• 2019-06-20

    Mobile broadband still far behind in performance

    Mobile broadband gives 30% lower performance than normal broadband. This is shown in a new study presented by Karlstad researcher Mohammad Rajiullah at The Web Conference 2019, a top-ranked (A*) conference held on the 13th –17th May in San Francisco, USA.

    Smartphones and mobile broadband have revolutionised web use. Consumers demand user-friendliness and fast connections, and companies are competing to achieve the same high performance offered by the fixed broadband internet.

    Using the measurement platform Monroe (Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe), Mohammad Rajiullah measured two million page visits, collected from eleven commercial networks in Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden. He then studied the effect of different web protocols, browsers and mobile technologies on the web browsing performance of mobile broadband.

  • 2019-06-10

    Machine learning reduces maintenance costs at Uddeholm AB

    Face and voice recognition, cancer detection algorithms, autonomous cars and many other technological innovations have made artificial intelligence (AI) a hot topic. Erik Hallin, Lead Data Scientist at Uddeholm AB, visited Karlstad University on 23 May to present how he uses machine learning, one of the key components of AI, to ensure predictable maintenance in the company’s steel production line.

    Machine learning involves building algorithm-based models that learn from data without receiving explicit instructions. In his lecture, Erik Hallin described the logic of some fundamental algorithms and the advantages of machine learning, something which Uddeholm has used since 2017.

    “Machine learning is a technique we really believe in. It helps us to keep costs down because we can quickly predict when something is about to break in the production line. This gives us a head start in addressing the problem before it causes a stop,” says Erik Hallin.

  • 2019-05-29

    Workshop focused on new improved networked services

    The annual workshop of the High Quality Networked Services in a Mobile World (HITS) project was held on 14–15 May. The workshop provides an opportunity for project participants from industry and the academy to meet, present ongoing work and discuss future collaborations and opportunities.

    In the HITS research profile, Computer Science at Karlstad University collaborates with four companies with Swedish operations to develop new improved networked services that meet the demands of our increasingly mobile world. The aim of the collaboration is also to enhance the competitiveness of Swedish industry together. At the moment, Clavister, Ericsson, Icomera and Sandvine are the companies participating in the project.

  • 2019-05-24

    New name for Computer Science research area

    SQuaD (Software Quality and Digital Modernisation) is the new name of what used to be called SERG (the Software Engineering Research Group), one of the three research areas in Computer Science at Karlstad University.

    "We are, of course, still software engineers at heart. However, the new name 'SQuaD' describes much better what we focus on in our research and sets us apart from the many SERGs out there," says Sebastian Herold, associate professor of Computer Science and research coordinator of the group.

    The research done by SQuaD aims at developing methods and techniques to assure and improve the quality of software systems and to evolve and modernize such systems more efficiently."

  • 2019-05-10

    Computer Science seeks four new doctoral students

    Computer Science at Karlstad University is now recruiting four new doctoral students. Three of the projects are focused on the development of digital healthcare services and one on reinforcing the department’s work on cloud services.

    DigitalWell Arena is a large investment in the development of digital healthcare services. The project, which is still in its initial phase, is now recruiting three doctoral students who will contribute research on 5G communications solutions, data privacy and integrity in the healthcare sector as well as software quality in healthcare systems.

  • 2019-05-02

    Definition of internet access finalised

    Now there is a clear definition of internet access. Computer Science at Karlstad University was one of the participants in a project in which the Swedish Internet Foundation (IIS) and Netnod brought together service providers, technicians and other interested parties to define important terms so that they can be used consistently.

    "Today all our services rely on internet access. The definition means that we now have better chances of ensuring good internet access in Sweden, something which is needed to make the most of the opportunities digitalisation brings to all social sectors," says Anna Brunström, Professor of Computer Science at Karlstad University and project participant.