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Congratulations! How do you feel about the appointment? - It feels great! I am both happy and proud. I am so pleased that my work as a researcher and teacher were evaluated and found to reach docent standard. I feel it's an important step in my career. You have a doctor's degree in Information Systems. What is your research field? - My research work is mainly conducted in the area of Information Systems Development.
What is Information systems in healthcare and and what is the latest research with regard to information communication and collaboration among hospital-based medical teams?

Hello there, Rodney Clarke...

News » 2018-09-20
... researcher and lecturer at University of Wollongong. You are also an associate professor of Information Systems here at Karlstad Business School. Commuting between the two work places takes an unusually long time – about 32 hours of travel from door to door. How come you work here in Karlstad? - I came in contact with Information Systems at the beginning of the 2000’s and have had cooperation with Samot and CTF.
In a collaborative effort to assure the quality of education at their universities, some universities are making their own evaluation of each other. Today the Treklöver Report about Karlstad Business School's- part of Karlstad University - educational programmes in Information Systems was published. The report mentions several good examples at the Information Systems group at Karlstad Business School, all to be shared by the Information Systems community in Sweden .
Information Systems at Karlstad Business School, welcomed a new teacher on the first of August. Gunnar Olsson, with a sterling background within the IT-business and a former Olympic medalist, has stepped into the academic world. Gunnar Olsson is originally from Timrå, a place north of Sundsvall that has a strong athletic tradition, not least in ice hockey with the men’s A-team of Timrå IK in the Swedish hockey league, SHL.
ITQ – the network for girls studying IT at universities and practitioners in business, celebrated 10 years with cake, guest lectures, and not least mingle and networking. The guest was Siduri Poli, the digital inspirer of 2017, who told of her interest for technology as a tool for change. Present were also current IT students, high school students from Fria Läroverken as well as professionals from CGI, Ibiz solutions, Municipality of Karlstad, Netgain, Sogeti and ÅF.
Between June 18 and 21 Karlstad university will be hosting the 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE CBMS 2018. And there is a great interest – more than 200 contributions have been submitted. Selecting amongst the papers is hard work for the international committee of the conference.

HumanIT website is closed

News » 2018-03-19
HumanIT is since Aug 31st 2017 decomissioned and we have also closed down the website now.
This conference provides a forum for enthusiasts in Mobile Communication Technologies for Development (M4D) to share experiences of innovation and working with mobile technologies in development contexts. The inaugural conference was held in Karlstad, Sweden in 2008.
The 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, CBMS 2018, will be hosted by Karlstad University, Sweden. The symposium will take place from June 18 to 21st, 2018. CBMS 2018 will provide an international forum to discuss the latest developments in the field of computational medicine, biomedical informatics and related fields.
We welcome Fredrik Johansson who will work full time certain months at Karlstad university during the academic year 17/18. He will teach courses in database design, programming and web. Fredrik’s ordinary work is at the Karlstad branch of the Norwegian company Cerpus where he helps the company’s client with their web sites.
A discussion seminar with Professor Jan ”Gulan” Gulliksen, a new member of the university board, and member of the Digitalisation Council, which the Swedish government formed in March this year. Gulan will speak and discuss the topics of politics, national IT policies and digitalisation, that is the impact of digitisation on our society, and also on digitalisation as an object for research and education.  The event is open to the public.
Bridget Kane, associate professor of Information Systems, spent three days in Copenhagen on a trip to Healthcare Denmark, and the European Headquarters of the World Health Organisation. The field trip was organised through the Centre for Health Policy and Management at Trinity College Dublin.
Professor Remigijus Gustas and Assistant Professor Prima Gustiene from the Information Systems department at Karlstad Business School were awarded “Best Paper” at the 6th BMSD International Symposium of Business Modeling and Software Design, held in Rhodes, Greece, June 20-22, 2016. Now, an extended version of their paper “Principles of Semantically Integrated Conceptual Modelling Method” appears as the first chapter of eleven “selected papers” in a Springer LNBIP volume,
Wednesday, May 3rd Chris Hieber, Lead Business Analyst, from Capgemini Stuttgart in Germany, visited the Information System department at KaU and gave a lecture in the Master course “Electronic Business and Enterprise Systems” about Business Process Model Notation (BPMN 2.0) – How to Model Business Processes. There were many interested visitors, both students, colleagues from the Information Systems department and visiting researchers who took the chance to listen to Chri
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