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  • 2020-06-01

    Faster and Greener Purification Process with Carbon Dioxide

    In order for pharmaceuticals to be safe, they must be clean of pollutants. Carbon dioxide can be used to make the purification process more environmentally friendly, which may seem paradoxical since carbon dioxide is usually associated with a negative climate impact. However, if carbon dioxide is recovered from other existing processes and if the use of environmentally hazardous organic solvents is reduced, large gains can be made both economically and environmentally.

    “More knowledge of how the separation system works makes it easier to predict how to design an optimal system,” says Emelie Glenne, who recently defended her doctoral thesis in chemistry.

    Chromatography is a separation technique used both to purify samples and to analyse which substances a sample contains. The method is based on the substances to be separated being distributed between a stationary and a mobile phase. In her thesis, Emelie Glenne has focused on so-called supercritical fluid chromatography, SFC.

  • 2020-05-29

    Universities may open campuses

    The Public Health Agency and the Government announced on May 29 that Swedish universities will be able to open their campuses from June 15, 2020. This means that summer courses and the autumn term can be conducted on campus as far as possible, based on the recommendations of the Public Health Agency.

    Johan Sterte, vice chancellor of Karlstad University, followed the government's press conference and is pleased with the news.

    - It feels great that we can open again for education and examination on campus during the summer, but, of course, within the limits set by the Public Health Authority. It is of utmost importance for those who will start or continue their studies next term, says Vice-Chancellor Johan Sterte. I am happy to welcome all students, current and new, welcome back this summer and autumn!

  • 2020-05-26

    Towards more usable firewalls

    Setting up firewalls correctly is a challenging task which becomes more difficult the bigger a network grows. Artem Voronkov, who recently completed a Degree of Doctor in Computer Science, has focused his work on how to help system administrators to better manage firewalls.

    Most companies have access to the Internet and their corporate networks connected to it. Many threats to computer systems, e.g. worms, trojans, and denial-of-service attacks, can be encountered online and may entail, for example, confidential data theft, service disruption and financial losses. Every organisation, regardless of its size, type of activity or infrastructure, requires network security solutions in place in order to protect it from the ever-increasing number of cyber threats.

  • 2020-05-14

    A pioneer in the music industry receives honorary doctorate

    The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Karlstad University wishes to honour a person with a prominent role in the Swedish music industry. She also has ties to Värmland and has been of great importance to Ingesund School of Music in connection with the annual Polar Music Prize where she acts as CEO. Marie Ledin is awarded an honorary doctorate at Karlstad University 2020.

    Marie Ledin is the daughter of the legendary Stikkan Anderson and Gudrun Rydstedt, who was born in Värmland. Stikkan Anderson, who began his career with studies in Arvika at Ingesund Folk High School, was a lyricist, music publisher, composer, manager, co-founder of ABBA, and founder of the record company Polar Music and the music publisher Sweden Music, as well as the founder of the Polar Music Prize.

  • 2020-05-13

    Karlstad University receives 27 million SEK to strengthen innovation in the Swedish business sector

    Karlstad University receives 27 million SEK from the Knowledge Foundation to develop and offer courses to strengthen the competence needs in the Swedish business sector with the purpose of ultimately strengthening Sweden's competitiveness.

    CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, has for more than 30 years conducted research education with focus on services and value creation. In 2018, CTF was awarded SEK 3 million from the Knowledge Foundation to develop and offer flexible courses for professionals at advanced level in the project “Improving value creation through service education, ISE.” The Knowledge Foundation has now decided to support the project with an additional 27 million SEK to further develop and implement courses on a larger scale in cooperation with the business sector.

  • 2020-05-11

    Hello there, Kristoffer Nilsson, doctoral student in Social Work ...

    … within the Research School on Sustainable Societal Transformation since 1 February this year. Why did you decide to do a PhD?
    “Well, because I’m curious, I want to learn more, develop, and also contribute to developing the knowledge in social work as a field...

    ... I completed the Master’s programme in social sciences with a specialisation in social work at Karlstad University and it felt like a natural step to apply for a doctoral studentship.”

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