• 2023-01-24

    Researchers and Members of Parliament Paid a Visit to KAU

    On Monday, representatives from Rifo — an association for researchers and members of parliament — visited Karlstad University.
    – We have seen both the wider picture as well as the cutting edge expertise, and we have learned more about the challenges in acquiring research funding, says Gunilla Svantorp.

    She is a member of parliament from Värmland, representing Socialdemokraterna. She is also the head of Rifo, a forum for knowledge exchange, dialogue and networking between primarily researchers and members of parliament.

  • 2023-01-24

    Challenging the century-old ethical rules of journalism

    The ethical rules of journalism was first put in writing in the US in the 1920s. A hundred years on, we are looking at a completely different audience. Researchers at Karlstad University have written an article that challenges old ingrained rules.

    With their article “Recoding journalism: Establishing normative dimensions for a twenty-first century news media”, researchers Michael Karlsson and Henrik Örnebring, both professors of Media and Communications, together with Raul Ferrer, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications, want to create a discussion on the ethical rules of journalism.

  • 2023-01-24

    Research for sustainable, environmentally friendly papermaking

    Papermaking often requires additives to achieve desired properties, such as the strength of the paper. New research shows that this can be solved in an, as of yet, untested way.

    - Normally, you add Cationic starch to the pulp in order to increase the strength of the paper, says Mozhgan Hashemzehi, PhD student in Chemical Engineering. Usually, the starch is derived from  potatoes, corn and wheat, but in our studies we have added chemically modified pulp in order to avoid using sources that can be used for food production instead.

  • 2023-01-23

    5G testing in progress

    In the DRIVE project, a common test environment with industry partner Varnish Software has now been installed. The tests will measure the impact of different network connections on latency and bandwidth during video streaming.

    Since mid-December, latency and bandwidth testing has been ongoing in Karlstad University's 5G testbed. A server is connected to several network connections at the same time to compare their performance. The connection options being tested are wifi, 5G and soon also the Starlink satellite system.

  • 2023-01-20

    Hello Simone Fischer-Hübner

    Hello Simone Fischer-Hübner, Professor in Computer Science! There's a lot going on right now in your field, cybersecurity. The Knowledge Foundation recently granted funding to a Swedish Industrial Graduate School on Cybersecurity (SIGS-CyberSec) where you will hold the wheel. Congratulations! Can you tell us more about what it will entail?

    – The SIGS-CyberSec graduate school will start in spring 2023, and is a collaboration between Karlstad University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Swedish Defence University and Örebro University. Together, the universities have built up excellent and internationally leading research profiles and courses in different and complementary areas of specialisation in cyber security for more than two decades. The first intake of SIGS-CyberSec will include eight PhD students, each of whom will be associated with a company in the industry, including Assemblin AB and KnowIt.

  • 2023-01-19

    A new round of Meet a Researcher

    Ecological sustainability, sleep robots and ageing are some of the topics included in the spring semester’s lunch seminars Meet a Researcher, which start on Wednesday 25 January.

    The seminars with researchers working at Karlstad University are held on Wednesdays once a month from January to May at the library learning lab. They always start at 12 and last for about 45 minutes. The seminars are open to the public and you do not have to register.

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