• 2023-09-19

    Hope and hopeful trends in our contemporary digitalised world at the focus of this year’s Geomedia conference

    This year’s international Geomedia conference is held 20–22 September in Tampere, Finland, under the theme “Digital Geographies of Hope”. Eleven people from Karlstad University will take part in the conference, which is organised in collaboration with Tampere University.

    André Jansson, Professor of Media and Communication Studies and Director of the Center for Geomedia Studies (Geomedia) at Karlstads University, tell us more about the theme “Digital Geographies of Hope”

  • 2023-09-14

    Report filed with the Disciplinary Board

    The situation surrounding the course Intercultural studies: race and whiteness in Sweden, which has attracted a lot of media attention, has led to a report being filed with the Disciplinary Board of Karlstad University.

    The report was entered in the registry on Thursday and will be processed promptly. A request for supplementary documentation has been sent to the person who filed the report.

    Work also continues to ensure a safe work environment for employees and students at the university, including various safety and security measures.

  • 2023-09-12

    The different faces and latency of activism

    - Propaganda is what media and communication research has focused on in Russia – the discourse that I’m looking at was fairly unexplored before the start of the war, says Svetlana Chuikina.

    In her doctoral thesis, “(Re)constructing Russian anti-war movements. From practices of engagement towards frontier infrastructures”, Svetlana Chuikina, doctoral student in Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University, explores how activism in Russia has been constructed over a ten-year period. Activism that for obvious reasons must operate in the dark.

  • 2023-09-11

    We work to ensure a safe work and study environment

    Karlstad University is currently dealing with a situation that has received a lot of media attention. It is, of course, in the interest of the university to ensure a safe environment for our teachers and students, but any measure we take must comply with our regulations.

    In brief, the situation involves an online activist with an explicitly right-wing nationalist agenda who has been admitted to a course in intercultural studies with a focus on racism. The student’s presence in the course and his comments about the course and the teacher in social media have provoked strong reactions among staff and students as well as the general public.

  • 2023-09-08

    The university takes the actions of right-wing online activist very seriously

    An online activist with nationalist, extreme right-wing views is currently enrolled in the course Intercultural studies: race and whiteness in Sweden. The person is very active on social media, where he posts derogatory comments about the course, the students in the course and the course director. The university and its management strongly disagree with his actions on social media. What has emerged so far is, however, not enough to suspend the student.

    The person in question says that he wanted to take the course to examine the course and the teacher of the course with aim of creating some form of documentary or video with a focus on the teacher and the course. Reports about the situation have been published in several news media and there have also been comments on social media.

  • 2023-09-06

    Words from our senior management: A strong team sets goals together

    I would like to start by saying thank you for the warm welcome I have received during my first weeks at Karlstad University. I have already met several of you and I look forward to more meetings in the day-to-day operations.

    I enjoy meetings, both planned and spontaneous. It might come as a surprise that someone from management would utter such a thing, given the number of meetings I have attended over the years and the likelihood of a very busy schedule ahead. I would therefore like to elaborate on this statement. By meetings I’m not primarily referring to formal meetings. I mean meetings in the form of talking to you in the everyday activities of the university.

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