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A new research project on the experiences of families who moved out of big cities recently received a grant of SEK 2.9 million from Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning.

Tourism can be sustainable

News » 2019-01-07
Tourism can result in valuable insights and experiences promoting the further sustainable development of society as a whole. This is the opinion of Fredrik Hoppstadius, who completed his PhD in Human Geography at Karlstad University.
The climate is changing. This poses severe risks to humans, societies, and ecosystems on which human well-being depends. Sweden is one of the countries described as a frontrunner in meeting the challenges of climate change. In addition to reducing human influence on the climate, these challenges also include climate change adaptation. However, even Sweden’s responses to these challenges are described as deficient in both rankings and research.
On 18-20 of June, BioWiseTrans partners Nordregio, NIBIO, LUKE, Oslo University and Karlstad University came together in Hamar and sorroundings for its second workshop. Like last time and importantly, different stakeholders from Norway, Sweden and Finland joined us. The meeting focused on the need to address and study conflicts and synergies in the ongoing transition towards a fully biobased economy.

New Board for CRS

News » 2018-06-11
Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte, recently appointed the new board for CRS as the mandate period had run out on May 31. Some members of the board are new, while some guarantee a continutiy to the development of CRS.
.. Why did you attend this conference? - This is a recurrent international summit at top level with a focus on sustainable bioeconomy. I attended as head of CRS, as coordinator for the research project Ingoskog and due to my involvement in our other projects regarding bioeconomy. - My fellow researchers from Karlstad, Ida Grundel and Marie Nordfeldt, were also at the summit.
For the second year runnig, Karlstad hosted the Bioeconomy Day on March 21-22. Leading industry and organisations, key stakeholders and policy makers from Sweden and Norway gathered. Researchers from CRS, Karlstad University, were also among the participants. This year's Bioeconomy Day contained a mix of seminars, discussions and conversations between expertise from industry and politicians at all levels.
BioWiseTrans is a Nordic initiative that aims to maintain and develop a network for studying and promoting transition to a new bioenonomy primarily based on land and forest-based biomass production.