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Fifteen years ago, open source developers were considered geeky. Today, on the contrary, these are the most sought after developers. Redpill Linpro, a company only working with products based on open source code, hosted the last SNITS lunch of the year on 5 December, with the theme “Kickstarting your career with open source”. Software developed from source code that is open to everyone to use, change, develop and distribute is known as open source.
The Internet and our ever increasingly digital world hold many advantages, but these come at a price – our privacy. Through an international network of doctoral students, the Privacy&Us project aims at finding solutions to give citizens the benefits of digitalisation, while still protecting their privacy. The projects involves thirteen creative, entrepreneurial and innovative doctoral students whose projects focus on online privacy and usability.
There is a great need to test the stability and performance of mobile broadband networks. A transnational European platform for testing mobile broadband networks has been developed by the MONROE (Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe) project. The platform is now open and accessible to external actors.
Protecting business networks is getting more and more important. But how well do firewalls actually do in protecting sensitive and confidential information? Configuring firewalls can be complicated, even for system administrators, and that can lead to security risks and opportunities for intruders. Today, almost every company and their systems are connected to the Internet, thereby they are exposed to a huge number of threats.
Computer Science at Karlstad University has a lot of expertise in online privacy and security, and therefore researchers and teachers from South Africa and Tanzania are visiting the department. Their visit is based on the need to improve energy supply in Africa and to develop training on smart grids. Energy supply is an important sustainability and development issue in Africa.
STINT, The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, has provided researcher in Computer Science at Karlstad University the possibility to establish research/education collaboration with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China) in the areas of Cloud and Edge computing. Three researchers from the Computer Science Department at Karlstad University and two researchers from Zhejiang University will work on this year-long research projec
New digital services are rapidly introduced into our daily lives, and at the same time, new possibilities are developing in data and communication technologies. In Värmland, the new DigitalWell project will create an environment for innovation in which researchers, industry and the public sector collaborate to create new digital welfare services. The project DigitalWell Research has now commenced at Karlstad University.
Around 70 IT students attended the latest SNITS lunch at Karlstad University. This month’s lunch was hosted by Stamford, who discussed their experiences and challenges in continuing the development of large tailor-made business systems, some of which have been in use for more than 20 years. Stamford was founded in Karlstad in 1990 and has developed from a pure consulting firm into a company focused on product development.
On November 6-8 researchers from Karlstad University presented several papers connected to 5G and future network architecture. The rapid digitization we are experiencing right now demands extreme capacity from communication networks and to meet these demands new and more automated and flexible network architectures are needed. Expanding and implementing new functions and services for current networks is often expensive and demands a lot of resources.
For the second year running, Computer Science at Karlstad University organized a workshop for external input on the research environment. Computer Science staff presented the research environment to an International Advisory Board (IAB) that gave feedback on the development of the research group. In 2014, Computer Science was established as one of the two excellent research groups at Karlstad University.

Annual HITS workshop

News » 2017-10-27
On 3–4 October the research profile on High Quality Networked Services in a Mobile World (HITS) held its fourth annual workshop since the start of the profile in 2014.
A maximum of three members per team could participate in the Karlstad Programming Contest, held at Karlstad University on 7 October.
In May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect which means new laws and regulations for organizations handling personal data. At Karlstad University, it is now possible to apply for the Privacy by Design courses, cutting-edge, international distance learning courses. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) On May 25th, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect.
The IT branch has a great need to recruit employees, and students on IT programmes therefore have good chances of finding attractive employment after finishing their studies. What is important to employees and how does that correspond to what the branch has to offer? On 21 September, a little more than 100 IT students and around 20 business representatives met for the annual IT dinner of the Snits network that links industry and IT students.
Computer Science researchers at Karlstad University received Best Paper award at the top ranked research conference ISD, Information Systems Development 2017. The paper concerns users’ perspectives on a cloud-based personal identity management and it is connected to the CREDENTIAL project which Karlstad University is involved. “I was surprised when they announced our paper as the winner of the award but I was also very happy, of course.
You work mostly within the research profile HITS (High Quality Networked Services in a Mobile World). What is your part within the research profile? “The overall goal for the HITS, High Quality Networked Services in a Mobile World, research profile is to contribute to the development of high quality networked services for a mobile world through world-class research and industrial collaboration.
Cloud computing is considered as one of the major growth areas in ICT but a problem is the uncertainty when it comes to satisfactory approaches to adequately protect sensitive data.
Cloud computing is considered as one of the major growth areas in ICT but a problem is the uncertainty when it comes to satisfactory approaches to adequately protect sensitive data.
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