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  • 2019-01-10

    Brazilian government interested in smart specialisation in Värmland

    Representatives of the Brazilian government visited Värmland for two days to draw inspiration for regional development. Their visit included a thorough presentation of the Academy for Smart Specialisation and a visit to the Business from Bioeconomy conference.

    “We also have large forests, challenges with regional development and a need to involve more parts of society in sustainable development,” says Ramos Braga Irani, advisor to the Brazilian Minister for Regional Development.

  • 2019-01-10

    New research project on moving out of big cities

    A new research project on the experiences of families who moved out of big cities recently received a grant of SEK 2.9 million from Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. The project is headed by Ulrika Åkerlund, human geographer at the Centre for Regional Studies at Karlstad University, and also involves Erika Sandow from Umeå University.

    The project aims to analyse families with children’s move out of big cities as a strategy for creating better work–life balance and improving their quality of life. Moving to a new region involves reorganising many elements of one’s life, including housing, work and leisure time. The project investigates how the organisation of daily life influenced the decision to move, and how movers afterwards experience the effects of leaving big cities.

  • 2019-01-07

    Tourism can be sustainable

    Tourism can result in valuable insights and experiences promoting the further sustainable development of society as a whole. This is the opinion of Fredrik Hoppstadius, who completed his PhD in Human Geography at Karlstad University. He conducted fieldwork, interviewed tourists and tourism businesses and analysed municipal tourism strategies in the Lake Vänern Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.

    Sustainable development is a broad notion that is hard to define, but at the same time it is absolutely critical for environmental, economic and social reasons. How can sustainability be put into practice, made understandable and contribute to our everyday lives? In his thesis, Fredrik Hoppstadius puts an emphasis on the importance of local and place-specific approaches for sustainable development.

  • 2019-01-03

    New project on forests as resources in regional development

    Region Värmland has granted SEK 1.2 million to CSR for the project “Forests as resources and opportunities in regional development.” This two-year project commences at the start of 2019. The aim is to contribute knowledge that can be used to further develop skills in the regional innovation system for transition to a sustainable forest-based bioeconomy.

    Climate and environmental changes increase the demands on forestry resources at the same time as more actors and concerns are competing for the same resources. The increased demand for forest-based biomass could affect biodiversity and the environment at local and regional levels.

  • 2018-12-20

    The packaging determines if consumers recycle Christmas correctly

    Should the plastic lid on the milk carton packaging be left or torn off before sorting? And what about the plastic packaging around meat products, should you rinse out the food residues before sorting? At Christmas time the amount of household waste increases, and recycling is often experienced as messy, time consuming and complicated. These are the findings from a new study conducted by researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University.

    The researchers have investigated how the packaging design affects sorting. They found that the decision between throwing out or recycling was surprisingly complex. When it comes to taking care of the packaging, time plays a big role.

  • 2018-12-17

    Mathematicians solve industrial problems

    The second Mathematics Meets Industry day (MIMM®) was held at Karlstad University on 12 December. Together with representatives from Rolls-Royce, Sogeti and Uddeholm, upper-secondary students, university students, researchers and teachers tried to find mathematical solutions to problems that are yet to be solved.

    “We want to showcase Värmland as a basis for attractive employers that use mathematics in advanced modern technology. An important part is showing how much fun mathematics is and to give upper-secondary and university students a taste of using applied mathematics in various workplaces,” says Adrian Muntean, professor of Mathematics who organised the day with Elisabet Mellroth, PhD in Pedagogical Work.

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