• 2021-02-26

    DAMI4.0 – New research centre pools expertise in red-hot area

    Steam engines, electrification, and CNC – three seminal events in industrial history. These days, digitisation is putting pressure on the industry. With the new research centre called DAMI4.0, Karlstad University will be ready to meet the industry’s demands for new technology.

    Noisy steam engines and welding robots have made a huge difference to industrial development. 2021 finds us at the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution with various technological solutions that will generate more sustainable production and act as a fail-safe for human error.

  • 2021-02-01

    B2B Forum on SmartIndustry 2021

    January 20 - 21, the digital conference B2B Forum on SmartIndustri was held at Karlstad University. The purpose was to highlight the strengths of Industry 4.0 and the ways in which its technical aspects are relevant.

    The program for the technical conference focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Edge / Cloud computing, 5G Networks and the role that machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have for the steel, pulp, paper and process industries.

  • 2020-12-17

    The project Privacy&Us – how to combine privacy and usability

    We are often exposed to privacy information that is designed in a way that urges us to quickly give our consent and disclose more data than necessary. Through the project Privacy&Us, Karlstad University has for the first time coordinated a project within a European framework programme.

    The project Privacy&Us (Privacy & Usability), which ended recently, has trained thirteen innovative Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) within the field of privacy and usability in reasoning, designing and developing new useful solutions to protect the privacy of citizens.

    - The expertise within the Privacy&Us project is very important for the business sector, authorities and the academic community and we are pleased that it has been so successful, says Simone Fischer-Hübner, professor of computer science at Karlstad University.

  • 2020-11-19

    Transparency and privacy for mobile fitness applications

    Patrick Murmann's research is about creating useful technology to help users of mobile fitness and exercise applications understand how the personal information they share is and will be processed.

    Patrick Murmann, can you put your research in a context?

  • 2020-11-05

    Stronger privacy decisions with the help of visual design

    How aware are you of the privacy decisions you make online? In the thesis “Homo Varius: Investigating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Determinants to Explain Online Privacy Decisions”, Agnieszka Kitkowska has looked into how we can become more aware of our decisions and the importance of interface.

    In computer science, heuristics are a way of making smart assumptions that in turn help to find solutions to a problem. Agnieszka Kitkowska’s research focus on examining whether these privacy decisions are rational or based on heuristics and how to help people make more informed choices.

  • 2020-10-12

    Excessive data access from apps – a threat to individual privacy

    Nurul Momen, doctoral student at the Department of Computer Science at Karlstad University, has investigated whether apps’ data access takes user integrity into account.

    Let’s say, purely hypothetically, that there is an app for washing your hands. You start it for the first time and an interface shows on the screen saying: “Permission required to access water”. You press “Allow” and use the app to wash your hands. When you are done, you put the phone back in your pocket. But now you are not sure whether you remembered to revoked the permission to access water. Is it still running?