• 2021-06-24

    New study on how brands affect customer experiences in service encounters

    We often hear about the importance of a strong brand. But how does a brand really affect the customer's experience of a service? Results in a new study show how customers’ experiences in service encounters are affected differently by the characteristics of a brand, store and consumer factors. By understanding the complex interplay between these factors, companies and retailers can design unique customer experiences.

    This study investigates how brands influence customer experiences, and how retailers can leverage their brand to shape customers’ satisfaction with service encounters.

  • 2021-06-23

    Summer greeting from CTF´s director

    Rarely has our research on behavior change, service development, ecosystems and public services been as current, relevant and applicable as during this past year. The pandemic has significantly affected our lives and changed many behaviors with consequences for companies and the public sector, and for society and individuals as well. As one of Sweden's largest research centers, it is important to reflect on this. From a CTF perspective, it has been interesting to study how the principles of service research have been adopted by various different organizations.

  • 2021-06-18

    Meet Javaneh Mehran, new postdoctoral researcher

    Javaneh Mehran is a lecturer and researcher with a background in the service research industry. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on consumer behavior, sustainable service marketing and tourism expenditure modelling.

    Hello Javaneh, tell us what brought you to CTF and Karlstad University?
    “My interest for the postdoctoral position at CTF with a specialization in innovation measurement stems from my background in modelling consumer behavior in the service industry, marketing psychology and application of research methods.  I think that CTF is very compatible for my research path. Sweden has long-term focus on education and research, and CTF has a major impact on the capacity for innovation adoption in service industry."

  • 2021-06-17

    New Professor of Marketing

    We are pleased to welcome Christina Öberg, professor of marketing, to CTF and Karlstad Business School, where she is active in research and teaching.

    Christina started her new position at Karlstad University on January 1, and has been working full time since June 1. She is currently also a Visiting Professor at Leeds University in England and associated with the research institute Ratio.

  • 2021-06-15

    The fifth edition of Service Innovation Day

    Innovation, transformation and sustainable development during changing times marked by the pandemic were in focus at CTF´s Service Innovation Day 2021 where the participants listened to presentations from Vinnova, Ikea, Systembolaget and Ica Maxi on how they work with these issues. Researchers at CTF presented insights from research and the Swedish Innovation Index 2020.

    For the fifth time, CTF, Service Research at Karlstad University arranged the seminar "Service Innovation Day" (Tjänsteinnovationsdagen), which attracted just over 100 participants on Zoom. This year, Nina Löfberg, researcher and senior lecturer at CTF and Karlstad Business School was moderator. First out among the speakers was Annika Zika-Viktorsson, senior analyst at Vinnova, who shared some insights into how Sweden's innovation agency works.

  • 2021-06-09

    Trust and aligning views between organisations – the key to fruitful collaboration

    Public procurement is where profit-driven private companies meet organisations with social values. This intersection is fertile ground for challenges.

    Sofia Molander’s doctoral thesis, Enacting, Enabling, and Embracing Market Orientation: A study of Public–Private Dyads, examines how public transport can establish a service that satisfies customer needs through fruitful collaboration with the service provider.