's why it's especially interesting to be here and see how the different challenges are presented and how the teams proceed to solve them.”

  • 2019-10-22

    A new project will improve performance and privacy for 5G users

    The launch of the 5G network is approaching and the expectations are great. Both individuals and businesses are looking forward to higher speed, minimal delays, and the possibility of handling a greater number of connected devices simultaneously. But how do we make optimal use of the potential offered by 5G technology? In the project Performance and Anonymity in future 5G Networks (PAF5G), researchers at Karlstad University will study how performance can be improved through the use of multiple connections, at the same time as users’ privacy is protected.

    The 5G network will offer more flexible solutions, which means that users will be able to adapt the technology to their needs.