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  • 2019-02-04

    Unique study on gaming and English vocabulary learning – time played matters more than the type of game played

    A large-scale study reveals that Swedish teenagers who spend a lot of time playing video games excel when it comes to knowing many words in English. Compared to their non-gaming peers, the gamers score significantly higher for particularly difficult words. The study also concludes that the time played is more important than the type of game played for predicting vocabulary scores. The fact that the study draws on multiple datasets collected from more than 1,000 students makes it unique in the field.

    Pia Sundqvist, associate professor in English at Karlstad University and the University of Oslo, is responsible for the study and somewhat surprised at its results.

    "I had expected gamers to know more words than non-gamers because we have seen this in previous small-scale studies from around the world, not only in Scandinavia. However, I was surprised to learn that the time they reported playing commercial-off-the-shelf games mattered more for their English vocabulary than what types of games they played", says Pia Sundqvist.

  • 2019-01-31

    Students develop app for new type of cultural experience

    Podcast dramas that enhance the listening experience through interactive effects have become reality through a collaboration between dramatist Amanda Fromell and computer technology students at Karlstad University. Together they have created a new type of cultural experience in which a smartphone interacts with the contents and for example vibrates in time with heartbeats, becomes warm during a heated dialogue or sends links related to the podcast contents.

    “The aim is to offer an art form that everyone with a smartphone can enjoy. I wanted to integrate the contents with effects to reinforce the listening experience,” says Amanda Fromell, dramatist and doctoral student at the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham.
    “I have long been interested in how algorithms affect phone users. This project also allows users to see which control phones exert over us.”

  • 2019-01-29

    New research project on regional differences in health care utilization

    Why is primary health care utilization per person almost twice as high in for example the Stockholm region compared to the Östergötland region? The difference in health care utilization between Swedish regions is large and has increased over time. Researchers from Karlstad, Gothenburg and Verona have begun searching for the answers.

    In the research project "Regional variation in health care utilization: explaining the large differences using evidence from regional migration", researchers from Karlstad Business School and University of Gothenburg, will address what explains and drives the increasing and large regional variations.

  • 2019-01-24

    Hello, Diana Morales, new post doc at CRS…

    … from the 1st of January, you are the new post doc at Centre for Regional Studies, CRS. What are your plans?

    -I will be here for two years. My research is within the Academy for Smart Specialisation and the project Forests as resources and opportunities in regional development, as well as Innovation for green transition based on the forest as a resource.

  • 2019-01-24

    Where did the ink go? Effects of liquid absorption in flexography

    An important part of packaging is the printed packaging surface, communicating a message to the consumers. Poor printing quality can affect the perception of the packaging as well as the product. A new doctoral thesis focusing on ink distribution in flexography enables the control of printing quality already in the paper mill production process.

    ”A printed image can consist of several layers of ink and the distribution within each layer cab affect the quality of the image”, says Sofia Thorman, industrial doctoral student in chemical engineering at Karlstad University and researcher RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden. “How evenly the ink is applied and distributed depends on the quality of the carton or the paper it is printed on. To ensure that the carton properties meet the requirements for stable printing quality, it is important to understand what causes irregularities in the print.”

  • 2019-01-10

    Brazilian government interested in smart specialisation in Värmland

    Representatives of the Brazilian government visited Värmland for two days to draw inspiration for regional development. Their visit included a thorough presentation of the Academy for Smart Specialisation and a visit to the Business from Bioeconomy conference.

    “We also have large forests, challenges with regional development and a need to involve more parts of society in sustainable development,” says Ramos Braga Irani, advisor to the Brazilian Minister for Regional Development.

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