• 2021-10-01

    Green bio-oil may come from an unexpected place

    We receive district heating and electricity from cogeneration plants (also known as combined heat and power plants). In the future they might also produce bio-oil, which can be used as biofuel or replace fossil oil in the chemicals industry. According to a new study, Sweden’s combined cogeneration plants have the potential to produce more than 20 percent of the current energy requirement within the transport sector.

    - In this study, I have examined how to workup the bio-oil for a broader usage, says Jörgen Samuelsson, Associate Professor in Chemistry at Karlstad University. It’s about examining the oil and improving its physical properties for other applications.

  • 2021-09-30

    This applies to Karlstad University between 1 October and 7 November

    The Public Health Agency’s general guidelines concerning our shared responsibility in preventing the spread of infection is removed on 29 September. This means longer opening hours on campus and that all rooms on the premises can be used as before. Regular on-campus teaching on University premises will start on 8 November, according to the already existing plan.

    Please note that students are welcome to come to campus from 1 October, but that the decision to start the on-campus teaching on 8 November still applies.

    The Public Health Agency’s new general guidelines state that adults who are not yet vaccinated should continue to keep their distance to other people. This is especially important in contact with people who are part of an at-risk group and with people who are 70 years old, or more.

  • 2021-09-28

    Psychological safety strengthens teams

    Recently, Tomas Gustavsson was awarded “Best full paper” for his article “Team performance in large-scale agile software development” at the ISD conference.

    Tomas Gustavsson received his Degree of Doctorate in 2020 and he has used some the data collected for his thesis in the paper ”Team performance in large-scale agile software development”, where he examines the benefits of psychological safety within a team.

  • 2021-09-10

    The disconnected work place and new ideals regarding digital well-being

    In her article “The Disconnection Turn: Three facets of disconnective work in post-digital capitalism”, Karin Fast, senior lecturer in Media and Communication Studies, discusses the social consequences of disconnecting invasive media as well as digital detox trends at work places.

    - In short, my article is about the disconnected work place, new ideals regarding how we should be working without online connections and how problems with intrusive - or invasive - media are discussed, explains Karin Fast. The article also mentions new ways of organising and marketing work places and the new forms of digital work which, paradoxically, are driven by the interest in the disconnected.

  • 2021-09-07

    Test environment for 5G, the mobile communication system of the future, is now opened

    DigitalWell Arena and Karlstad University have, together with Telia, built a test environment for businesses, entrepreneurs and others who are developing innovative new services.

    5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication systems, which enables higher capacity and bandwith, as well as shorter response time and latency. The improvements facilitate the development of services within healthcare, industry and gaming.

  • 2021-08-20

    On-campus and distance education, autumn semester 2021 at Karlstad University

    The autumn semester at Karlstad University starts on 30 August. New students at study programmes, where the student groups are not too large, are prioritised to start the semester on campus.

    International students will also be taught on campus. If possible, second-year students will gradually be offered on-campus teaching during the fall, as long as the groups are not too big.

    – We are prioritising new students for on-campus education, and we are looking into ways in which we can offer last year’s students more opportunities to study on campus. It feels good that we are starting to sense a return to normality, says Johan Sterte, vice-chancellor at Karlstad University.

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