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  • 2019-05-14

    New evacuation plan in Building 21

    Karlstad University is testing a new evacuation plan in Building 21 (Vänern). The first person to arrive at the place where the evacuation vest and instructions are placed may evacuate the premises. This applies to staff as well as students.

    The plan entails that there are trained evacuation leaders, but if they are not present when the fire alarm sounds, others need to take the lead in evacuating the premises. Evacuation vests and evacuation cards, describing which parts of the building must be evacuated, have been set out in the premises. The first person to arrive puts on the evacuation leader vest and evacuates the premises according to instructions.

    "The procedures are less vulnerable since safety no longer depends on specific persons being present," says Jens Erixon, safety coordinator.

  • 2019-05-13

    Roleplay prepares for professional practice

    Having the opportunity to practise arguing a case in a complex tax dispute and doing it in the premises of the Administrative Court is worth a great deal for the future professional role. Towards the end of their master's programme in tax law, students at Karlstad University Business School have the opportunity to argue a case and answer questions before a judge in the Administrative Court.

    The Master Programme in Tax Law (one year) is designed for Bachelors in business, economics, law or jurisprudence who are interested in working as tax consultants in authorities, companies, consultancies or other organisations. The programme comprises a specialisation in Swedish corporate taxation, international tax law and tax procedures.

  • 2019-05-10

    Computer Science seeks four new doctoral students

    Computer Science at Karlstad University is now recruiting four new doctoral students. Three of the projects are focused on the development of digital healthcare services and one on reinforcing the department’s work on cloud services.

    DigitalWell Arena is a large investment in the development of digital healthcare services. The project, which is still in its initial phase, is now recruiting three doctoral students who will contribute research on 5G communications solutions, data privacy and integrity in the healthcare sector as well as software quality in healthcare systems.

  • 2019-05-08

    Final report on How national strategies become regional practice

    In conjunction with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, two CRS researchers have studied the regional adaptations required for a national strategy to be implemented. How clear is a strategy regionally and how successful is it?

    The background to the project is the government's strategy to "re-industrialise" Sweden, which includes the Agency's programme "Smart Industry in the Regions." The government wants to strengthen industrial competitiveness by increasing the capacity to implement innovations such as digitisation and automation – which in turn can lead to ensuring workforce expertise professional.

  • 2019-05-08

    Hello there, Sofia Billebo, doctoral student in the CRS graduate school...

    ... you started last autum and aim for a doctorate in human geography. What is the topic of your thesis?

    "I investigate the relationship between humans, animals and the environment – more specifically between humans, wolves and different spatial conditions. I will focus more closely on three districts: the Stockholm area, Värmland and Sápmi – the Sámi people's area, encompassing the northern part of Sweden, southwards as far as Söderhamn in the east across Sweden to Idre in the west."

  • 2019-05-02

    Definition of internet access finalised

    Now there is a clear definition of internet access. Computer Science at Karlstad University was one of the participants in a project in which the Swedish Internet Foundation (IIS) and Netnod brought together service providers, technicians and other interested parties to define important terms so that they can be used consistently.

    "Today all our services rely on internet access. The definition means that we now have better chances of ensuring good internet access in Sweden, something which is needed to make the most of the opportunities digitalisation brings to all social sectors," says Anna Brunström, Professor of Computer Science at Karlstad University and project participant.

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