• 2023-12-11

    A Contrasting Experience in the December Darkness

    Would you like to escape the daily routine for a few minutes and shut out the outside world? Experience an installation where music and technology blend visually and auditorily on December 13th at Musikhögskolan Ingesund and on December 14th in the lobby of the auditorium at Karlstad University. This creative vision is crafted by Mats Gustavii, a teacher at Musikhögskolan Ingesund, located on Karlstad University's second campus in Arvika.

    Mats Gustavii has composed two pieces to be performed: Allegria, representing joy, and Elegos, exploring the theme of Affectus Doloris, symbolizing sorrow. In the installation, each musical piece is performed individually through 14 speakers placed in an embracing circle. As a visitor, you have the freedom to wander between different listening points and choose which elements to focus on.

  • 2023-12-08

    Christmas song of 2023 is a catchy tune

    Christmas is approaching, and jingle bells can be heard everywhere. According to tradition, students in the music production program at Ingesund School of Music have written and produced a new Christmas song with everything extra.

    This year, Carl Utbult, a songwriter, producer, and teacher at Ingesund School of Music, has been the supervisor for the first-year students in the music production program as they wrote and produced a Christmas song together as part of the regular songwriting course.

  • 2023-12-07

    Major strategic investment in PhD students over a 4-year period

    The university board has decided on a strategic investment to recruit more doctoral students. SEK50 million will be set aside to increase the number of doctoral students during the period 2025 to 2028.

    The investment is funded by the university’s agency capital and will be distributed on an annual basis, amounting to SEK12.5 million per year.

    The first steps will be taken already in 2024. Funds for this initial stage will be taken from the vice-chancellor’s central resource.

  • 2023-12-07

    New collaboration project aims to encourage more commuters to cycle to work

    How can we encourage more commuters to cycle to and from work? That is the question of a new collaboration project where researchers at the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University will investigate the driving forces and incentives behind car travel and the transition to more sustainable commuting.

    The research is conducted within a new collaboration project that aims to develop and disseminate knowledge about behaviour-changing solutions that can encourage more people to choose cycling for their daily commute. In this project, CTF, in collaboration with the Swedish 2030-Secretariat, Akademiska Hus, Helsingborg City, Nordic Behaviour Group, Studio Berget and Örebro Municipality, will delve deep into understanding what can prompt commuters who currently use cars for their daily commute to change their daily routine and instead choose cycling.

  • 2023-12-06

    From Uruguay to Karlstad University

    Patricia Saenz Mendez came to Karlstad University in 2020, in the midst on the pandemic. A rather strange start, but as a newly appointed docent in chemistry, she feels that she is in exactly the right place.

    - I completed my PhD in Uruguay and after that I ended up in Sweden. Before Karlstad University, I was a postdoc at KTH and Örebro University, as well as at University of Gothenburg for a short period, says Patricia Saenz Mendez. I didn’t know that much about Karlstad and the university here when I saw the vacancy, but I realised that it was a subject environment with a specialisation that would suit me perfectly.

  • 2023-12-04

    Kau Science Week on Instagram

    Kauresearch is the name of the university’s Instagram account where we share research information, news and glimpses of everyday life as a researcher - often with a fun twist. During the Nobel Week, 4-10 December, the university will draw on the special attention paid to science through a themed week, Kau Science Week.

    The themed week will mainly appear on Kauresearch, but also on other platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Posts will be shared every day during the week to draw attention to research and researchers that relate to the subjects of the Nobel Prize.

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