• 2024-04-15

    Redevelopment of the square outside House 11 has begun

    The square outside House 11 is being redeveloped. Akademiska hus has already taken the initial steps by taking soil samples. In week 16, the real work begins.
    – Together with Akademiska hus, we look forward to opening this new space at the start of the autumn semester, says Campus Director, Olle Lilliestierna.

    The redevelopment is estimated be ongoing from week 16 until week 22, that is, until the end of May/June, and may cause minor, temporary disruptions.

    – But it will not interfere with exams, for example. We have a dialogue with Akademiska hus and noisy parts of the construction are planned at times that will minimise disruption to university activities, says Olle Lilliestierna.

  • 2024-04-10

    The library building was evacuated after a fire alarm

    At lunchtime on Wednesday, the fire alarm went off in building 1E, which was evacuated, as was the adjacent Transformum. The alarm was due to the development of smoke in Café Selma.

    – Something went wrong when they were cooking pasta and smoke triggered the fire alarm, says Jan Gambring, head of security at the university.

    At the alarm, building 1E, that is, the building with the University Library and Aula Magna, and also the Transformum in building 1A next door, were evacuated.

  • 2024-04-10

    The Minister for Social Services started her university tour in Karlstad

    The Swedish Minister for Social Services, Camilla Waltersson Grönvall, is on a 2-day visit to Karlstad University this week.
    – This is the first stop on my tour around Swedish universities that offer programmes in social work. And it feels extra special to start off in Karlstad since this is where I began my teacher training in the 1990s, back when it was a university college.

    During the visit on Monday, the minister and her entourage met representatives of the social work programme, the faculty and the university’s executive management.

  • 2024-04-10

    PhD student from Computer Science won MIT Energy & Climate Hack

    Recently, Amal Nammouchi, a doctoral student in Computer Science, participated in the winning team during AI meets climate: MIT Energy and Climate Hack.

    Hundreds of students from around the world gathered both on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s campus and virtually for the event held in Massachusetts, USA. The hackathon brought together participants from various fields to develop innovative solutions for one of today’s most complex challenges: the global energy and climate crisis.

  • 2024-04-05

    Kau-släppet is the race for spring

    The Swedish spring celebration Valborg is often associated with student culture and alcohol, but this year the celebration will be accompanied by a sober alternative with a focus on health and wellbeing - Kausläppet 2024.
    – We’re hoping that a lot of students, teachers and other members of staff want to join this sober activity, says student Henrik Karlsson Skog.

    He and Emil Turborn are doing their practical placement as part of the event team behind Kausläppet, which is an initiative by the Student Health Services and the Sports and Health Coaching Programme in collaboration with Karlstad Student Union, student associations and the university.

  • 2024-04-04

    AI technology to make tourists stay longer in Värmland

    In the project PERUPP, AI will be fed with offers from actors in the tourism industry to enhance the Värmland experience.
    – We want to take advantage of AI technology, says Siri Jagstedt, project leader of one of the work packages.

    The modern person wants to have more personal and tailored experiences rather than one-size-fits-all. This applies especially to the tourism industry, with the shift from “all inclusive” to “yours exclusive” where the overall experience is dependent on both the selection of services offered at the destination, as well as the specific interests and needs of the guest.

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