• 2024-02-08


    The need for increased cyber security is growing day by day. As a response, the Swedish government is investing a total of SEK 100 million over the next few years in Cybercampus Sweden, which has now opened with an inauguration at KTH. The purpose behind the investment is to strengthen both skills supply and research in cyber security. The Minister for Education, Mats Persson, and the Minster for Civil Defence, Carl-Oskar Bohlin, were both present at the opening.

    Simone Fischer-Hübner, Professor of Computer Science at Karlstad University, is part of the planning and project group for Cybercampus Sweden and has an active role in the new Swedish cyber security landscape.

  • 2024-01-26

    Anna Brunström keynotespeaker at WONS 2024 Conference

    The 19th Wireless On-demand Network systems and Services Conference will take place in Chamonix, France 29th-31th of January. One of the main keynotespeakers is Anna Brunström who is Professor in Computer Science at Karlstad University who will talk about Protocols, Architectures and Performance in a 5G and Beyond Network Landscape.

    IFIP WONS, now at its nineteenth edition, has established itself as a high quality forum to address challenges such as providing robust services in highly dynamic, mobile, and extreme environments, how to minimize energy demands or zero out battery usage in favor of renewable energy sources and how to make wireless on-demand networks and services self-configurable, adaptive, self-organizing, and self-healing in a variety of different context, each exhibiting its own peculiar constraints.

  • 2024-01-25

    Karlstad University's senior lecturer in cybersecurity about the hacker attack

    After the recent hacker attacks in which the university's IT supplier Tietoevry, amongst others, was affected, it becomes clear how quickly organizations can become target of such actions. Meiko Jensen, lecturer in cybersecurity at computer science, helps us clarify the areas of hacking and cybersecurity.

    Hi Meiko Jensen. What exactly is a ransomware attack as these attacks are called?

  • 2023-12-11

    Karlstad University educates cyber security experts in new collaboration with the Swedish Defence University

    As threats in the digital world increase, companies and organisations have begun to take cyber security more and more seriously. Swedish companies often rely on foreign software and experts for their cyber security, but are requesting more cyber security expertise in Sweden.

    Together, Swedish academic institutions and companies have therefore taken the step to create the business research school SIGS-CyberSec, which is coordinated by Karlstad University and now has its first doctoral student.

  • 2023-12-11

    Joint workshop with DRIVE and partner companies in Kista

    The project group DRIVE, together with Ericsson AB, invited partner companies to a two-day joint workshop with the aim of showcasing and discussing how to work with mobile services. Karlstad University also had the opportunity to describe their research in the field when it was time to meet at Ericsson's premises in Stockholm, Kista.

    DRIVE has the overall goal of conducting world-leading research and education in the area of data-driven, latency-sensitive mobile services for future mobile networks, as well as contributing to a sustainable digitization of society. In the project, one of the objectives is to explore how mobile services can be used in the most optimized and energy-efficient way possible.

  • 2023-12-11

    Students innovative app praised by teachers

    Seven computer science students have been recognized for what teachers describe as "outstanding" project work in the Software Engineering course at the computer science department. The project was carried out by Mhmad Abo Warda, Nour Al Dine Hassan, Esraa Issa, Axel Magnussen, Martin Persson, Juho Pietikäinen, and Samuel Vestin.

    The goal of the project was to develop a mobile application that can monitor and assist elderly people in managing their daily meals, including those with mild dementia or eating disorders. The application allows for alerts in case of missed meals or deviations in food consumption and includes a dozen main features, such as an SOS function.