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Podcast dramas that enhance the listening experience through interactive effects have become reality through a collaboration between dramatist Amanda Fromell and computer technology students at Karlstad University.
Choppy Skype calls and films on Netflix that suddenly start buffering. Such types of latency can be extremely irritating, but will soon become a thing of the past. Toke Høiland-Jørgensen, researcher at Karlstad University, has developed a solution for smarter WiFi that may soon be in all our homes. “WiFi technology is used everywhere because it is cheap and simple. The quality is not always great, but performance can be improved by directing data streams in smarter ways.
Several Computer Science researchers and students have received nice awards at conferences during November. Congratulations to: • Nurul Momen, who received the Best Poster Award at NordSec in Oslo. The title of the poster is “User Perception Analysis for Showing Personal Data Access as Privacy Implication Factor”. • Dejene Boru Oljira, who received the Best Paper Award at Networks of the Future in Poznan.
DigitalWell Arena, a Värmland-based project that includes Computer Science at Karlstad University, is one of the winners of Vinnova’s Vinnväxt competition. Over 10 years, SEK 148 million will be invested in the development of digital welfare services.
Lamps that are switched on and off via an app, garbage cans that signal when it is time to be emptied and children who are tracked via watches. These are all examples of smart units gaining more ground in our everyday lives. Participants in the SNITS lunch on 6 November learned more about the Internet of Things and the technology behind it. The Internet of Things refers to devices that are not traditionally networked, such as watches, toys and machines.
Many businesses use cloud services to analyse high volumes of data, but this means that businesses lose control of data and that privacy cannot be safeguarded. A European innovation project involving researchers from Karlstad University will create a new platform for enhancing privacy in data analysis.
Having fun at work has been an important driving force and success factor ever since Altran started up in Värmland in 2011. Since then, Altran has grown from 2 to 40 employees in 7 years.
Students, alumni and representatives of local IT companies participated in the Karlstad Programming Contest, held on 6 October. At the end of the contest, team Bug Repellent, with Dan Wolff from Altran, Marcus Söder from Sogeti, and Niclas Fredriksson, computer science student at Karlstad University, emerged as winners with four solved tasks. "It was really fun to participate," says Marcus Söder from Sogeti.
In recent years, Karlstad University has invested in developing several flexible and international cutting-edge courses. During the spring semester of 2019, three new courses specifically aimed at professionals in the areas of service innovation and computer networking are offered. “Karlstad University establishes itself as one of the leading Swedish institutions by offering these type of courses.
On 27–28 September, Computer Science at Karlstad University organised a workshop to gain external input on the research group. Staff presented the research environment to an International Advisory Board (IAB) that gave feedback for further development. It was clear that the Computer Science research group has developed significantly on many fronts since been designated an excellent research environment in 2014.

Networking leads to jobs

News » 2018-09-28
Networking and being involved in different activities during your studies pay off. This was clear at this years’ IT dinner on 20 September when students met representatives from companies that are part of Snits, a network linking industry and IT students at Karlstad University. During the introductory presentation, all ten participating companies emphasised that many students get job offers after completing their degree projects.
The Karlstad Programming Contest 2018 will be arranged October 6th, at Karlstad University. Teams of a maximum of three contestants is challenged to solve different kind of programming problems.
UKÄ, Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslerämbetet), has evaluated the quality of PhD programmes in computer science at Swedish higher education institutions. The PhD programme in computer science at Karlstad University is reviewed to be of high quality in the evaluation. "During the last three years, our PhD programme has grown remarkably, just like other aspects of our activities.
Computer Science at Karlstad University is part of a new project where the Internet Foundation (IIS) and Netnod are gathering operators, technicians and other stakeholders in order to take a common approach in defining Internet access. The purpose is to make it easier for users and service providers to be aware and agree upon what is expected of the access one is paying for. More and more aspects of society are increasingly dependent upon a stable Internet connection.
Just over a year ago, the Next unit was established at the IT company CGI, where work is being done on emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. During a lunch lecture for IT students at Karlstad University one of the co-workers at CGI Next, Christer Enfors, tried to sort out the differences between these two concepts – which is what? Where are the boundaries between the two? What should they be used for?
Two IT projects at Karlstad University will receive funding from Internetstiftelsen (The Internet Fund). One project will focus on improving fifth generation mobile networks, 5G, and the other on further developing the anonymity service TOR. In total, five projects have been granted funding and a share in the 1,4 million SEK that Internetstiftelsen provides.
Between June 18 and 21 Karlstad university will be hosting the 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE CBMS 2018. And there is a great interest – more than 200 contributions have been submitted. Selecting amongst the papers is hard work for the international committee of the conference.
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