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This year's Sustainability Day at the Business School centred to a great extent on the art of moving from talking to acting, turning ideas and plans into speed and action, since knowledge means nothing without the ability to use it.
Is an app the right way to guide visitors to the central Hospital in Karlstad? A new research study will try to provide an answer to that question. The study is a breakthrough for research in real location within DigitalWell. The methodology is developed at Karlstad University and for the trials a prototyping system called Ozlab is used. “It looks like an app but is controlled by a real person.
When courts decide whether to continue or discontinue care under the Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act (LVU) previous judgements are, in practice, indicative. This means that children and adolescents who have previously been subject to enforced protective custody tend to remain in care for a considerably longer time.

Award-winning essay

News » 2019-11-27
”Everyone clapped because they were expected to”, is the title of the C-essay which won the 2019 Essay Award presented by the Region West HR Association. The authors are Emma Hammarberg and Fanny Olsson, who studied the Human Resource Management and Working Life programme at Karlstad Business School. The winning essay in HR studies centres on organisation culture and loyalty. The jury’s citation was, among other things, that the essay is valuable for the HR profession.
We are happy to welcome Muhammad Murtaza Ali, new PhD student in Business Administration at Karlstad Business School. He is placed at CTF, Service Research Center, where he will study digital transformation. "I will study how digitalisation is affecting markets and actors.
Anne-Charlotte Paas is a new PhD student in Business Administration at Karlstad Business School, Karlstad University. She will be placed at CTF, Service Research Center, where she will study sustainable development in everyday life. "I will, among other things, look at different dilemmas that can arise and what implications this can have when a family will try to live a more sustainable everyday life.
Times Higher Education is one of the most esteemed university rankings in the world. Karlstad University has been ranked 251-300 in the category Business & Economics. This year’s ranking includes almost 1 400 universities in 92 countries and is the largest and most varied university ranking ever made. In order to be included, the higher education institutions must meet certain criteria.
Cybersecurity concerns you, your work and your research - it is becoming increasingly important, and a sustainable society without cybersecurity does not exist. This was the main message when researcher and expert Fredrik Blix, Stockholm University and Cybercom, gave an open guest lecture at Karlstad University. On October 25, CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, organized an open guest lecture with the researcher and cybersecurity expert Fredrik Blix.

Agreement signed with Github

News » 2019-10-25
Karlstad Business School has signed a partnership agreement with Github – an online Community and subsidiary of Microsoft – to offer students and teaching staff the opportunity to cooperate and contribute to different IT projects without cost. Revision control of source code is very important in all development and management of systems. GIT is a system for revision control developed by the Linux creator Linus Torvalds.
Last May the site visits to the universities were made, and now the report on cluster nine has been submitted. The Treklöver partners for quality development at Karlstad University, Linnaeus University and Mid-Sweden University have each submitted a report on the respective university.
Researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, will, within an Interreg Consortium, analyze travel services from a traveler's perspective. The project is funded by the EU regional development fund Interreg Baltic Sea Region. "The purpose of the project is to study vulnerable travel groups and their perceived experience of existing services," says researcher Per Echeverri.
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