• 2022-09-26

    This year’s Academic Celebration pays tribute to freedom

    The Academic Celebration is one of the biggest events of the year at Karlstad University and a long-standing tradition. On 14 October it is time again – with great pomp and ceremony we will confer degrees on new doctors and honorary doctors and inaugurate our new professors. We will also pay attention to this year’s docents and adjunct professors.

    Freedom – a beautiful word with so many meanings that we, living in Sweden, often take for granted. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, academic freedom, democracy and the opportunity to make independent decisions as an individual and choose our own path in life.

  • 2022-08-24

    Multiple factors dictate Swedish energy prices

    Fredrik Wikström, Professor in Environmental and Energy Systems at the Service Research Center, Karlstad University, answers questions about energy prices and shares useful tips on how you can reduce your electric energy consumption.

    Why are energy prices soaring in Sweden?

  • 2022-08-17

    “Nudges” lead to more vaccinations

    Vaccinating a large enough portion of the population against various diseases is a constant challenge. Despite COVID-19 vaccination being offered for free, many people are still not fully vaccinated. In the study “Vaccination nudges: A study of pre-booked COVID-19 vaccinations in Sweden”, Niklas Johansson, Mats Ekman and Carl Bonander examines how pre-booked vaccinations have affected how many people get vaccinated.

    There have been several attempts to increase the number of vaccinations, including requiring vaccination certificates in order to participate in certain events, mandatory vaccinations (where unvaccinated people are fined) or paying people to get vaccinated. Another way of increasing the number of vaccinations is to invite people to pre-booked vaccinations. During the COVID-19 vaccinations, Region Uppsala did exactly this, and sent out vaccination appointments to certain age groups.

  • 2022-08-10

    Alarmism and optimism in climate communication

    The climate movement groups Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion aim for the same goal while using different methods. Sol Agin, who recently completed her PhD in media and communication studies, has focused her research on their way of communicating about an extremely complicated subject.

    When Swedish people speak up on behalf of the environment, they prefer to do so in the form of peaceful protests inspired by Greta Thunberg’s work with Fridays for Future. Further south in Europe, things can get a bit more heated. The action group Extinction Rebellion aim for the same goal but attracts more hands-on action.

  • 2022-06-29

    WoodPro creates sustainable value addition from forest residues

    Bio-based resources from well managed forests play important roles in transition to a sustainable society. In WoodPro, the research team will explore new processing chains that convert forest residues to high-value industrial chemicals and soil amendment products.

    - WoodPro is an EU cooperation in form of a consortium with three sub-projects hosted in Karlstad University, the Natural Resources Institute in Finland (LUKE) and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). Many industrial partners in Sweden and Finland, both large industries and small and medium sized enterprises, have expressed an interest to collaborate within WoodPro, says Ali Mohammadi, senior lecturer in environmental and energy systems, and the consortium leader.

  • 2022-06-22

    Ingesund School of Music can now award a Degree of Master

    In 2016, Karlstad University was given the right to issue a Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ingesund School of Music. The experiences gained from that application process were then utilised in a new application for a Degree of Master of Fine Arts, which was submitted to the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ. The application has now been approved and Ingesund School of Music can issue a master’s degree. The master’s programme is estimated to start in the autumn of 2023.

    Three cohorts of students has graduated from the bachelor’s programme in music, focused on western art music. Highly qualified teachers, courses that provide both broad and in-depth knowledge in music and a high student completion rate have resulted in a successful and well-functioning degree programme. The programme is aimed at student students seeking a solid foundation to be able to work as a professional musician in various artistic contexts, after graduation. Students also gain the qualifications to continue their artistic studies at master’s level.

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