Service-dominant (S-D) logic is an alternative, service-based logic of exchange and value creation that has resonated well with scholars across multiple disciplines. In this seminar, Professor Vargo gives an overview of the theoretical foundations of S-D logic and discusses the implications and future research directions of the major conceptual turns to systems and institutions within the metatheoretical framework of S-D logic. Presenter: Stephen L.
Transformative service research often misses crucial contribu- tions to well-being by ignoring structural and system aspects and focusing mainly on the individual or dyadic level. This seminar suggests three intertwining conceptual lenses (capability, hope and agency) that shed light on the structural level and raise challenging questions about well-being and services.
Digital service platforms have transformed virtually every economic sector, including banking, hospitality, or transportation. Conversely, academic disciplines like information systems (IS), technology management, or marketing have begun to study the facets and use, as well as the socio-economic impact of these novel technological artefacts.
In this seminar, Helén Williams will use the service perspective to discuss how improving the functions of packaging is essential for less food to be wasted and more resources to be saved. For a long time, packaging has been seen as an environmental villain and something that should be minimized to save resources.
CTF kollegium Date: December 19 Time: 9.50-10.20 Place: CTFs fika room
Alexandre Sukhov försvarar sin doktorsavhandling i företagsekonomi, "The human side of idea screening". Händelsen är öppen för allmänheten. Medverkande Pascal Le Masson, opponent, professor, MINES Paris Tech Sofia Ritzén, betygsnämnd, professor, KTH, Stockholm Lars Bengtsson, betygsnämnd, professor, Lunds universitet Erik Wästlund, betygsnämnd, docent, Karlstads universitet Upplysningar Britt-Marie Shandrew Telefon: 054-700 1550 E-post: britt-marie.shandrew@kau.se
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