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Teachers praised by students

News » 2019-08-26
At the end of the spring term, Karlstad Student Union took the opportunity to surprise some members of the teaching staff that students wished to pay special tribute to. "Celebrate a teacher" was the name of the campaign running during the spring semester and on 19 June the result was announced on the student union Instagram. Individual students as well as societies had been invited to nominate candidates via videos published on the student union Instagram.
Digitalization and GDPR have made management of personal data increasingly demanding for many organizations, as well as citizens. Last year there were reports on 2300 personal data incidents to the Swedish Data Protection Authority, of which one quarter concerned the public sector. In addition to legal and technical challenges, there are also questions on how value is created with personal data, and not least on whose terms.
Can the patient journey through healthcare be changed? How are patients treated and why? In a new doctoral thesis, Josina Vink has studied the patient journey and how it can be redesigned. She believes it is not only the physical details that are important when changing the patient journey, but also the whole structure of healthcare, the norms, behaviors and rules. A large part of care that patients receive today at healthcare centers can equally well be given at home.
Karlstad University and its partners in the private sector have received funding from the Knowledge Foundation for two research projects, TRUEdig and AMHiPP. TRUEdig investigates how businesses that develop privacy-enhancing services also can increase users’ security and sense of empowerment. AMHiPP will develop the microstructure of different materials to ensure maximal strength and sustainability.
The Swedish DOME research consortium held a meeting in Karlstad June 4-5, 2019, where Information System’s Bridget Kane, Karlstad Business School, acted as host. The purpose of the DOME consortium is to build knowledge about the implementation and use of eHealth services. Its research is based on studies of e-health projects, in particular in cooperation with the parties involved in the establishment of Online Patient Records in Sweden (“Journalen”).
Having the opportunity to practise arguing a case in a complex tax dispute and doing it in the premises of the Administrative Court is worth a great deal for the future professional role.
Researchers from Europe and North America met at Karlstad University to discuss the broader perspective of Marketing ethics and CSR with a focus on the role of positive and normative marketing ethics, and the change in business ethics due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology at “The 7th Pat Murphy International Symposium on Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility”. More than 25 researchers from several countries in Europe and North Americ
On March 27-29, the Swedish research school of Management and IT (MIT) held the 2019 Spring Conference at Karlstad University, hosted by CTF, Service Research Center and Karlstad Business School.
Network meeting, guest lecture, part of course – and what's more, co-production of knowledge. When process orientation in practice was on the agenda, around 50 participants from different companies, organisations and Business School IT students attended the meeting. On 8 March, students and professionals spent the whole morning focusing on process orientation, digitization and how best to create value.
A new project on needs-driven research and development of methods and tools for IT-supported crisis management training was recently granted 4.8 million Swedish krona from the EU’s regional development fund Interreg.
Ikea is the most innovative company on the Swedish market followed by MTR Express and Netflix in second and third place. This is according to the Swedish Innovation Index, a new index which focuses on innovation from the customers’ perspective, developed by researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden. There are different types of innovation and different ways to measure innovation.
Should the plastic lid on the milk carton packaging be left or torn off before sorting? And what about the plastic packaging around meat products, should you rinse out the food residues before sorting? At Christmas time the amount of household waste increases, and recycling is often experienced as messy, time consuming and complicated.
On December 3, Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation, and the Tore Browaldh's Foundation announced 20 new recipients of the Wallander Scholarship for outstanding doctoral dissertations. One of the recipients is PhD Kaisa Koskela-Huotari at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. Congratulations to the Wallander Scholarship! "Thank you! I am extremely happy and honored to be awarded the prestigious Wallander Scholarship.
Each year, the business and economics students at Karlstad Business School, award a particularly skilled teacher the Teacher of the Year Award. This year's award goes to Tony Edman of Business Administration. This was announced at the Key Job Fair fest banquet on Wednesday the 28th of November. Karlekon, the student association for business administration and economics, give the award Theacher of The Year to an engaged, skillful and dedicated teacher every year.
Health insurance is one of the foundations of Swedish welfare, and a security for citizens that are unable to work due sick leave. Today, citizens on sick leave have to work and be active in their contact with administrative officers at the Social Insurance Agency, in what is named bureaucratic co-creation, to get their case processed and to receive health insurance benefits.
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