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How do the elderly travel before, during and after the Corona pandemic, and what consequences does it have for energy efficient and sustainable travel? Researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, will study this in an ongoing project which now receives additional funding from the Swedish Energy Agency.
In order for pharmaceuticals to be safe, they must be clean of pollutants. Carbon dioxide can be used to make the purification process more environmentally friendly, which may seem paradoxical since carbon dioxide is usually associated with a negative climate impact.
The Public Health Agency and the Government announced on May 29 that Swedish universities will be able to open their campuses from June 15, 2020.

Towards more usable firewalls

News » 2020-05-26
Setting up firewalls correctly is a challenging task which becomes more difficult the bigger a network grows. Artem Voronkov, who recently completed a Degree of Doctor in Computer Science, has focused his work on how to help system administrators to better manage firewalls. Most companies have access to the Internet and their corporate networks connected to it. Many threats to computer systems, e.g.
The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Karlstad University wishes to honour a person with a prominent role in the Swedish music industry. She also has ties to Värmland and has been of great importance to Ingesund School of Music in connection with the annual Polar Music Prize where she acts as CEO.
Karlstad University receives 27 million SEK from the Knowledge Foundation to develop and offer courses to strengthen the competence needs in the Swedish business sector with the purpose of ultimately strengthening Sweden's competitiveness. CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has for more than 30 years conducted research education with focus on services and value creation.
… within the Research School on Sustainable Societal Transformation since 1 February this year. Why did you decide to do a PhD? “Well, because I’m curious, I want to learn more, develop, and also contribute to developing the knowledge in social work as a field... ...
Choosing serving size packages and smaller packages is smarter for the climate. This according to a new study from CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, where the researchers have mapped food waste in Swedish households.
During her years as a researcher and data protection commissioner, the German computer scientist Marit Hansen has been a pioneer for the concept of privacy enhancing technologies (PET).
Cormac McCarthy, author of novels such as Blood Meridian, Cities of the Plain, and The Road, is the subject of a new dissertation from Karlstad University. Fredrik Svensson highlights neglected aspects of a decades-long authorship that has produced a considerable number of novels, plays, and screenplays. McCarthy’s oeuvre spans over five decades, from the 1960s to the early 2000s, and includes ten novels.
In June 2019, the excellence initiative in which the Service Research Centre (CTF) and Computer Science took part since 2014, came to an end. The initiative has allowed the research groups to grow and develop in order to continue producing world-class research. This is evident in the final reports from the groups. In June 2019, the excellence initiative in which the Service Research Centre (CTF) and Computer Science took part since 2014, came to an end.

Safe to use Zoom with KauID

News » 2020-04-16
Lately, there have been reports in the media worldwide about security flaws in Zoom. However, the section of Zoom provided by Karlstad University’s supplier SUNET is not affected by these security flaws to the same extent. “Employees and students at Karlstad University can feel safe when using Zoom,” says Monika Allöv Andersson, responsible for the Zoom service at Karlstad University IT Department.
You have probably noticed that an online video clip playing on your mobile phone is interrupted when you leave your house and the Wifi network. The mobile phone connects to 4G, and the video clip resumes. One advantage of multipath networks, which will be common in the future, is that your mobile phone will switch between different networks without you noticing it.
The spread of coronavirus has had consequences that nobody could have imagined when the first reports from China appeared in January. The ongoing effort to limit the spread of infection and protect old people and persons with previous medical conditions concerns society as a whole, including Karlstad University. Many people are worried, of course, about health aspects and about the societal consequences that the measures taken will have.