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  • 2020-03-25

    A new function in the intrusion detection system SNORT makes multipath networks safer

    You have probably noticed that an online video clip playing on your mobile phone is interrupted when you leave your house and the Wifi network. The mobile phone connects to 4G, and the video clip resumes. One advantage of multipath networks, which will be common in the future, is that your mobile phone will switch between different networks without you noticing it. Your connection will be really fast when traffic is distributed across several paths, but at the same time the risk of intrusion increases. Zeeshan Afzal, who recently completed a Degree of Doctor in Computer Science, focused his doctoral studies on the security challenges of multipath networks.

    “My research is about the protocol ”Multipath TCP”, a new network language that our connected devices might use to communicate in the future,” says Zeeshan Afzal. “My focus has been to teach security systems to understand this language, which will enable them to detect security problems such as intrusion attempts.”

  • 2020-03-24

    The University makes changes due to the coronavirus

    The spread of coronavirus has had consequences that nobody could have imagined when the first reports from China appeared in January. The ongoing effort to limit the spread of infection and protect old people and persons with previous medical conditions concerns society as a whole, including Karlstad University.

    Many people are worried, of course, about health aspects and about the societal consequences that the measures taken will have. Karlstad University keeps a close eye on the situation and notifications issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, infection control professionals, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our crisis management has been active for several weeks, and works on various issues in order to make it possible to keep delivering good education to our students.

  • 2020-03-23

    Programmable networks offer increased flexibility without a loss of performance

    New applications such as autonomous cars, robot surgery, and the next generation automation and manufacturing technologies demand ever more flexibility and capacity in computer networks. Jonathan Vestin, who recently completed a Degree of Doctor in Computer Science, has investigated how programmable networking can be used to supply the flexibility that is required.

    “The areas of Internet use are increasing all the time, and new applications such as for instance autonomous cars and robot surgery place new demands on the reliability and speed of networks,” says Jonathan Vestin. “At the same time, there are attempts to organise the Internet in such a way that different types of traffic can co-exist. This requires flexibility and an ability to prioritise critical traffic over ordinary traffic.”

  • 2020-03-19

    A new Master programme offers a unique combination of innovation and service development

    The Master Programme in Innovation and Service Development will be introduced at Karlstad Business School this autumn. The programme combines innovation with a focus on services and business creation, a combination which is the first of its kind in Sweden.

    “Today’s manufacturing industry is looking more and more to new business models which will enable companies to develop services and make money on services,” says Antti Sihvonen, a Senior Lecturer in Business Administration and the coordinator of the new programme. “This programme provides an increased understanding of the challenges involved in the servitisation of companies, and adds a missing piece to the educational map of Sweden.”

  • 2020-03-19

    A new project will build the next generation of programmable networks

    Programmable networks can be developed in many different aspects, for instance when it comes to better performance, increased control of the network, and improved security. In a new project at Karlstad University, researchers in Computer Science collaborate with the IT company Red Hat to develop new solutions for programmable networks based on open software.

    Programmable networks enable developers to write programs that process all data packets that are sent over the network in real-time. These programs can for instance analyse data traffic in order to distribute the load across different servers, but also in order to protect the network against attacks.

  • 2020-03-09

    Stay on the ground

    Internalizing climate education, political and societal incentives are instrumental to reduce flying – new research finds.

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