• 2023-02-06

    Meet Brianne Nichols, new researcher at CTF

    Brianne Nichols, is a lecturer at Karlstad University and holds a PhD in Psychology from Bangor University in the UK. Now, she is joining CTF to contribute to ongoing research in the field of transport psychology.

    Hello Brianne and welcome to CTF! Can you tell us about your research?

  • 2023-01-18

    The importance of balancing past and present in sharing economy apps

    According to the study “Sharing economy platforms as mainstream: balancing pro-social and economic tensions”, there are tensions between the digital and the old ways of sharing things.

    - Sharing economy platforms are erasing the borders between personal/social norms and market norms in commercial exchanges, says Hugo Guyader, senior lecturer in Business Administration at Linköping University and former visiting researcher at Karlstad University, who has conducted this study with Margareta Friman and Lars E Olsson, both professors of Psychology at the Service Research Center (CTF).

  • 2023-01-11

    Hello there Per Skålén, professor of Business Administration ...

    ... You have been on “RJ Sabbatical” the past year. What have you been working on?

    – The aim of my sabbatical project has been to complete the research that I have conducted within the areas of marketing and service research based on practice theory. Practice theory focuses on understanding reality by studying what people do and the activities in which they engage. In my case, this refers to what marketers do and how this can be improved.

  • 2023-01-10

    Even gloomy settings can generate screen tourism

    It is not only beautiful and vast landscapes as seen in "The Lord of the Rings" and medieval castles in "Game of Thrones" that attract screen tourists. In the genre Nordic Noir, a bridge under a grey sky between Sweden and Denmark can be seen as just as exciting.

    Richard Ek, Professor of Human Geography at Karlstad University and connected to the Centre for Geomedia Studies, has together with Mia Larsson, Professor of Business Administration at the Service Research Centre (CTF), and Can Seng Ooi from the University of Tasmania published a book chapter that looks at how even gloomy and depressing settings in films and TV series can generate screen tourism.

  • 2022-12-22

    Psychology Professor provides tips for a more joyful Christmas Holiday

    Although Christmas and the holiday break is a time for recovery, research shows that it is the opposite for many of us and that we become increasingly stressed at this time of year. Professor Per Kristensson at Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University provides helpful tips on how to reduce stress and enjoy Christmas more.


    - Keep an eye on your calendar! Even on days off, it is common that the calendar fills up with too many activities, even if they are fun. In order to have time for recovery and to be able to unwind, it is important to put in some rest between activities – plan time for your recovery.

  • 2022-12-13

    Christmas greetings from the director

    Christmas is around the corner and the year is drawing to a close, as I look back on an eventful year. I want to take this opportunity to give my warmest thanks to colleagues, partners, funders, and anyone who has contributed to or our research. I look forward to a new year of interesting research, courses and events.

    In 2022 we have managed to make the workplace vibrant and lively again, following the pandemic. CTF has always been permeated by a culture of exchange, where researchers meet, share ideas and collaborate across various disciplines and departments. We have welcomed new co-workers — researchers Klas Hedvall, Helen Perks, Siri Jagstedt and Fedrico Artusi, as well as the externally employed doctoral student Anna Ragén. Furthermore, Jakob Trischler has been promoted to associate professor or Business Administration. 


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