• 2023-09-28

    Young people do not learn enough about economics in school

    Both as individuals and citizens of society, we are affected by economics in many different ways and through decisions at various levels. This means that knowledge of economics is a prerequisite to be able to participate and live in a democracy in a qualified way. A new doctoral thesis examines what this particularly important knowledge is and how well prepared social studies teachers are to teach this economic content.

    So, what type of economic knowledge should schools teach to equip our young people for adulthood? And how should we equip our future teachers to be able to teach this content? The thesis seeks answers to these questions through four separate studies. Two of the studies look at what type of knowledge economic scholars believe social studies should cover and what is covered in textbooks. The other two studies deal with the prerequisites of prospective social studies teachers for teaching economics in upper secondary school.

  • 2023-09-26

    Can you compete in robotics?

    The answer is yes. The university engineer student Carl Törnberg was part of a team that won a second prize during his internship in Japan at Ritsumeikan University.

    - I have been interning at Ritsumeikan University in Japan since the beginning of 2023, and this summer, it was time for a robotics competition with the team I am part of here, says Carl Törnberg, a student in the electrical engineering program.

  • 2023-09-22

    SERVSIG Best Service Article Award to The Service Research Center (CTF) for the second time

    This award recognises “The best article in the service literature published during a calendar year” across international journals. It’s the second time Ingo Karpen (CTF) wins this prestigious award.

    Ingo Karpen, given it’s the second time you receive this prestigious award, why has your research drawn such interest do you think?

  • 2023-09-22

    Hello there Anna Sonesson and Jessica Ekberg...

    ...teachers of the Early Years Education Programme at Karlstad University…you are going to Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, in October on an ERASMUS exchange. You are also meeting with a commission of the Australian Government tasked with reviewing the country’s preschool education. Tell us more!

    "We have a student exchange agreement with Victoria University and it turned out that there was ERASMUS funding for teachers to visit the university as well, says Anna Sonesson. We jumped at the opportunity and professor Mary-Rose McLaren, who’s the point of contact for our students, will be our contact person also."

    Anna and Jessica are going to visit Victoria University and its campuses in Melbourne and Sydney.

  • 2023-09-19

    Hope and hopeful trends in our contemporary digitalised world at the focus of this year’s Geomedia conference

    This year’s international Geomedia conference is held 20–22 September in Tampere, Finland, under the theme “Digital Geographies of Hope”. Eleven people from Karlstad University will take part in the conference, which is organised in collaboration with Tampere University.

    André Jansson, Professor of Media and Communication Studies and Director of the Center for Geomedia Studies (Geomedia) at Karlstads University, tell us more about the theme “Digital Geographies of Hope”

  • 2023-09-14

    Report filed with the Disciplinary Board

    The situation surrounding the course Intercultural studies: race and whiteness in Sweden, which has attracted a lot of media attention, has led to a report being filed with the Disciplinary Board of Karlstad University.

    The report was entered in the registry on Thursday and will be processed promptly. A request for supplementary documentation has been sent to the person who filed the report.

    Work also continues to ensure a safe work environment for employees and students at the university, including various safety and security measures.

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