• 2024-03-12

    Karlstads University is now part of the one6G Association

    One6G is a non-profit association with over 100 academic and industry members. Karlstad University can use one6Gs network for establishing strategic collaborations and partnerships with other one6G members.

    – As one6G member, we can propose new or participate to existing joint research topics as part of one6G working groups. This gives the opportunity to collaborate internationally on different research topics in a flexible and research-driven manner, for instance towards joint publications, participate to one6G plenary meetings where research activities are discussed and gain strategic visibility in the 6G research ecosystem.

  • 2024-03-08

    Enhancing health education with the help of 6G

    6G-PATH (6G-pilots and Trials Through Europe) is a new Horizon Europe project where Computer Science and Nursing Science at Karlstad University are participating. The project is going to develop solutions that can be applied in health education.

    6G is expected to introduce new technologies that will enable innovative applications. One such application is Extended Reality (XR), which is a general term used to describe experiences that span from the physical to the digital world.

  • 2024-01-26

    Anna Brunström keynotespeaker at WONS 2024 Conference

    The 19th Wireless On-demand Network systems and Services Conference will take place in Chamonix, France 29th-31th of January. One of the main keynotespeakers is Anna Brunström who is Professor in Computer Science at Karlstad University who will talk about Protocols, Architectures and Performance in a 5G and Beyond Network Landscape.

    IFIP WONS, now at its nineteenth edition, has established itself as a high quality forum to address challenges such as providing robust services in highly dynamic, mobile, and extreme environments, how to minimize energy demands or zero out battery usage in favor of renewable energy sources and how to make wireless on-demand networks and services self-configurable, adaptive, self-organizing, and self-healing in a variety of different context, each exhibiting its own peculiar constraints.

  • 2023-12-11

    Joint workshop with DRIVE and partner companies in Kista

    The project group DRIVE, together with Ericsson AB, invited partner companies to a two-day joint workshop with the aim of showcasing and discussing how to work with mobile services. Karlstad University also had the opportunity to describe their research in the field when it was time to meet at Ericsson's premises in Stockholm, Kista.

    DRIVE has the overall goal of conducting world-leading research and education in the area of data-driven, latency-sensitive mobile services for future mobile networks, as well as contributing to a sustainable digitization of society. In the project, one of the objectives is to explore how mobile services can be used in the most optimized and energy-efficient way possible.

  • 2023-11-15

    Mohsen Memarian is researching in making future mobile services sustainable

    Efficient connectivity to mobile and digital services is crucial for numerous societal entities worldwide.

    The DRIVE project aims to investigate how latency-sensitive mobile services can be designed in the most optimized, secure, and energy-efficient way possible. Progress in this research area is crucial for many societal functions, such as autonomous driving, autonomous manufacturing, smart energy solutions, and remote surgery. The objective is to contribute to a sustainable digitization of society where delays and energy consumption are minimized.

  • 2023-09-20

    Successful collaboration between Karlstad University and Rohde & Schwarz

    On Thursday 14 September, the subject of Computer Science held an open colloquium where Marco Neri from the telecommunication company Rohde & Schwarz talked about solutions and measurements related to 5G.

    Marco Neri has been involved in a joint research collaboration with Karlstad University since 2018. The research activity is one of the first collaborations in Europe to measure and analyse 5G mobile network performance. This gives Karlstad University a key role in the research context related to 5G empirical analyses and data-driven improvements.

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