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The Karlstad Programming Contest 2019 will be arranged October 5th, at Karlstad University. Teams of a maximum of three contestants is challenged to solve different kind of programming problems.
The last two weeks the CCS, Centre for Climate and Safety at Karlstad University has been visited by two experts on natural disaster modelling from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA. Jesse Rozelle, the Acting Branch Chief for FEMA HQ’s Actuarial and Catastrophic Modeling Branch, and Casey Zuzak, a Senior Risk Analyst for Hazus and the Natural Hazards Risk Assessment Program (NHRAP) are in Karlstad in connection to a research project funded by the Swedish Ci
Last May the site visits to the universities were made, and now the report on cluster nine has been submitted. The Treklöver partners for quality development at Karlstad University, Linnaeus University and Mid-Sweden University have each submitted a report on the respective university.
Researchers at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, will, within an Interreg Consortium, analyze travel services from a traveler's perspective. The project is funded by the EU regional development fund Interreg Baltic Sea Region. "The purpose of the project is to study vulnerable travel groups and their perceived experience of existing services," says researcher Per Echeverri.
Is it possible to improve the performance of mobile data communication through a combination of technologies such as WiFi with 4G and 5G? This is what Stefan Alfredsson, senior lecturer in Computer Science, would like to find out in his research. It is hard to imagine life without a mobile phone. It is our primary access point to social media and the authorities and offers a constant link to entertainment, shopping, and important community services.
In Brazil, 63% of the population receives primary health care at home, and the introduction of digital aids has revolutionized healthcare. Forms that were usually completed by hand can now be easily filled out using a mobile application. At the same time, there are requirements that patient data must be processed securely.
Apps have become an important part of our lives. They guide us to the right address, tell us to exercise more, and provide us with information about other things that we need help with in our everyday lives. In order to be able to do so, they register where we are, what we say, and what we do. But can we really trust the apps with our personal information?
Recently, one of the world's prime conferences in service research, QUIS16, was arranged at Karlstad University. Several of the founders of the research field shared their stories on how it all started and valuable insights, and provided good advice for continued research and development.
Doctor Natalie Holmes, organic electronics researcher at the University of Newcastle in Australia, is currently spending two months at Karlstad University as a visiting researcher.
Mobile broadband gives 30% lower performance than normal broadband. This is shown in a new study presented by Karlstad researcher Mohammad Rajiullah at The Web Conference 2019, a top-ranked (A*) conference held on the 13th –17th May in San Francisco, USA. Smartphones and mobile broadband have revolutionised web use.
Seke Chainda, a student in the Biology Master's Program at Karlstad University, has been named Global Swede of 2019. On May 21 he was celebrated, together with other Global Swede students, at a ceremony at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. On May 21 the distinction Global Swede was conferred on twenty-six international top students from Swedish institutions of higher education.
Karlstad University is testing a new evacuation plan in Building 21 (Vänern). The first person to arrive at the place where the evacuation vest and instructions are placed may evacuate the premises. This applies to staff as well as students. The plan entails that there are trained evacuation leaders, but if they are not present when the fire alarm sounds, others need to take the lead in evacuating the premises.
Having the opportunity to practise arguing a case in a complex tax dispute and doing it in the premises of the Administrative Court is worth a great deal for the future professional role.
Now there is a clear definition of internet access. Computer Science at Karlstad University was one of the participants in a project in which the Swedish Internet Foundation (IIS) and Netnod brought together service providers, technicians and other interested parties to define important terms so that they can be used consistently. "Today all our services rely on internet access.
Four students on the Master of Science in Engineering programme helped to develop Dysconnect, an app with podcast dramas that enhance the listening experience through interactive effects. The app was presented for the first time to the public at a cultural festival in Scotland over the weekend. Hello there Martin Wahlberg, student and app developer! You have just come home from a cultural festival in Scotland.
Today, Monday 29 April, is the launch of the Not Cool campaign to put a stop to sexual harassment in the student community by getting more students to act if situations get out of control. The campaign is the initiative of the Karlstad Student Union, Karlstad University and the Värmland County Council. “Students can help prevent sexual harassment by daring to see and act.