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Nurul Momen, doctoral student at the Department of Computer Science at Karlstad University, has investigated whether apps’ data access takes user integrity into account. Let’s say, purely hypothetically, that there is an app for washing your hands. You start it for the first time and an interface shows on the screen saying: “Permission required to access water”. You press “Allow” and use the app to wash your hands.
Digitalisation has proven to be an effective way to reduce the number of errors in the production stage. The new technology has mainly been used in, for example, the car manufacturing industry. In a new project, researchers at Karlstad University are looking at the really heavy metal industry where manual work is still common. Forging processes in the heavy metal industry consist of many manual processes where an error may result in costly stops in production.
Collaboration with the business community is important for many of the research projects in Computer Science involved in the creation of future high-tech solutions.
Per Hurtig is the most recent docent at the Department of Computer Science. His research is about making communication on the internet faster and more efficient. - The number of connected units has increased tremendously in recent years, which in turn has sharpened the quality requirements considerably”, says Per Hurtig. “Both applications and users now depend on higher quality in terms of faster connection and less delays.

Towards more usable firewalls

News » 2020-05-26
Setting up firewalls correctly is a challenging task which becomes more difficult the bigger a network grows. Artem Voronkov, who recently completed a Degree of Doctor in Computer Science, has focused his work on how to help system administrators to better manage firewalls. Most companies have access to the Internet and their corporate networks connected to it. Many threats to computer systems, e.g.
Users make heavy demands on cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Spotify, and Netflix. With the existing technologies, however, users experience notable service disruption, especially when they move. Kyoomars Alizadeh Noghani, who recently completed his Ph.D.
During her years as a researcher and data protection commissioner, the German computer scientist Marit Hansen has been a pioneer for the concept of privacy enhancing technologies (PET).
In June 2019, the excellence initiative in which the Service Research Centre (CTF) and Computer Science took part since 2014, came to an end. The initiative has allowed the research groups to grow and develop in order to continue producing world-class research. This is evident in the final reports from the groups. In June 2019, the excellence initiative in which the Service Research Centre (CTF) and Computer Science took part since 2014, came to an end.
You have probably noticed that an online video clip playing on your mobile phone is interrupted when you leave your house and the Wifi network. The mobile phone connects to 4G, and the video clip resumes. One advantage of multipath networks, which will be common in the future, is that your mobile phone will switch between different networks without you noticing it.
Javid Taheri, a professor of Computer Science at Karlstad University, has received the “Award for Excellence” by the IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC). He was presented with this award for his contributions on cloud computing and use of artificial intelligence to optimise highly distributed cloud-based scalable systems. “I’m very happy to receive this award.
When the Swedish Defence University and The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) arranged the contest Cyber Challenge on Thursday, 6 February, 14 teams of university students vied to prove that they could act as the best experts on national security.
The anonymity network Tor, used daily by millions of users around the world, is important for people in vulnerable situations, for instance in order to avoid surveillance or control. Two Karlstad University researchers have now identified flaws in Tor’s anonymity function and contributed to technologies that make the network safer for users. The purpose of Tor is to allow users to surf the internet anonymously without information about visited webpages being registered.
Simon Sundberg, previously a student in the Computer Engineering Master programme, established contact with the HITS* company Icomera through the course Performance Modelling and Simulation during year four.
Cristian Hernandez Benet, doctoral student in Computer Science at Karlstad University, has been awarded the prize Best Paper Award at the IEEE CloudNet conference, a large international conference focused on cloud networks in Coimbra, Portugal, that took place 4-6 November. “The most prominent cloud network researchers in the world gather for this conference, so Cristian has received this prize in keen competition.
Researchers at Karlstad University have studied how apps’ access to our personal data has changed since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in May 2018.
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